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What Ui Do You Prefer?

792 Ui Or 709 Ui?  

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  1. 1. What Ui Do you Prefer? 792 New Ui Or 709 Old Ui?

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Got it now. Thanks guys.

Noticed I was in the wrong settings after comparing screenshots. Static seek bar seemed to do nothing but it just looked the same.

I can handle it as it is, now that I have those two settings back.

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Honestly, burying settings under more settings is a bad move. This is not a good UI/UX. I think there should be a Legacy version of Poweramp for those who like menus and settings to be clear and concise, the previous Alpha/Beta version would be good, just have a disclaimer that it won't be patched and use of it means agreeing to dealing with minor bugs. 

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On 8/15/2018 at 10:00 AM, vkcpolice said:

Just a poll to see what Ui people would prefer to See in The new Poweramp.

New UI was OK when I last tried it in July 2018. Now, mid August 2018, new UI is not so good.

Title, album & artist on top of album art (instead of at foot of screen) is untidy.

Tempo, balance, etc adjustment discs are unnecessarily small (on 8" tablet)


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On 8/16/2018 at 5:16 AM, NoPAForumAnymore said:

he is just sending rude messages to people.

If anyone is being sent rude or abusive PMs, please let me know the details and I'll deal with it.

I did say to everyone to play nice before I went away on vacation, and then when I get back I find a load more bickering and insults. Everyone here is entitled to an opinion and to voice it, but not to abuse others users.



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I simply can't stand the new look: it has become counterintuitive. 1) The new seekbar is awful, even the static one (which i have really struggled finding).  2) I hate that as you touch the cover it brings you to the list.  3) Why do playlists have covers??  4) Where is the "thing" that showed you the number of the song playing in the current list? (I don't know how to call it)  5) Is there a setting to disable touches on the song cover? I don't want to swipe left/right to change song or down to go back to the list.  6) Settings descriptions are confusing and partially translated (I know it is a known issue).  7) Why is everything so big? I'm not blind. I like the covers next to the songs, but keep it simple, and SMALL.

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It seems that Poweramp was overhauled as opposed to being given a face lift. Everything in V2 worked great except the shuffle and repeat buttons could not be disabled . With V3 some of the logic was removed or altered.

Please forgive my use of "should", I use it only as an indication of my opinion not as a demand. It would be great if there were options that allowed everyone to get most of their preferences. 

Things I like about V3

1. On the player screen the art work displays correctly and generally the screen looks better.

2. The menu shortcuts are at the bottom.

3. Shortcut icons are clearly understood.

4. Elapsed and remaining time display.

5. Lyrics display is much better, although the lyrics window should either hide after the track finishes or the lyrics for the new track should display.

6. Alpha scrolling in the track list.

Things I don't like about V3

1. The seek bar. 

2. Swiping can't be disabled and their function changes depending on the screen displayed. From the track list swiping takes you to the library list, swiping from the library list takes you to the player, swiping on the player changes tracks and you can't go back to the library by swiping. If we have to have swiping, left to right should, in my opinion, cycle between, player, library, track list and swipe up/down should change tracks and honor the users shuffle setting. 

3. More buttons have been added that can accidentally be activated/changed. My feeling is that I would set these things once and rarely if ever change them again so why have them on the screen?!

4. The lists are harder to use and read.  I would prefer Title, Artist, Album (in that order) on separate lines with the same font size and maybe 2px of padding between lines. And I would remove the length and file type. 

5. Art work in the lists looks nice but limits the number of items in the list resulting in more scrolling. With the list set to small, 4 tracks are displayed initially, then after scrolling 7 tracks are displayed, V2 displayed about 10.

6. List sort keeps defaulting to sort by Title.

7. New buttons in the lists for Shuffle, Play, Select.

8. If PA is running in the background and the phone locks, unlocking it takes you to PA not where you were when the phone locked.

9. Queue allows duplicate entries, before there was a setting to prevent this.

10. Queue used to have a setting to resume the queue if all items weren't played, it may still work this way but it isn't clear. 

11. It would be nice if the alpha scroll on the right of the list had a bit more padding between letters. 

12. Track selection in the library used to be simple - our setting for what happened used to be "play the song" or "place it in the queue" and long press gave you more options. And a notification displayed if the track was added to the queue. Now when you click on an item, if the setting is add it to the queue, there isn't any indication that your click was recognized. 

13. Notification - Navigate to to the list used to take you to the song list with the currently playing song, and the song had a seek bar below it, now it takes you to the high level library list.

14. Previously, there was a setting to hide the meta data, which is now gone. 

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If I could get a skin or whatever to make it look and work exactly like v2 that would be great... I dislike almost everything about v3. I'm thinking I might side-load v2 tbh.

I'll admit its probably my own resistance to change, but the old Poweramp did everything I wanted in a player with minimal fuss, and now its like a nightmare to navigate, especially as I use it in the car a lot and it feels way less intuitive than before.

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On 8/17/2018 at 2:29 AM, waduhek said:

i like the new ui but i think the visualisation and progressbar needs some more customisation, like an option for theming/customising the pregress bar and an option to keep controls visible completely when visualisation starts, just like it was in the previous beta builds.

You can have them stay on settings/visualizations/faded controls Transparency

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On 8/17/2018 at 6:33 AM, djdarko said:


As for the seekbar scrolling:

Hit the 3 horizontal lines (bottom right of player screen)


Look and Feel


Then turn on "Static Seekbar"

Love the new UI, but I was missing the hierarchy folders thing ; which is the reason why I chose this app in the 1st place. 

So in one word : THANKS ! 

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2 hours ago, clever_man said:

If you are missing then why you doesn't turn it on as category in the Library settings?

I think he was saying that he has now done this, and he was thanking djdarko for the tip on how to do it. I agree it's not as obvious as it used to be when the mode was in List Options.


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After about a month with the new ui I changed back to v2 and the ui is amazingly clear and snappy (xiaomi mi a1, lg g2). Using v3 feels like my hands are tied. The main reason Im using Poweramp is the clear and usefull playlist/other lists view, packing lots of track details in a very visible way. I tried lots of other players but all of them were missing useful track info and sent me back to Poweramp.

What I dont like in the new lists (probably forgot some):

- Thumbs
- Bigger spaces
- No ratings
- Ease/bounce less responsive scrolling

What I like in V3:

- Sleep timer button instead of menu item
- "Lowest rated" filter



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On 8/17/2018 at 6:09 AM, stych said:

Honestly, burying settings under more settings is a bad move. This is not a good UI/UX. I think there should be a Legacy version of Poweramp for those who like menus and settings to be clear and concise, the previous Alpha/Beta version would be good, just have a disclaimer that it won't be patched and use of it means agreeing to dealing with minor bugs. 

I concur.  And putting the track "seekbar" behind the playback buttons is absurd.  Obscuring features and information is just bad design.  When I first started using Poweramp, it was a breeze to figure out where everything is, now it's a mess and I haven't figured out how to find a few things.  I'm very disappointed in the new lockscreen UI, it's just the main player UI on top of the lockscreen, and I can't see my wallpaper.  Everything I liked about v2 was improved upon in v3 up to build 709, with a minor learning curve for the revised arrangement.  Now it's all gone to rubbish, and the default color scheme is absolutely hideous.  I want the new Poweramp to look like this:


I bought this skin years ago, now I can't use it.  This is EXACTLY what I want my Poweramp to look like, in v3 with output and visualization plugins, and the left and right drawers in 709.  Textures, highlights, and bevels are stylish, intuitive, and fun to look at and interact with.  Minimalism is grossly overrated.

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On 8/17/2018 at 5:35 AM, dwang040 said:

I actually prefer the old one since it was more "solid" and simpler imo. And what I mean by solid is that the ui seemed more static and clean. In the old one, the play button had its own place, the seek bar had its own place, the play functions had their own place. But now, on the new ui, everything is just overlapping one another. The play/ pause, next/ pre track overlap the seeking (probably my most hated new feature), adding pro buttons (aka playlist/ album skipping) makes seeking between tracks much more of a hassle. Which sucks cause I actually tapping accidentally on the album cover brings you to the songs section (the issue here for me is that the chances of accidentally touching this to go to song selection is higher since the area of the album cover is a lot bigger than what it used to be by tapping the song title) It also gets annoying how I have to keep backing out when I do accidentally touching it cause again, I'm triggering the event much more constantly. While that may seem picky cause my phone screen is off for the most part when I listen to music, but when I do look at the album covers, I do like the design for some of them and having the title and album name block out 20% of it kinda bothers me. 

Now that i'm typing all this, I guess my best way of describing the new ui is... the new ui is just WAY TOO cluttered. Max said that he didn't want stuff like side swipe bars and what not (and I understand that. For me, I hated the side swipe cause sometimes it would either not register or it would just swipe my song to the next/ pre track). But now that I'm using this new ui, where everything is plastered on one panel, it just makes all the functions cluttered and messy to use. Another example for that would be the visualization and sleep timer. While the visualization was cool, I never used it cause it's just a waste of battery, and the sleep timer is a nice feature, but again, something that I probably won't use. I don't want those buttons on my main panel cause again, it just takes up space and gives me that cluttered real estate feel. Or even look at the eq and reverb panels, again, they just feel so much more clustered than before. Idk, maybe third party skins can fix that, maybe and option could be added to allow users to go back to the previous layout, maybe I need to dig around the options more to get the player back to a state that I find enjoyable to use and not a nuisance. Idk, maybe I just need some more time with this, but for now, I can't say I'm too fond of this new ui. 

Totally Agree. The old UI was just intuitive and consistent, top to bottom. Rock solid. I know users have said the new UI requires some getting used to and then it feels like it is better. I don't think so, at least absolutely not so far, ie. beta 796. It is cluttered, gaudy and all over the place. Unnecesaary checklists, gaudy thumbnails, bad fonts, meaningless use of size options, inconsistent placement etc.

Why change something so beautiful and well laid out simply to appear to have changed.

Really sorry, but, I have this major gripe.

Poweramp was one of those few apps that wasn't or didn't need to keep rolling out new updates. Because for a very long time nothing was broken, it was the best and therefore, nothing needed fixing. Of course, there were some quirks, eg. exporting playlists never really worked for me. But apart from that nothing  much else. Until Oreo came along and the notification shade needed fixing. Alright,  so you wanted to improve Audio Output. Perfect. But why mess with everything else that was The Best by a long shot. 

Sorry. Really disappointed.

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I like the visualizations, but not all the time.  The old UI was clunky, and I don't think the new one is much better, but the new one is here to stay, so I don't think the comparisons are useful.  Better to improve the new one.  There needs to be an option to declutter and simplify, to just see the album art, play, stop, go back, go next, and nothing else (with everything else set someplace else).  (Car mode anybody?)  There needs to be a way to set the amount of time the main screen lingers before fading to visualization.  The main screen really needs to declutter:  the old one was better in that sense.  I mean,, for example, why in the world would "44.1KHZ 128KBPS MP3" be on the MAIN screen?  Why would the play button be so large:  am I really going to have to search for it if it were a little smaller?  What's wrong with some buttons bringing up menus (e.g a visualization menu) and others not?  Why would the lock menu be separate from the rest of the visualization menu?

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Late to the party (always forget to install updates) but I really enjoy the new UI. 


My only wish is that there would be an option to disable 'Artist Artwork' (not sure what to call it). I have a TON of music and I'd prefer the Artist list to be more compact. If this is already an option and I've missed it, I'd appreciate being pointed in the correct direction.



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