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System status bar without background

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@Luucas Android doesn't "enforce" contrast for status bar as it does for navigation bar, so light/white-ish album art will make status bar non-readable, and also there is not-that-great-looking overlap of status bar icons with lists if no background is used. This is why it's not implemented in the built-in skins, but still it's implemented in many 3rd party skins.

Also you can remove status bar in Poweramp completely via "Hide Status Bar" option.


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@maxmp i really wanted this option (which is optional) precisely so I wouldn't use third-party skins, and it looks weird just to have one bar without a background… bg brightness can also be adjusted manually

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While I agree with Max that it's not always the most readable option when an app makes the status bar transparent, as long as it's an option I can't see a problem with it. All the same background/readability arguments apply to things like galleries and maps, and yet they often don't even offer a choice to the user and just make the background transparent anyway. Even my launcher and app drawer makes the status bar transparent with my wallpaper behind it. 

I would not suggest placing the actual album art that high though, that should stay where it is and just extend the background colour/blur area up behind the status bar. 


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A dark/light blur at the top and bottom bar would also be cool; anyway, he's the DEV and he chooses the best for Poweramp, but, as I said, it's an optional feature

Thanks for the clarifications and answers

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