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  1. I may be more vehement than most, but I know there are more that share my opinion on this subject, though a minority, and I'm always a little relieved when I discover them. Thank you, Andre, for sharing your opinion, no one likes being the lone voice against fads or trends. In my experience, just because the majority wants or likes something, doesn't mean it's good or right.
  2. If I were a violent person, I'd shoot everyone responsible for pushing the flat design epoch. As far as I'm concerned, it's the devolution of stylish, intuitive UI design. I absolutely abhore flat/metro/material UI...unfortunately, abhore isn't even strong enough to convey my disdain. I still use Windows 7 because I'm so passionately against the Win10 GUI, among a slew of other detrimental features and behaviours I disapprove of. To me, 3D beveled objects and textured or gradient surfaces are far, far more appealing to look at, and much easier to differentiate interactive objects from static space. Even the name "material design" implies skeuomorphism, so "material", in this case, is a misnomer. And you are correct, Andre, I really don't like the "default dark" skin, I don't like any of the v3 skins I've seen so far, they're all flat and/or have hideous color palettes. Give me raised buttons/dials, sunken displays, and colors that complement each other, not contrast.
  3. Are you I. Korolkov, the developer of the skin shown in my 1st post in this thread?
  4. Style and and function are equally important to me, so v2 is not an option, and no one has made any skins for v3 that appeal to me, they're all flat and/or have awful color schemes. I contacted the developer of the skin I posted above over a month ago, but no reply yet, and I get the impression he never will, since he removed ALL his Poweramp add-ons from the Play store.
  5. Then why not add enhancements, like milkdrop visualizations, hi-res audio output, and volume ducking for short audio focus changes to PA v2 as well. I prefer a software experience that provides the improved functionality included in v3, and the cleaner, better optimized screenspace of v2 or v3-alpha, and the ability to receive future updates as well.
  6. I paid real money for this, and now I can't use it anymore. Bring back skeumorphism...minimalism is overrated, aesthetically unappealing, and statistically less user-friendly.
  7. I've been a Poweramp fan since v2, and I loved the Dark Metallic skin for v2 by iKorolkov. However, I absolutely HATE the new design with a fiery passion, I'm still using alpha-build-709 because the new look pisses me off so much. So what are the chances I can get a classic layout like v3 alpha with skins to give me a skeuomorphic appearance that utilize the classic layout? I really want iKorolkov's Dark Metallic skin back with the v3-alpha layout, and all the v3-official under-the-hood improvements. If I can't get a look & feel I like, I'll switch to PlayerPro and demand a refund for Poweramp, because this is NOT what I paid for.
  8. I concur. And putting the track "seekbar" behind the playback buttons is absurd. Obscuring features and information is just bad design. When I first started using Poweramp, it was a breeze to figure out where everything is, now it's a mess and I haven't figured out how to find a few things. I'm very disappointed in the new lockscreen UI, it's just the main player UI on top of the lockscreen, and I can't see my wallpaper. Everything I liked about v2 was improved upon in v3 up to build 709, with a minor learning curve for the revised arrangement. Now it's all gone to rubbish, and the default color scheme is absolutely hideous. I want the new Poweramp to look like this: I bought this skin years ago, now I can't use it. This is EXACTLY what I want my Poweramp to look like, in v3 with output and visualization plugins, and the left and right drawers in 709. Textures, highlights, and bevels are stylish, intuitive, and fun to look at and interact with. Minimalism is grossly overrated.
  9. But if I do that, I can't choose a playlist, or all songs by one artist, or all songs on 1 album, or songs in a genre. Once you tell the Google Assistant to play a song in Poweramp, it changes the playlist to "All Songs", that is a single playlist of every song in the Poweramp library, and you can't get specify a specific playlist, artist, or album list with the Google Assisant.
  10. Seriously, if the bass isn't good enough with Poweramp, then the problem is the speakers, not the app.
  11. The only thing I'd like to see added to Poweramp is the ability to play songs, albums, playlists, etc., by voice command. I can tell my Google Assistant to play X song by Y artist, but it only searches through internet streaming services. Ford vehicles with SYNC can play songs from iPods and iPhones (and supposedly Androids) by voice command, but I don't have SYNC and I can't scroll through the 3000+ songs on my phone while I'm driving. I know some brands, like Samsung, have a voice activated playback feature, but it's only for the stock music player, which doesn't do ReplayGain...I can't not have ReplayGain.
  12. I get the occasional "skip" from time to time, but I always chock it up to I/O overhead briefly interrupting playback...it happens on every Android device I've used Poweramp with.
  13. New phone, new issue. Got an unlocked LG G5 running Nougat, and if I have not opened Poweramp since the last boot, my car bluetooth adapter doesn't interact with Poweramp unless I start playing music in the app first. After the initial music startup, the play and skip bluetooth buttons work as intended until I reboot the phone again. As I was writing the above paragraph, I remembered I rooted my previous devices and disabled/froze the stock music player, so there was only one music player to interact with. So, is there a way to set a default music player for bluetooth applications?
  14. I don't use a secure lockscreen, so the softkey only appears when an app (like a text editor) called the softkey activity before the lockscreen activated. Also, I use Handcent/Next SMS for SMS/MMS messaging which has a popup feature which overrides the lockscreen. If I reply from the popup, the softkey doesn't go away, it's still active "behind" the system lockscreen, and it moves to the foreground when the Poweramp lockscreen becomes active, at which point, pressing the system "back" button deactivates the Poweramp lockscreen, but when I unlock the system lockscreen, the softkey is still active and quickly disappears. Device: LG Ultimate 2, stock, rooted Android: 4.4.2 Poweramp: v2.0.10 build-588
  15. Since v3 will no longer be supported below Android v5.x, I'm going to revert back to PA v2. But before I do, is there a way to restore EQ presets from v3 to v2? I looked into the last.Poweramp-settings file in /sdcard/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer, and it's all encoded gibberish; I guess I was hoping for XML or text INI format.
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