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  1. Poweramp don't work with glob, *.jpg?
  2. This option only works with Cover or Album capitalized, because it doesn't recognize with lowercase names.
  3. No, add a category within others, specifically the Playlists. Eg: Playlists > Most Played
  4. It would be nice if could put the Categories in Playlist tab.
  5. Solved, for some reason, I had to select the access storage again.
  6. Wow I'm boring sorry, but a m4a tracks are being duplicated in some categories.
  7. Luucas

    Opus error

    I don't know why but, the Poweramp is displaying 0kbps for Opus files.
  8. hey @maxmp you could put pressing info for album like by songs (eg: time, year, tracks, genre, artist, composer...)
  9. The volume could adjust as soon as you get into it or start playing, sometimes I forget to turn volume down almost burst my eardrums 🙃
  10. I fully agree, I was just weighing in changing font, but your idea It got better.
  11. I say direct from Poweramp (eg: copying font.ttf to folder the app files) 😅
  12. Hey @maxmp is there any chance of support external Font files (eg .ttf .otf)
  13. It would be great if you could go to Artist or Album by clicking on title displaying in playback. Currently it with one click takes you where song started.
  14. I think it's a bug when I use shuffle button on the folder hierarchy, clean row and continue in music folder. It happens random and when I left the app. 😕
  15. @maxmp Good or Bad idea?
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