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Headphone FR Simulation in Poweramp (Parametric EQ Settings + Wavelet)

Headphone Sound Demo

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It's a project within the app that aims to simulate the sound signature from 400+ headphone models by replicating sound signature graphs. If you want to learn more about anything, click on the website link: https://virtualheadphones.wixsite.com/home

If Wavelet is not working properly when MusicFX is activated, enable Legacy Mode.

If you don't want to bother visiting the website, just download the presets down below. After downloading, go to Poweramp, then EQ, then press and hold any preset and import it. With "Poweramp-settings" files, go to settings and import the downloaded files.

If you're simulating IEM's/earphones with an over-ear/on-ear, use Wavelet's graphic EQ and EQ like this. I compared the Harman IE target to the AE/OE target.

62.5Hz: 2.5dB

125Hz: 1.0dB

250Hz: -0.2dB

500Hz: -0.3dB

1kHz: 0.2dB

2kHz: 1.5dB

4kHz: 1.0dB

8kHz: 3.0dB

16kHz: -6.0dB

If you're wearing IEM's or earbuds and you're simulating the rest of headphone types, just reverse the numbers from above (2.5dB to -2.5dB, 1dB to -1dB, etc).

Wavelet x In-Ear Fidelity:

Update I merges both of In-Ear Fidelity presets with Wavelet Update II presets. It also updates 14 presets and adds 43

Update I (246 presets): update-i.Poweramp-settings

Update II (266 presets, adds 20 and updates 5): update-ii.Poweramp-settings

Update III (287 presets, adds 21 and updates 10): update-iii.Poweramp-settings

Wavelet + crinacle.com + RTINGS.com:

Update IV (300 presets, adds 13 and updates 2): update-iv.Poweramp-settings


Update V (312 presets, adds 12 and updates 18): update-v.Poweramp-settings

Update VI (332 presets, adds 20 and updates 12): update-vi.Poweramp-settings

Update VII (374 presets, adds 42): update-vii.Poweramp-settings

Update VIII (406 presets, adds 32): update-viii.Poweramp-settings

Update IX (423 presets, adds 17): update-ix.Poweramp-settings

For Poweramp EQ users: update-ix.json

Wavelet (Legacy):

Release I (31 presets): Release I.json

Release II (38 presets): Release II.json

Release III (45 presets): Release III.json

Release IV (52 presets): Release IV.json

Release II improves the 1MORE Triple Driver preset (replace said preset by deleting the one without "(2)" on front and rename without the number. If Release II is downloaded first, delete the one with "(2)") and adds ANC on/off presets for Anker Soundcore Life Q30 (just delete the Life Q30 preset)

Release III improves the Samson SR850 (follow the same procedure as with prior release)

Release IV improves the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 (ANC On) (follow the same procedure) and the Skullcandy Crusher Evo (previously named "Sennheiser Crusher Evo" in Release III file, if Release IV is downloaded, delete it)


Update I will have all four releases combined, hence 162 presets. It also updates 30 existent presets

Update I (162 presets): update-i.Poweramp-settings

Update II updates 4 presets and adds 44
Update II (206 presets): update-ii.Poweramp-settings

In-Ear Fidelity (Legacy): 

Release I (30 presets): Release-I.json

Release II (11 presets): Release-II.json

I will continue to add more presets as time passes. Any opinions and suggestions will be welcome.

In-Ear Fidelity preview:



Actual graph from crinacle.com (w/smooth: 50): Update III from Wavelet x In-Ear Fidelity will begin adding presets with unsmoothed graph replications. Few of them are present in Update II


Unsmoothed/default smooth (5):



Wavelet preview:


AutoEQ preset:


AutoEQ preset (upside-down for simulation, like in the preview):


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7 hours ago, Headphone Sound Demo said:

@Peter Cuevas H If you mean the ZSX, it is not available in RTINGS. Any similar IEM you want added or you're ok with the KZ ZS10?

Edit: I tried to search ZAX as well, and it's not available as well, I checked the votes and ZSN Pro X (an alternative) appears higher on the list.

Yes, ZAX are different to ZSX 


ZAX, ED16, ZAX and other are in Crinacle page

See here: https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/tree/master/results

Edited by Peter Cuevas H
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