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  1. By accident i changed a setting, and in the main screen and Library screens i got "1 - Title.mp3" instead of "Title", i have been searching over an hour to find out it was the "lists --> filename as title" setting. So YES......... a manual would be very helpfull
  2. That's all very nice and looks good, but how do you adjust the size of the coverart in the skin, I have tried a few skins, but with alternative layout i have a lot of free space, and in normal layout the title and artist are situated inside the coverart. So i removed all custom skins, and went back to the default dark skin on my samsung S8 and tablet
  3. I knew that, but at the latest release in this thread it says " You need to have Poweramp v3 beta (build 808) installed: ", it does not mention v3 final
  4. Hi I am new here, but when i follow the download link, it says in PlayStore the skin has ads in it ???
  5. Hi Will it work with the v3 Final ??
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