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  1. Hi, Hi-Res is working on my Axon 7 under Oreo except for one thing, 24/44.1, every other value works so I have to upsample, not a big deal but since I only rip cd, using sox for resampling drains my battery for nothing! 😎
  2. mr_space

    New FAQ

    Maybe people should try to go to the options, try some things, explore, use the program etc...
  3. True, better with new version? Preloading etc...
  4. I use album shuffle only, I'm a musician, I respect others work, tracks in order!
  5. If you need silence removal you have a problem with your files, ripped or other sources ( )...
  6. mr_space

    MUST HAVE for Android Head Units

    "Maybe the developer should try to fix this", better that way no? I can't stand this tone anymore on the forum...
  7. mr_space

    Add net/cloud player (SMB)

    Browse the files with slickupnp et choose Poweramp as default player... Don't turn PA in an iTunes nightmare guys!
  8. mr_space

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    Thanks for the timer fix! I still find space is two large between the two lines of tags though, the three vertical dots are maybe useless because a long press has the same effect... UI is busy enough!
  9. mr_space

    Get Rid Of Scroll, Shuffle, Jump, Sleep, Fade

    Ohhh, poor self-centered baby... Time to use a different player maybe!
  10. mr_space

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    Hi, first, thanks great skin with a lot of customization but I still have a minor problem, I can't see if timer is activated or not, could you modify the "on" button to something like that?
  11. mr_space

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    No more transparency in landscape mode for Track/artist/album after the last update, thanks for the skin!
  12. mr_space

    Add function, DLNA

    Gapless is supported on my Axon 7 when cd's are ripped with XLD...Very short delay with one live album I ripped with iTunes.
  13. Fixed with last car launcher update!
  14. No covers appear in "Car Launcher" app, used to work and still work with foobar2000, deezer etc... I tried to adjust the settings, no way.
  15. I don't have OpenSL Hi-res with 805 anymore, just "simple" OpenSL, Hi-res for dac and headphones though...