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  1. clever_man

    V793 feedback

    @yopif, just enable Folder Hierarhy in Library menu -> List Options.
  2. clever_man

    What Ui Do You Prefer?

    @Meboy, setting - it mean the app settings, not library's menu.
  3. clever_man


    @Sean davis, uninstall the new version and install old version. Or are waiting for old-styled skin. What does the topic's name mean? Are you thinking long time before write it?
  4. clever_man

    V793 feedback

    @JoeBazz, then try to disable DVC.
  5. clever_man

    Fast forward function not working..

    @Powercaine, maybe are you need disable Pro Button in the Skin settings?
  6. clever_man

    Sort by titlenumber not working?

    @Powercaine, can you normal describe a situation? In main Folder not option for sorting by titlenumber. What are you mean? What are you mean on the titlenumber?
  7. clever_man

    V793 feedback

    @JoeBazz, try "No Duck" option in the Audio Output settings.
  8. clever_man


    @jordinoya99, long tap on a track and then drag this
  9. clever_man


    @jordinoya99, it is completly what you desire. What is wrong?
  10. clever_man


    @jordinoya99, create playlist and shuffle tracks via menu (three-dot) -> Re-Sort -> Shuffle (Random sort) and disable shuffle mode. In this shuffle list you can managing your track's order.
  11. clever_man

    What Ui Do You Prefer?

    Thx to Max for pins this topic. Now he working on test skin for dev and trying add old-style progressbar to v3. Maybe he'll created a v2-styled skin for conservatives.
  12. @ADi, does 801 SoC support Hi-Res Audio?
  13. clever_man

    V793 Switch off visualisation

    @Vimtoman, hm... O_o
  14. clever_man

    Big Problem/ Deal breaker for me

    And so? Why are we must fear that?
  15. clever_man

    Big Problem/ Deal breaker for me

    @Jimwasted, turn on Folder hierarhy in Library -> Three-dot menu -> List Options. You didn't pay for an update also. When you subcribed on the beta test you should have realized that there could be problems.