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  1. clever_man

    I can't read full titles of songs

    This list only for developer's purposes. If developer post this list than each user will be ask "when will it be implemented?"
  2. clever_man

    I can't read full titles of songs

    @R3stik, this feature is planning but not estimate time when it'll implemplement.
  3. clever_man

    I can't read full titles of songs

    @R3stik, it is in TODO but no ETA.
  4. clever_man

    Can't instal this version to my phone.

    You bought v2 and you can use v2. Which reason for refund?
  5. @imprezzion, for website purchases you don't need unlocker. Just enter your mail and OrderID. OrderID you got in mail of purchase or can ask in Support.
  6. Did you disable power optimisation for app in the system settings?
  7. clever_man

    Intel Based Car Head Unit

    @RussellS, v3 must working on x86 in emulation mode. There will be no separate version for x86.
  8. clever_man

    Please how do I get rid of the Wavebar?

    @ThirteenCatz, Settings -> Look and Feel -> Skin -> set main UI as you want. Is this so difficult?
  9. clever_man

    How Do I Disable Swipe Left/Right in List View?

    @Trollburner045, it's impossible.
  10. clever_man

    Delete the third-party interface

    @kane9x, for removing 3rd-party skin you must uninstall it apk like an ordinary app.
  11. clever_man

    Equalizer presets

    @Nayon, long tap on the preset.
  12. clever_man

    Poweramp 2

  13. clever_man

    Poweramp 2

    @andrewilley, maybe make this topic pinned (or another) and remove\close same topics?
  14. @NeilPete, just read changelog for the build 815.
  15. PA v3 builded with API 26 (Google rules for new apps) and it has many limitations for background operations. Try to enable PA service in the app settings, disable power control for PA in the Syatem settings. PA v2 builded with lower API and has no such limitation but can't be updated.