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  1. This skin's "alternative (bigger album art)" layout basically does that. So it works some and it helps increase the album art size some. It's not perfect yet, but it's so far better than any other alternatives.
  2. @maxmp : I +1 these ideas. This is an excellent thing and no reason the newer (i.e. should be better) version of Poweramp shouldn't have this built in. I've been using "MusicBee" as my desktop music player for many years and being able to choose which info is displayed and on which lines is a built-in part of it, and whatever space is leftover is given to album art and stuff like that. Even the Poweramp widget allows us to choose what info we display and what size the fonts are and that sort of thing... no reason the Poweramp main UI shouldn't allow that (as it's the main UI I spend more time looking at anyway). My biggest (basically only) complaint with Poweramp V3 is that the album art size shrunk in "alternative" mode (or got covered with tags that obscure the album art in "normal" mode)... and the screen real estate was given to other unnecessary things that weren't in the basic UI from Poweramp V2 (which is when I paid for the app). So these ideas in this topic are the best of everything: they give each user access to the info they want to display (which can include making the album size bigger in "alternative" layout if the user chooses to give less space to the other tags) but without losing the other new and better features of Poweramp V3. PLEASE implement this! Give us (if possible) some way to make a borderless album art without obscuring it with tags on top of it (such as we had in the Poweramp v2 UI layout).
  3. Thanks for the tip! I did that and it definitely worked out for me too!
  4. Well, my Moto G5 is running Android 8.1 (but the new skin update is all messed up), so it must have something to do with phone model or screen size or something. You should check your other phone with Android 6.0 and see if it also makes the "alternative layout" album art smaller. If so, then maybe whatever it is that makes album art (in alternative layout) smaller on some of our phones might also be what caused the jumbling from the new skin update. And if that's so, maybe that'll get us a step closer to figuring out how to get actual full-size artwork on Poweramp v3 with alternative layout, on all phones, not just some of them.
  5. OK, I was able to open the app through the play store link like that, then go to the settings and apply another skin (the original skins that come with the app). The other skins (originals) work just fine, light or dark. Every time I apply your skin, it's the same jumbled mess. I tried the three different layouts (normal, alternative, and bigger art) and it's still a mess. But at least with your instructions I was able to get the original skin back on so that it's functional again (even if not as nice as your skin was). I guess I'll have to wait for a a fix on your next update? Being a free skin, that's OK, but I'll definitely be waiting for your next update, because your skin has been the best v3 skin so far.
  6. Mine also became a big jumbled mess and I can't use Poweramp now (because I can't get into settings to undo the skin). Here's a screenshot. Can you give us a link to the apk for the last version so I can revert to it and get Poweramp functional again?
  7. Hi @sethnet: Do you really have *full* size album art? Or just not quite as small as before? I had an example from the new "experimental" alternative layout and it's better than before (thanks to Andrew's work) but not yet full size. I'm just curious if it worked for you full size. And if so, what's your display and system you're using? Here's my new (better) experimental alternative layout from Andrew's latest update - still not full size, but better:
  8. Well, obviously making the album art bigger (and having workable buttons) on my device's display isn't *technically* impossible... because the old Poweramp v2 worked great with full-size borderless album art. I used this skin (Material Skin for Poweramp v2) and it looked exactly like this on my device: I'm not suggesting your skin needs to look exactly like this or anything (if I wanted to stick with only this I'd just downgrade again)... but as far as album art size goes, being able to see the basic track info and have basic controls... well, this is ideal. It obviously fits on my device without making anything too small, and honestly the buttons and other aspects *could* be smaller and still work out just great. All I'm saying is it's not explicitly a device issue, it's a format issue. You're the one who knows how to make skins (and you're doing a great job of it so far), so I have no idea how easy it is to tweak that stuff with the new Poweramp v3. But I know that device-wise, it's certainly *possible* to make full-size album art, have track info, basic controls, etc., all fit quite comfortably on the screen of my device. (Which, as I wrote in a previous post maybe a week ago, is a Moto G5 with 5" 1920x1080 screen - so it's high resolution, decent-size screen, etc. But even that *shouldn't* be an issue... because this same look from Poweramp v2 also worked on my former Moto G2 which had only 1280x720 resolution.) So, it's a format issue related to v3, but *maybe* with your understanding of skins you could tweak it around a bit so that as-large-as-possible album art could make a comeback? Either way, I'm very impressed with your efforts you're putting into this and your quick response to users such as myself. It's really an impressive job you're doing for a product you're still offering for free. And honestly, if it weren't for your efforts here, I'd probably have downgraded to v2 (even though I really don't like downgrading once I've updated something). So, a big thank you to all you've done so far and are continuing to do!
  9. Hi Andrew, So, I just updated it (through Google Play) and the new "experimental option" *is* a definite improvement. I really appreciate you putting the effort into it for those of us with this trouble! The first picture attached here is the regular "alternative layout" (which I don't like because it shrinks the album art so much - probably my least favorite) and the second picture is the "experimental version" (my favorite so far, even though I'd like the album art to be bigger still). The third picture is the regular layout (which I really don't like because it puts the text on top of the album art). *If* you could continue working on your "experimental" layout such that it stretches the album art just as large as the regular layout, that would be my ultimate preference. You could even get rid of the fade/repeat/shuffle and all those option buttons because I would never use them so much I need them on the main screen, and that way it should make plenty of room for making the album art full-sized. (Though I understand if you want to keep them for other people who want them there.) Honestly, my all-time preference? ... Make the album art so large that it doesn't really have a margin - it stretches fully to the left and right of the screen borderless/marginless, and the words (like album, artist, track title, etc.) and controls are all underneath it (even if that means minimal controls, etc.). That's what I'd want most, but if that's impossible, I understand. It seems like Poweramp 2 was like that - full screen album art with minimal wording and controls and all that located under it (and I used it for years right up until this most recent Poweramp v3 public update - it was part of the reason I chose to go with Poweramp pro - it had the best large-size album art format, best overall skin, that sort of thing). Either way, your new experimental version is such a big improvement already that I'm going to use it as my default layout for now. And if you can improve it further (such that album art becomes even bigger), then all the better! Thanks for a great skin so far!
  10. I also would be willing to get rid of a certain amount of text or buttons if it could help the album art be full-sized with the artist - track info below it.
  11. How big is your screen on your Galaxy Note? That's good that it's working for you though. Maybe it has something to do with Android Oreo.... or maybe just the difference from one phone to the next. Even if it were just *slightly* smaller than full-size artwork, that's fine. But it's disappointing that the only choice I have for full-size artwork in Poweramp 3 is to have text covering up a large portion of the album art.
  12. They are: * Alternative Layout * Square Corners * Player Buttons: Default * Transparency Buttons (both): Semi Transparent * App Background : Blur (Default) * Pro Buttons, Divided Waveseek, Static Waveseek: all disabled I've tried it with many settings though and all of the "Alternative layout" seems to shrink the album art that much. But I really don't like the text on top of the album art... nor do I want the album art shrunken. So I'm in a bind! 😞
  13. Hi, this seems like a great theme and I love the customizability (especially square corners). However, I'm having the same trouble that one or two other users had: under the "alternative layout" (which is my preferred one, because I don't like having the text covering the album art), the album art is shrunken down a lot. You can see the photo here: I really love the album art on my music and I don't want it to be covered by text. Yours is the best skin I can see, but it shrinks the album art so much. What can I do? I have a Moto G5, running Oreo stock, 1920x1080 5" screen. If you could fix that so I can have big album art with the text underneath it (the way many other people have on this thread), I would LOVE that! Thank you!
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