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  1. Hmm, I guess the link only works for users who purchased it, I can view the product page but can't install it, I kept the .apk with Titanium Backup from an older device. And yes, it is a 3rd-party product by iKorolkov, same dev whom made the Poweramp v2 retro-hifi skin you're not so fond of 😁, and has since removed all of his Poweramp add-ons in favor of PlayerPro...which kinda sucks IMHO.
  2. Poweramp Widgets Kit I didn't expect it to work, but it did work with 874, now... I never knew the "Send Album Art for old API" option even existed, so it was working before 877 with that setting disabled. Now I've enabled it, removed the widget from my home screen, wiped the widget app's data, and added it back to my home screen, but it still isn't working.
  3. Since updating from 874 to 877, my widget no longer updates album art with track changes. It's an old widget that is no longer supported but still functioned flawlessly until 877, and I see nothing in the changelog to suggest widget functionality has changed significantly. LG G5 (RS988) ANDROID 7.0
  4. My apologies. Up to 709, shuffle did not behave this way, and the little amount of time I've used builds 8xx, I believed it was still behaving as in older versions.
  5. That's a shame, it works perfectly for me and would have been an ideal solution for what you are asking - apart from the buttons not looking like traditional in-car toggle-switches anyway. Are you trying to run it on your phone, or does your car head-unit have an Android Auto interface? I use the head-unit's AA mode, but PA also works fine under the Android Auto app on my phone too. I get a bit frustrated that the on-screen controls don't provide Category switching (for album changes) as well as Next/Prev Track, but I found can still use double-tap on the steering wheel remote buttons which d
  6. Android Auto won't start Poweramp, let alone play a custom playlist by voice command alone. Plus, using voice commands while driving is spotty, I have a Toyota Matrix and there's a lot of road and wind noise, especially on highways, and Google Assistant messes up a lot because it can't hear my voice clearly. I chose Poweramp seven years ago because it supports ReplayGain, Google Music doesn't, and I use Poweramp almost exclusively in my car. The old interface worked well for both. @MotleyG I'm glad you like the waveseek bar, it's just that I was always led to believe a GUI shoul
  7. @andrewilley Thank you for moving this to another thread. I apologize if I come across as combative, it's not intentional, I guess that's just my communicative style. But yes, bold and underline, it's meant to draw attention, has nothing to do with tone. Besides, in my experience, people usually skim and miss the finer points I'm trying to make. I'm not trying to persuade anyone of anything, only trying to get people to understand my perspective, potentially even realize something they weren't aware of, which I am clearly failing at. The album art thing isn't about wanting bigger albu
  8. I wish I could post this somewhere else, I hate to keep getting away from the initial topic of this thread, but without the context of previous posts it would lose a lot of its meaning. That wasn't me who suggested a scrolling marquee for long labels. But why did he have to add it if it was already available in v2? OK, I'm not trying to be argumentative here, I just feel like the depth of detail I'm trying to convey isn't being fully comprehended. First off, that screen is noticeably taller than mine; my viewable space is 2.5625" x 4.625", 5.3" diagonal. Second, I like t
  9. Tracks have always been able to be randomized, but not a true shuffle, at least not in the context of a single list. I always use "repeat list" and "shuffle songs/ordered lists" for list playback options. Like a shuffled deck of cards, every track in a list should only play once before any track is repeated; for example, I often hear track X play 2 or 3 times before track Y plays. So the list should be randomized, then played back so each track plays once, and when every track on the list is played, shuffle again and start over, or move on to next list, however the user has playback set
  10. So Max didn't make a backup of v2 before making an entirely new UI for v3? If that's the case, he might regret that decision in the future. @flyingdutchman I tried YAPS free, most of the graphics displayed in the screenshots aren't available to try, and I was underwhelmed with the choices available. I'm sorry about my comment earlier, regarding YAPS being unacceptable, that wasn't a stab at you or your work. Obviously you've put a lot of effort into it, I only meant it doesn't offer what I'm looking for in a UI. Notice in the main UI screenshot below, besides the HQ textures, the
  11. Look, I appreciate that you want to help, and I mean no disrespect, you're one of the few voices that has agreed with me in the past about minimalism and flat design. I also realize you're not a developer and it's not up to you to address my complaints appropriately. As for your input: That b&w TV analogy doesn't even compare to this situation; that would require fabrication of new circuits, a cathode, and so on. To add features already existing in v3 to v2 takes a minor code adjustment to the v2 source. Why can't @maxmp add the new features to the v2? I'm tired of 709, no
  12. I want the visualization and the controls always visible. I also don't like the track, artist, and album being in the album art/visualization space, much prefer translucent repeat and shuffle icons in the corners like in v2/v3-alpha, and the track info below the album art space. I want the look of v2 with the features of v3. Why doesn't v2 get support anymore? I'd use v2 if I could get volume ducking, visualizations, and hi-res output.
  13. What a pain. So I can't make it go away, it just turns invisible, but if I accidentally touch it, it'll drop the invisible list. Smart thinking @maxmp Poweramp is a shell of its former self. Now there's too much crap on top of other crap, it's a mess. Yeah 709 took some getting used to, but when I did get used to it, it was very functional and didn't have so much junk taking up screen space. Everything was clearly marked and didn't overshadow anything else. Thanks anyway @Fitzian
  14. It wasn't there in the v3-alpha, now it sticks out like a sore thumb...I hate it, I want it gone.
  15. You have to write ReplayGain tags first, using a program like MusicBee or foobar2000 for desktop.
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