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  1. sorry for the newb questions, I'm a bit surprised that v3 has very little skins despite more versatile & more skinnable elements than v2, so I'm gonna try to make my own (no promises though lol, and it's probably gonna be so ugly it's just for private use) 1. do I need programming / coding knowledge beforehand? or is it doable from scratch as a total beginner with some google-fu? 2. what exactly do I need to use the SDK? what software to edit based on sample skin? 3. do I need a buffy PC? I have a shitty laptop (8GB RAM and some AMD laptop CPU) that can run... uhh.. is a PC game a good benchmark? it can run DOOM 2016 on lowest settings. thanks beforehand
  2. 1. do i need the new equalizer app if i already have the music player app? 2. how do i make custom built-in equalizer setup in Poweramp music player stays between songs? I noticed that the equalizer go back to normal preset once I change songs. Like I first pick Bass-Extreme, then I modify the higher frequency ones, but when I play next song, the preset go back to normal Bass-Extreme, my modification is gone. How do I make them all stay?
  3. I have no idea how to describe this, but some music with lyrics that have strong "sh" or "tch" sounds very strong and sharp it sometimes hurts my ear. I don't know what causes it, could be the shitty music file or the headset. Is there any way I can mitigate this effect on Poweramp?
  4. inverted as in the bar is black and background is white current bar visualizations are all white on black background
  5. seeing many setups in here using skins that readily available and some of them has a crap ton of options. Will be much easier if we can share our skin settings, maybe like a backup file that can be "restored" by Poweramp if we have the same skin?
  6. Wouldn't really mind it get put anywhere, maybe a new library menu "Statistics" or for play time in "About" screen is also good, but this is also a chance for a new homepage, showing some of your most played tracks/artists/albums, and maybe a button "Discover" or "Surprise Me" that will play a random song you never played before, heck there could be a new shuffle mode: "Discover" that plays all the songs you never played before.
  7. you know, most played/least played/never played songs/album/artists, and how many hours I've been listening to music this day/week/month/year, I wonder if they're possible? I don't really want to use last.fm since the android app is buggy anyway, it won't scrobble automatically, I have to start it manually. So it'll be nice if Poweramp have built in stats to see. Maybe not very useful, but I think it's kinda neat to have
  8. I think those are made in After Effects. I've been looking for those visualization style as well but no avail.
  9. got it, it's DVC... gotta turn it off. is it hardware-side problem? I got Redmi Note 8 Pro
  10. isn't volume levels just change audio volume? I'm changing the volume with volume buttons. where's that setting?
  11. Whenever i turn the volume down, it's not lowering "smoothly" but with steps and noticeable "stutter" (audio still there). I think I tweaked this before, but I forgot which setting is it after reinstall lol. It happens on all output devices (speaker, wired headphones, and bluetooth wireless headphone--mine is Redmi Airdots).
  12. The dev seem to abandoned the skin, and last updated in 2019 (the forum profile is also last online in 2019), and apparently there are some bugs in that skin that can crash Poweramp. Is there anything similar to this skin? free or paid doesn't matter. I feel like V3 has less skins than V2 even though it's more versatile.
  13. I like a super simple look, and if this is doable, it'll be amazing. Image is edited by me to show what I'm looking for. Skin is Aurora for Poweramp v3 also, requesting light mode friendly visualizatons (inverted color?). Current default visualizations has black background and white lines, requesting the opposite (white background and black lines) that'll be more friendly to light skin
  14. does it still not work if you set ringtone to silent ?
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