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  1. No reverb, you should respect others work! Listen the albums the way they have been thought, mixed...
  2. Hi, Hi-Res is working on my Axon 7 under Oreo except for one thing, 24/44.1, every other value works so I have to upsample, not a big deal but since I only rip cd, using sox for resampling drains my battery for nothing! 😎
  3. Maybe people should try to go to the options, try some things, explore, use the program etc...
  4. If you need silence removal you have a problem with your files, ripped or other sources ( )...
  5. "Maybe the developer should try to fix this", better that way no? I can't stand this tone anymore on the forum...
  6. Browse the files with slickupnp et choose Poweramp as default player... Don't turn PA in an iTunes nightmare guys!
  7. Thanks for the timer fix! I still find space is two large between the two lines of tags though, the three vertical dots are maybe useless because a long press has the same effect... UI is busy enough!
  8. Ohhh, poor self-centered baby... Time to use a different player maybe!
  9. Hi, first, thanks great skin with a lot of customization but I still have a minor problem, I can't see if timer is activated or not, could you modify the "on" button to something like that?
  10. No more transparency in landscape mode for Track/artist/album after the last update, thanks for the skin!
  11. Gapless is supported on my Axon 7 when cd's are ripped with XLD...Very short delay with one live album I ripped with iTunes.
  12. No covers appear in "Car Launcher" app, used to work and still work with foobar2000, deezer etc... I tried to adjust the settings, no way.
  13. I don't have OpenSL Hi-res with 805 anymore, just "simple" OpenSL, Hi-res for dac and headphones though...
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