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  1. I think those are made in After Effects. I've been looking for those visualization style as well but no avail.
  2. got it, it's DVC... gotta turn it off. is it hardware-side problem? I got Redmi Note 8 Pro
  3. isn't volume levels just change audio volume? I'm changing the volume with volume buttons. where's that setting?
  4. Whenever i turn the volume down, it's not lowering "smoothly" but with steps and noticeable "stutter" (audio still there). I think I tweaked this before, but I forgot which setting is it after reinstall lol. It happens on all output devices (speaker, wired headphones, and bluetooth wireless headphone--mine is Redmi Airdots).
  5. The dev seem to abandoned the skin, and last updated in 2019 (the forum profile is also last online in 2019), and apparently there are some bugs in that skin that can crash Poweramp. Is there anything similar to this skin? free or paid doesn't matter. I feel like V3 has less skins than V2 even though it's more versatile.
  6. I like a super simple look, and if this is doable, it'll be amazing. Image is edited by me to show what I'm looking for. Skin is Aurora for Poweramp v3 also, requesting light mode friendly visualizatons (inverted color?). Current default visualizations has black background and white lines, requesting the opposite (white background and black lines) that'll be more friendly to light skin
  7. does it still not work if you set ringtone to silent ?
  8. I mean combine simple seekbar with the rectangle play/pause+time button instead of the pro buttons also maybe another feature request, maybe we can quickswipe to change tracks but slow swipe to adjust seekbar?
  9. try to tap at the desired position instead of dragging
  10. A visual bug? Also several requests if you don't mind 1. Album scale for when play/pause state. Currently it's only for when playing, so if I set a smaller album art size, it'll get bigger if I pause. 2. Ability to hide each element of vis/sleep/shuffle/repeat instead of just "all or none" option. 3. Option for all buttons to be solid instead of gradient. Though I know the gradient is your style of choice, so I won't pester for this one request. Thanks
  11. exactly that, maybe I should make a feature request for a persistent shuffle switch (all songs) ?
  12. Current situation: whenever I play a song, I always set it to "Shuffle All", but if I pick another song from other lists like Recently Added, it'll get reset to "Shuffle Songs" and I have to manually set it to "Shuffle All" again. What I'm looking for: can I pick a shuffle mode and the app will stick to it (albeit making the song queue position change), no matter which category I pick the song from? there's an option in app called "No Reshuffle" which I thought gonna do what I want, but I think I misunderstand. "No Reshuffle" only for making sure your songs queue doesn't get shuffled
  13. this is the weirdest thread in this forum I ever come across
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