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  1. By accident i changed a setting, and in the main screen and Library screens i got "1 - Title.mp3" instead of "Title", i have been searching over an hour to find out it was the "lists --> filename as title" setting. So YES......... a manual would be very helpfull
  2. I could, but.......Why should i hide that handy 3 Dot menu, when it was just perfect the way it was (Transparent background) 😟 And as you can see in my screenshot, the song, artist or album have a transparent background, so the inherit goes wrong
  3. When it is implemented, it can also be made selectable.or removed as a user request.
  4. With the last 2 updates of yaps (Bottom Bar) i have the following glitches. There is a circle or square around the 3 dots (That was Transparent), and the three dots are now higher up in the album art. And the Casting icon is present, although it is turned off. The Top Bar version does not have those glitches..
  5. That's all very nice and looks good, but how do you adjust the size of the coverart in the skin, I have tried a few skins, but with alternative layout i have a lot of free space, and in normal layout the title and artist are situated inside the coverart. So i removed all custom skins, and went back to the default dark skin on my samsung S8 and tablet
  6. I knew that, but at the latest release in this thread it says " You need to have Poweramp v3 beta (build 808) installed: ", it does not mention v3 final
  7. Hi I am new here, but when i follow the download link, it says in PlayStore the skin has ads in it ???
  8. Hi Will it work with the v3 Final ??
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