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  1. I'm unable to use Poweramp equalizer with Poweramp, VLC and retro player among other media players on android including youtube, youtube music, spotify, Mixcloud, SoundCloud etc. This is after enabling MusicFX and disabling DVC on Poweramp. It doesn't show up on the 'Known Players' section in the Poweramp equalizer app. Also no other media player shows up on the 'Known Players' section in the Poweramp equalizer app. My setup: Poweramp equalizer (trial version) build 898 Poweramp full version build 905 VLC 3.3.4 Android 10
  2. It's a new project that uses EQ presets within the app to simulate the sound signature and noise cancellation from various headphone models. I wanted to correctly replicate the sound signature and noise isolation graphs from a site called In-Ear Fidelity, or Crinacle (great site by the way, the FR graphs are pretty accurate), and the noise isolation graphs from RTINGS.com (also a great site). I also used Wavelet, which has a feature called AutoEQ (compensates headphones to the Harman target, without it replicating was not possible). I also replicate sound signatures from its AutoEQ. If you want to learn more, click on the website link: https://headphonesounddemo.wixsite.com/home If you don't want to bother visiting the website, here are the EQ settings in Wavelet (The reason for this is that RTINGS.com uses a different target curve. So I tailored based on that): Headphone presets from Wavelet or In-Ear Fidelity don't need EQ settings from Wavelet (not needed because Crinacle's graph tool has Harman as one of the preference targets and AutoEQ uses Harman). If Wavelet is not working properly when MusicFX is activated, enable Legacy Mode. Then, download the presets down below (after downloading, go to Poweramp, then EQ, then press and hold any preset and import it). Wavelet: Release I (31 presets): Release I.json Release II (38 presets): Release II.json Release II improves the 1MORE Triple Driver preset (replace said preset by deleting the one without "(2)" on front and rename without the number. If Release II is downloaded first, delete the one with "(2)") and adds ANC on/off presets for Anker Soundcore Life Q30 (just delete the Life Q30 preset) In-Ear Fidelity: Release I (30 presets): Release-I.json Release II (11 presets): Release-II.json RTINGS.com: Release 1 (27 presets): PresetsV1.json Release 2 (30 presets): PresetsV2.json Release 3 (43 presets): PresetsV3.json With the "NC" presets, it's ideal to apply the EQ presets in recorded noisy environments in binaural audio, which you can download on the https://bit.ly/3GA0QvR link or feel free to download related to the four environments (busy traffic, subway, coffee shop and airplane cabin) on the https://www.acethinker.com/url-to-mp3 link. Make sure to set the volume to a realistic level before applying the EQ presets to have a better idea of how different headphones will perform on said environments. Release 1 "NC" (29 presets): Release I (NC).json When downloaded, you notice that each headphone preset has an acronym at the beginning. They mean: B: Bone conduction C.: Closed-back H: Hybrid E: Earbuds I: In-ear O: Open-back S: Semi-open For the "NC" presets, they mean: PNC: Passive Noise Cancellation ANC: Active Noise Cancellation Disclaimer Note that the simulation of sound signature and noise cancelling will not be 100% accurate, as we do not all perceive sound in the same way, and won't reflect actual noise cancelling performances. Factors such as ear shape, fit, seal, total harmonic distortion, age and headphone design indicate that you will not get the same experience that the real counterpart will deliver (one preset simulates a bone conduction headphone, which is completely different because they vibrate without drivers). The FR graphs were replicated by eye only with Wavelet presets, which leads to some inaccurate matchings. I will continue to add more presets in the near future. Any opinions and suggestions will be welcome. RTINGS.com preview: This is the actual graph from RTINGS.com: Noise isolation preview "Bose QuietComfort 35 II" (Active Noise Cancelling): Some filters overlap at the same frequency to achieve more than -15dB Noise isolation preview "Bose QuietComfort 35 II" (Passive Noise Cancelling): Graph showing both ANC in blue and PNC in gray: In-Ear Fidelity preview: Actual graph from crinacle.com: Wavelet preview: AutoEQ preset: AutoEQ preset (upside-down for simulation, like in the preview):
  3. Is there an option for speed control while listening to audiobooks in the Poweramp full version? I'm asking of there is any way to speed up audio, for some reason, I thought Poweramp was able to speed up playback for audiobooks or music, but now I cant find the option.
  4. I'm using a skin for the 1st time after all these years with Poweramp, namely luminous black, and I have a question. In the screenshot attached, is it possible to make the bottom part also seekable and the upper part lead to library-same action as if you click the album art? Is that something I could make myself? Also, possible to group the visualisation, timer, repeat, shuffle buttons?
  5. Develop the Poweramp Equalizer for Android TV.
  6. Hello hello guys please help me I need to activate volume buttons skip tracks opinion. But I get the error when I'm use the ADB command please help me. Please check that attachment screenshot with the error message. I'm using the latest Realme 7 pro smartphone.
  7. Hanya pendapat pribadi Poweramp V3 Build 903 kualitas suaranya melebihi v2 build 588. Silahkan DVC ubah ke -8dB, Settingan pribadi Pengaturan default hanya beberapa yang di ubah. Naikkan preamp jangan melebihi 4,2, kalau dibawah bisa sesuai dengan kebutuhan tapi jangan melebihi 4,2. Perluasan stereo bisa menggunakan pengaturan default atau menaikkan sebanyak 2%. Untuk pengaturan lainnya biarkan default.
  8. Poweramp build bug 904. the sound is drowning, small, and a decrease in sound quality the device used redmi 3x, android version 6 the default used settings, or the addition of the preamp 3,6dB. sorry if there is a writing error because I use google translation. thank you
  9. Its so necessary so that we can edit artists name, album name and lyrics etc. Please update this one!
  10. I have not managed to get the Poweramp Equalizer app working. I slide the eq bars but it just doesn´t have any effect on the sound even when playing from the Poweramp player, i have tried rebooting my phone and uninstalling any other eq apps that may cause issues. I know it is still an early access, but maybe I´m doing something wrong? Do you have any ideas or should I just wait for the app to be finished?
  11. Hello Poweramp forum, lately I was messing arround with ReplayGain tags for my music collection. I use MusicBee to analyse my average audio level and write properly ReplayGain Tags to my FLAC files. But I do not know how Poweramp treat those Tags. I created three copies of a song. The first one has no ReplayGain Tag, the second has a tag to "in/decrease" the volume to 0 (-89dB) and the thrid has an increase of +6 (95dB). All tracks have the same loudless, when the ReplayGain is turned off. After I enabled the ReplayGain function, all tracks had different loudless volumes. In my settings every pre-amplifier was set to 0, for tracks with and without ReplayGain tags. So my track without the ReplayGain tag should have the same loudless like my tag with the +0 replayGain tag, but the track without the gain is much louder. Why? Can someone explain to me how this setting work? I am new to the audio world and don't have much experince, so my apologize if I made here some mistakes. Thanks for reading.
  12. I would love to see a playback list button in the order of playing in the songs in the now playing screen. And I'd love to see a play next option that does not make a new queue. Just simple addition of a song between the song playing now and about to play next. Also it would be awesome if the playback list allowed to modify the order of playback in any way we want very flexibly. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out blackplayer. I migrated from blackplayer. It has cool features that I miss in Poweramp. But Poweramp is much better in many different areas. When it comes to aesthetics and feel I like blackplayer more.
  13. How to make the startup screen to all songs instead of library or now playing page? I find it very inconvenient. The start page should be all tracks and there should be an option to modify it.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to use Chromecast and audio is cutting out almost every minute for about 30 seconds I've tried about every option on the net and it still is almost unusable, is there something I'm missing? Because this feature is the one I try to use most. Cheers.
  15. Hi Guys.. new free skin! Please rate on play store Download here Enjoy!!
  16. Hello, I have Poweramp installed to my android car stereo and the music downloaded directly to the device sounds great! My only issue is how to connect the Bluetooth audio from my phone to PoweAmp. My bluetooth audio does play on the stereo but it sounds meh. I want my bluetooth audio to play through Poweramp so i can get that same audio quality from my phones audio. Is there anyway to do this?
  17. I Extracted some .milk presets in /millk_presets/ but my Poweramp app is not accepting any presets from folder even I rescanned 10times
  18. Feature Requests : (++) A-B Repeat (this is VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE / the feature you MUST have (for/in/on every music player app)) {i think} (music player app its not enough perfect without this feature)
  19. I bought Poweramp one year ago but now it's called again buy.why?
  20. Hello there, yesterday I exported my power amp playlists to a folder on my internal storage. Next I copied all my music from my old SD Card to my new SD Card via PC. After inserting the new SD Card to my phone and relocating the exported playlists from my internal storage to the music folder of my new SD Card, the playlists were still visible in Poweramp and they also seemed to be filled with the correct songs, but the songs weren't playable because "the storage has been deleted". Also power amp shows up each and every song twice and registers 29 playlists (correct) and 5700 songs (incorrect, I only have half as much in my music folder). It would be great for me if someone had some time to help me. Greetings Jerry
  21. Album art changes randomly. When I download an image to my phone it automatically becomes my album art of some songs
  22. Since I've started to switch using Poweramp, I've encountered a bothering issue that causes artwork to be heavily scaled down by a half of what the original artwork size was supposed to be, I didn't mind it at first. Until there are a couple of quality artworks that can toned down because of it. I've been trying to reach out other users in different online platforms but their response is almost always turn off your battery saver or it's an app issue that doesn't get fixed. I hope it gets a solution. I'm currently using an Asus Zenfone 4 Max on an Android 8.1 OS.
  23. Moto G6 Play [jeter/aljeter] Android Pie 9.0 Official PPP29.55-35-12 Poweramp v3-build-853-arm32-play Error when playing music through A2DP / AVRCP bluetooth audio on several devices. Forced closing of the bluetooth app of the cell phone and constant reconnections failed. This problem is only presented by the Poweramp app, I have tried other players and the bluetooth audio works correctly. In android 8 in the same way everything worked correctly, this bug was presented through an update to android 9. I have done a hard reset and clean installation to my cell phone and the app still doesn't work properly
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