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  1. @nolan75 So you took my work without even asking. At the time this skin goes live I will report it to google play store. @maxmp Is there any policy in the forum for piracy? If yes, I ask you to ban this guy or took some action in this case. Regards
  2. Hi guys, new skin! Check it out! Download here regards, Andres
  3. I tried, but is not so straightforward as it looks like xD. It's on my "TODO" list
  4. Yes it is possible.. I'll put it on my "TODO" list
  5. @gbralic Does "Poweramp v3 skin default dark" works for you but "Poweramp v3 skin colorful metal" not? They have the same base code and were build with the same settings... Can someone else who has a Huawei confirm if this also applies for you?
  6. Please follow this instructions: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15556-free-Poweramp-v3-skin-default-dark/?do=findComment&comment=67389
  7. You are welcome. Yes, thats on the TODO list
  8. Hi Guys, I just released an update. The bug should now be fixed! If not just open the app and click: "Apply skin" Regards,
  9. @blaubär Thats a known issue. Sadly I was not able to fix it yet. If you are having the problem with the skin all messed up please follow this instructions: 1. Click "Skin settings" from within the skin App (See image 1) 2. Select a value on all pop up options (See image 2) 3. Enjoy and rate
  10. Thanks for the Update.. It must be caused by some internal changes in the naming that I made..
  11. @invaderzim You are welcome @MadagascarAdam Wow!! Thats a real mess! To fix it do this: 1. Open the App that you downloaded from the store. If you have hidden the icon, please reinstall the skin. Download here 2. Click: Skin Options (see screenshot - Sorry for spanish). 3. Select another skin. Please reinstall this skin, apply and tell me if it works. Regards, Andres
  12. Hi guys, new free Poweramp skin!! Check it out. Don't forget to rate Download Here
  13. Can you send me screenshots please..
  14. You mean the options you had came back to default right?
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