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  1. yes, default light & dark skin with more options like the other skins available (for example: enabling simple seekbar without pro buttons, hide one or more shuffle/repeat/visual/sleep buttons, put the rating in track menu, etc.)
  2. With so many fancy skins here, can I request two things? either one is fine 1. the classic v2 look, I don't know if the current skin engine allows it or not, but I just miss the old neon look of v2 2. the current default skins but with more options. I find myself changing from skin to skin pretty often just so I feel the app looks fresh, different, and new. I really want to use the default skins but there's just very little options on them, if someone can replicate the default skin but with tons of more options, that'd be great. This is just my requests, willing to pay a reasonable price (heck, I've bought some of the skins here, why not more) If someone else want to post theirs in here, feel free.
  3. I have some wild imagination thinking "How the hell do you control Poweramp with steering wheel? do you turn right for next song, left for previous song, and brake for pause?" then I just realized they can put buttons on it
  4. The current one display lyrics in a separate box that obstruct song's information and player controls. To pause the song, I have to dismiss the lyrics first. Maybe an option to replace album art or obstruct album art display instead? song info isn't that important (why are you reading the lyric to a song you don't know), but player control is. ulterior motive: so I can post some deep lyrics on instagram while showing off what I'm listening to.
  5. This happened since I updated to Android 10 1-2 months ago. I don't know if there's an option for Poweramp that I need to enable or some extra permission I need to give. Poweramp v3-build-882-arm64-play Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro "Begonia" Android version 10 // MIUI version 12 (though the problem is already there while it's still in MIUI 11) Steps to reproduce: 1. just play any song 2. whenever the song changes (either because the previous one ends or I change it manually) the miniplayer in status bar doesn't update / still display the previous song info until I press pause and play again.
  6. thank you. let me know here if I need to email whatever you need, I'm a bit clumsy communicating with it since it's not a common mean of communication where I'm from (we're a few years behind some countries lol).
  7. yeah, that doesn't look like Android 5 which already has material design. It looks more like KitKat (Android 4.4) which still has holo design.
  8. doesn't work for me unfortunately. sure. additionally, I don't know if it'll help, but I take another screenshot when "Move Track Timing" is off and the buttons are set to "Hide Pro Buttons". This isn't a problem as I already found a skin config that I like, just one last touch that is moving the track timing under seekbar.
  9. you can only pick hide both album and artist or not hide them at all. it seems album & artist are actually one element in Poweramp, can't be separated by skin.
  10. sorry, been on work. but its weird since I saw the screenshot on your app page that has the timers under the seekbar. Either I'm using something that prevent it from being in that position, maybe because I've hidden too much elements... my device is Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia) with Android 10, resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~395 ppi density) edit: shoot, you said e-mail... oh, well. Should I still e-mail you?
  11. hey uh, sorry but can I ask for this visualization milk ? looks dope.
  12. sorry but the "Move Track Timings" (below seekbar) switch doesn't work, I think it works for waveseek (no idea what's the actual name--the seekbar with sound wave pattern), but not the simple seekbar. Might be a bug? also, unrelated, I found the option to hide "Album/Artist" which is neat, but does the skin engine (not YAPS, but all other skins as well) not capable of hiding only one or the other? I recall something that Max said about album & artist are actually one element, but don't know about how skins work.
  13. after tinkering with a lot of settings on the skin, I finally find a configuration that I like except for two things: 1. any way to put elapsed / time remaining on the bottom of seekbar? if the setting already there, I can't find it (also is there an option to resize the play button ?) the first image is edited to show my requests 2. with 3 dots song menu hidden, I thought I can long press the title to bring them up but it does nothing, is this intended? the 2nd image, I circled a seemingly black square outline on the search icon, a missed item for the no-border option maybe ? anyway, great skin, tons of options. thanks for listening, and sorry if this is too much a request.
  14. okay, wow that was fast... I was just curious whether a skin can do that or not and here you are already updated your skin with the feature lol. Thanks, dude. I've purchased your $YAPS$ by the way
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