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  1. I wish I could post this somewhere else, I hate to keep getting away from the initial topic of this thread, but without the context of previous posts it would lose a lot of its meaning. That wasn't me who suggested a scrolling marquee for long labels. But why did he have to add it if it was already available in v2? OK, I'm not trying to be argumentative here, I just feel like the depth of detail I'm trying to convey isn't being fully comprehended. First off, that screen is noticeably taller than mine; my viewable space is 2.5625" x 4.625", 5.3" diagonal. Second, I like textures, not solid matte colors, alpha-blended flat icon backgrounds, or thin outlines. Pay close attention to the background in my example, it's not a solid color, it looks like a very dark grey brushed metal, and all the buttons and dials have very soft shadows that add more depth, and a thick, dark outline that looks like the very narrow cut-to-fit hole in the face plate that the button or dial would protrude through. I want my Poweramp to resemble a home theatre receiver like this (I have no idea why skin designers call this "retro", these photos are for receivers that can be bought today). I saw the 3D graphics you mentioned in $YAPS$ in a previous post, but without shadows and an appropriate background texture to complement the foreground, they look dull and/or out of place. Furthermore, I see no resemblance to the old v2 layout in the screenshot you provided. READ CAREFULLY: Several details that I want to change are the main buttons at the bottom and the visualization/sleep timer/repeat/shuffle buttons. I always touched the track/artist/album text to open my library, so I can get rid of the library button at the bottom. Next, I have no use for the search button, so I can get rid of that, too; and I have no use for the sleep timer, ditch that button. Move the visualization button to the bottom bar, that leaves 3 buttons on the bottom bar and repeat and shuffle above the playback buttons. Move repeat and shuffle to the bottom left and right corners of the album art space, no background or outline on those buttons, they're quite visible and still don't obscure the album art. Now there's more room to make the track text and playback buttons bigger, making it easier to read and hit the playback buttons at a glance when I'm driving with my phone on my dash. Better yet, move the [≡] button to the top left of the album art (it could even double as the library button that takes you to the top of the library menu with the artist, album, year, genre, etc. categories), make the EQ/Tone and Visualization buttons one button and move it to the top right of the album art, still no outlines or backgrounds on either so they don't clutter up the album art, and we can get rid of the menu bar at the bottom (or top depending on the skin) altogether, freeing up even more space. Now the main UI is free of unnecessary buttons, clean, and optimized so the things I need to see and access the most have maximum visibility and minimum margin of error, e.g. accidentally tapping [⏪] or [⏩] instead of [▶️]. I have little to no need to change the EQ or visualization settings once I have them set the the way I like them, repeat and shuffle won't change often, but if I want to change them, they're just a touch away. With all the changes I described here, the app would essentially be back to the v2/v3- layout, and this is why v3 bothers me so much, not just the flat, material design, including the mass majority of skins currently available that also use the same, ugly design philosophy, but all the wasted space on buttons I have no use for, they could be further reduced to other screens. It's inefficient and poorly arranged from the point of view of pure practicality. I want it to be optimized for my needs, and upto build 709, the UI was perfectly arranged and optimized, after that it just got messy. So is it possible for a skin to make all those changes? I realize I probably sound like I'm making a big deal out of nothing, I'm just meticulous, I organize everything on my phone like this, everything has a purpose and a place or it stays in the app drawer. The things I use the most go on my home screen, each page is bi-symmetrical, no more than 9 items to a page, and grouped in categories: page 1 - quick toggle widgets for GPS, WiFi, sound, Bluetooth, brightness, and sync page 2 - app manager, password manager, NAS file explorer, file manager, Google Drive, VPN service, terminal emulator, text editor, and all-in-one system manager page 3 (home page) - weather forecast widget (takes 2/3 of the page), maps, speedometer, and shortcut to navigation page 4 - folders for games, shopping, and financial, plus Facebook, Discord, Play Store, unit converter, and shortcut to Google dictionary page 5 - full page Poweramp widget (that's right, one page devoted entirely to Poweramp) app dock - dialer, browser, contacts, SMS, messenger, photo gallery, camera, scientific calc., hangouts, and calendar (I can swipe left on my dock to reveal more shortcuts, upto 5 apps/shortcuts per dock page) swipe down opens notification panel so I don't have to stretch my thumb all the way to the top of the screen swipe up shows HTC Sense style home screen preview to quickly access a specific page of my home screen swipe up from app dock opens app drawer See, my entire home screen/launcher is designed to get me to the things I use the most with as little effort as necessary, and Poweramp is just as fully featured as my launcher, but I can't keep my most used features up front while tucking the things I use very little, or not at all, out of the way. In case you couldn't tell, I'm an INTP. This statement confuses me. You say you prefer skeuomorphism, interfaces with realistic 3D graphics, but you don't like the skin in my screenshots, because that skin is the epitome of skeuomorphism, that's exactly what modern hi-fi audio equipment looks like...although not the "LCD" display so much, referring to the background for the track info and the EQ curve. I don't mind if you dislike it, it's just that what you said contradicts an earlier statement you made. Here's a side-by-side comparison of v3-b874, v3-alpha-b709, and v2-b588. In 874, the album art is significantly smaller because of the menu bar at the bottom and the toggle buttons just above the playback buttons. Also, the toggles and playback buttons are smaller than previous versions, and the text background is dynamic, so the contrast may suffer depending on the album art colors generating the background blur. Overall, there's more wasted space in v3, on either side of the album art and playback buttons, and the gap in the middle of the toggle buttons. The playback buttons are also squeezed together more tightly making it more likely to accidentally touch the wrong button or a button touch to not register. As for 709, I'm not a fan of the 3 buttons in the top right corner, or the fact that you can't see the extents of the playback buttons well, though the playback icons are plenty visible, but the VU button isn't a toggle like in 874, it opens a panel from the right side showing the mini EQ curve and visualization options, so when I selected the preset, the VU mode (off, normal, fade controls, or full screen), and I'd put the drawer away, no VU title obscuring the visualization (which is how this thread started in the first place), and I didn't need another toggle button to cycle through the VU modes, it was neatly tucked away when I didn't need it. So without a drawer to keep the mini-EQ curve and VU options, I figure there could be another page in the EQ/Tone/Effects screen. I don't know how many hours it took me to put this post together...more than 5 for sure. Like I said, meticulous, but I go on tangents a lot and lose track of what I'm doing easily.
  2. Tracks have always been able to be randomized, but not a true shuffle, at least not in the context of a single list. I always use "repeat list" and "shuffle songs/ordered lists" for list playback options. Like a shuffled deck of cards, every track in a list should only play once before any track is repeated; for example, I often hear track X play 2 or 3 times before track Y plays. So the list should be randomized, then played back so each track plays once, and when every track on the list is played, shuffle again and start over, or move on to next list, however the user has playback set. Perhaps make this a choice in the Folders/Library settings menu to make shuffle behave one way or the other, depending on the user's preference.
  3. So Max didn't make a backup of v2 before making an entirely new UI for v3? If that's the case, he might regret that decision in the future. @flyingdutchman I tried YAPS free, most of the graphics displayed in the screenshots aren't available to try, and I was underwhelmed with the choices available. I'm sorry about my comment earlier, regarding YAPS being unacceptable, that wasn't a stab at you or your work. Obviously you've put a lot of effort into it, I only meant it doesn't offer what I'm looking for in a UI. Notice in the main UI screenshot below, besides the HQ textures, the artist/album/track labels don't obscure the album art, only the repeat/shuffle/Eq/Tone buttons occupy that space, and they're small enough to have a minimal impact on the album art/visualization, plus there's no opaque/translucent background for the repeat/shuffle/etc. buttons to obscure or muddy the art/visualization space. Putting the track details over the album art makes it look messy, making the text translucent makes it difficult to read, and visibility is worse if the visualization is active. So any text in the album art/visualization space is bad design. Also, having a dedicated, uniform space to display track data is cleaner and more concise than having an individual background for each label; the artist - album label is incomplete in the screenshot because it slowly scrolls when the text is longer than the space provided. Only thing I wish this v2 skin did was show a touched button being depressed, but it only highlights with a blue circle.
  4. Look, I appreciate that you want to help, and I mean no disrespect, you're one of the few voices that has agreed with me in the past about minimalism and flat design. I also realize you're not a developer and it's not up to you to address my complaints appropriately. As for your input: That b&w TV analogy doesn't even compare to this situation; that would require fabrication of new circuits, a cathode, and so on. To add features already existing in v3 to v2 takes a minor code adjustment to the v2 source. Why can't @maxmp add the new features to the v2? I'm tired of 709, no skin support, volume ducking is a little wonky at times, no hi-res audio support, and no updates or bug fixes. Currently, the only way I can get rid of the visualization title is to turn the opacity down to 0%, but the title is still there even if I can't see it, so it can still be interacted with but doesn't appear if I touch it by accident; huge design flaw. Also, with visualization title at 0% opacity, when I touch the visualization space to show the album art, the VU title obscures part of the album art. YAPS doesn't have any acceptable GUI styles, they're all as ugly as Eric Stoltz in Mask or the humpback of Notre Dame, just like every metro/flat/material/fluent GUI I've ever seen. The skin I'm using now, Retro Black, doesn't have any of the GUI options you suggested. I'm just fed up with losing choices that suit my taste and needs. I bought Poweramp in 2013, first mobile app I spent money on, and when I did I never imagined I would have been screwed over.
  5. I want the visualization and the controls always visible. I also don't like the track, artist, and album being in the album art/visualization space, much prefer translucent repeat and shuffle icons in the corners like in v2/v3-alpha, and the track info below the album art space. I want the look of v2 with the features of v3. Why doesn't v2 get support anymore? I'd use v2 if I could get volume ducking, visualizations, and hi-res output.
  6. What a pain. So I can't make it go away, it just turns invisible, but if I accidentally touch it, it'll drop the invisible list. Smart thinking @maxmp Poweramp is a shell of its former self. Now there's too much crap on top of other crap, it's a mess. Yeah 709 took some getting used to, but when I did get used to it, it was very functional and didn't have so much junk taking up screen space. Everything was clearly marked and didn't overshadow anything else. Thanks anyway @Fitzian
  7. It wasn't there in the v3-alpha, now it sticks out like a sore thumb...I hate it, I want it gone.
  8. You have to write ReplayGain tags first, using a program like MusicBee or foobar2000 for desktop.
  9. Finally updated beyond v3-alpha now that I have a skin that makes Poweramp look good again, but when I double tap my screen to turn it on while music is playing, it doesn't timeout after 15 secs like it's supposed to. I tried the shorter timeout under the Poweramp lockscreen menu, but it makes the player UI disappear after just a few seconds. Poweramp's lockscreen UI used to stay up as long as my screen is on, but still timeout at the interval I have set in the system. Why can't I have the lockscreen like the old version that shows my wallpaper in the background?
  10. Also, is it possible to make background transparent on the lockscreen, just show album art, buttons and slider like this:
  11. @Ducktamine any chance you could make one like this but with round playback buttons and aluminum color instead of gold? I want to get back to something as close to the following as possible:
  12. I may be more vehement than most, but I know there are more that share my opinion on this subject, though a minority, and I'm always a little relieved when I discover them. Thank you, Andre, for sharing your opinion, no one likes being the lone voice against fads or trends. In my experience, just because the majority wants or likes something, doesn't mean it's good or right.
  13. If I were a violent person, I'd shoot everyone responsible for pushing the flat design epoch. As far as I'm concerned, it's the devolution of stylish, intuitive UI design. I absolutely abhore flat/metro/material UI...unfortunately, abhore isn't even strong enough to convey my disdain. I still use Windows 7 because I'm so passionately against the Win10 GUI, among a slew of other detrimental features and behaviours I disapprove of. To me, 3D beveled objects and textured or gradient surfaces are far, far more appealing to look at, and much easier to differentiate interactive objects from static space. Even the name "material design" implies skeuomorphism, so "material", in this case, is a misnomer. And you are correct, Andre, I really don't like the "default dark" skin, I don't like any of the v3 skins I've seen so far, they're all flat and/or have hideous color palettes. Give me raised buttons/dials, sunken displays, and colors that complement each other, not contrast.
  14. Are you I. Korolkov, the developer of the skin shown in my 1st post in this thread?
  15. Style and and function are equally important to me, so v2 is not an option, and no one has made any skins for v3 that appeal to me, they're all flat and/or have awful color schemes. I contacted the developer of the skin I posted above over a month ago, but no reply yet, and I get the impression he never will, since he removed ALL his Poweramp add-ons from the Play store.
  16. Then why not add enhancements, like milkdrop visualizations, hi-res audio output, and volume ducking for short audio focus changes to PA v2 as well. I prefer a software experience that provides the improved functionality included in v3, and the cleaner, better optimized screenspace of v2 or v3-alpha, and the ability to receive future updates as well.
  17. I paid real money for this, and now I can't use it anymore. Bring back skeumorphism...minimalism is overrated, aesthetically unappealing, and statistically less user-friendly.
  18. I've been a Poweramp fan since v2, and I loved the Dark Metallic skin for v2 by iKorolkov. However, I absolutely HATE the new design with a fiery passion, I'm still using alpha-build-709 because the new look pisses me off so much. So what are the chances I can get a classic layout like v3 alpha with skins to give me a skeuomorphic appearance that utilize the classic layout? I really want iKorolkov's Dark Metallic skin back with the v3-alpha layout, and all the v3-official under-the-hood improvements. If I can't get a look & feel I like, I'll switch to PlayerPro and demand a refund for Poweramp, because this is NOT what I paid for.
  19. I concur. And putting the track "seekbar" behind the playback buttons is absurd. Obscuring features and information is just bad design. When I first started using Poweramp, it was a breeze to figure out where everything is, now it's a mess and I haven't figured out how to find a few things. I'm very disappointed in the new lockscreen UI, it's just the main player UI on top of the lockscreen, and I can't see my wallpaper. Everything I liked about v2 was improved upon in v3 up to build 709, with a minor learning curve for the revised arrangement. Now it's all gone to rubbish, and the default color scheme is absolutely hideous. I want the new Poweramp to look like this: I bought this skin years ago, now I can't use it. This is EXACTLY what I want my Poweramp to look like, in v3 with output and visualization plugins, and the left and right drawers in 709. Textures, highlights, and bevels are stylish, intuitive, and fun to look at and interact with. Minimalism is grossly overrated.
  20. But if I do that, I can't choose a playlist, or all songs by one artist, or all songs on 1 album, or songs in a genre. Once you tell the Google Assistant to play a song in Poweramp, it changes the playlist to "All Songs", that is a single playlist of every song in the Poweramp library, and you can't get specify a specific playlist, artist, or album list with the Google Assisant.
  21. Seriously, if the bass isn't good enough with Poweramp, then the problem is the speakers, not the app.
  22. The only thing I'd like to see added to Poweramp is the ability to play songs, albums, playlists, etc., by voice command. I can tell my Google Assistant to play X song by Y artist, but it only searches through internet streaming services. Ford vehicles with SYNC can play songs from iPods and iPhones (and supposedly Androids) by voice command, but I don't have SYNC and I can't scroll through the 3000+ songs on my phone while I'm driving. I know some brands, like Samsung, have a voice activated playback feature, but it's only for the stock music player, which doesn't do ReplayGain...I can't not have ReplayGain.
  23. I get the occasional "skip" from time to time, but I always chock it up to I/O overhead briefly interrupting playback...it happens on every Android device I've used Poweramp with.
  24. New phone, new issue. Got an unlocked LG G5 running Nougat, and if I have not opened Poweramp since the last boot, my car bluetooth adapter doesn't interact with Poweramp unless I start playing music in the app first. After the initial music startup, the play and skip bluetooth buttons work as intended until I reboot the phone again. As I was writing the above paragraph, I remembered I rooted my previous devices and disabled/froze the stock music player, so there was only one music player to interact with. So, is there a way to set a default music player for bluetooth applications?
  25. I don't use a secure lockscreen, so the softkey only appears when an app (like a text editor) called the softkey activity before the lockscreen activated. Also, I use Handcent/Next SMS for SMS/MMS messaging which has a popup feature which overrides the lockscreen. If I reply from the popup, the softkey doesn't go away, it's still active "behind" the system lockscreen, and it moves to the foreground when the Poweramp lockscreen becomes active, at which point, pressing the system "back" button deactivates the Poweramp lockscreen, but when I unlock the system lockscreen, the softkey is still active and quickly disappears. Device: LG Ultimate 2, stock, rooted Android: 4.4.2 Poweramp: v2.0.10 build-588
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