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  1. How a font can do this 😅 now Max can fix it
  2. The other elements are light so there is not much loss of contrast on all covers, even without the background
  3. Bug? This bar does not appear in default theme
  4. Progress bar with low contrast on certain covers On the mini player it's almost invisible
  5. A dark/light blur at the top and bottom bar would also be cool; anyway, he's the DEV and he chooses the best for Poweramp, but, as I said, it's an optional feature Thanks for the clarifications and answers
  6. @maxmp i really wanted this option (which is optional) precisely so I wouldn't use third-party skins, and it looks weird just to have one bar without a background… bg brightness can also be adjusted manually
  7. Add 'no background' for status bar like navigation bar
  8. 😂 Yes, it's more detail in experience, maybe in the very distant future...
  9. Can be considered a future add-on?
  10. An example: [01:23.847]<01:23.847>Hoping<01:24.547> I'll<01:25.005> find<01:26.430> Similar to Apple Music recent lyrics update
  11. The libfkdaac has already been suggested as replace?
  12. There is a possibility that Poweramp has an option to switch the bult-in ffmpeg-decoder? I would like to play AC3 and AC4
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