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  1. Why is this a setting and why is it defaulted to be ticked on?
  2. Shuffle Songs (presumably in the selected folder) shuffles all up to previous their folder. Example: External/Audio/Music/ Music contains 20 separate folders and 798 individual audio files not in folders. In Music, shuffle should just shuffle the 798 tracks, not the full Music folder (1138 tracks). My phone music collection hasn't really changed in years, in fact the folder hierarchy hasn't changed at all. This marks the first time shuffle has behaved like this, I find it rather annoying that I now need to create a new folder as a workaround.
  3. 3 is broken, no matter which way the toggle is flipped, it always starts in the library. And 4, I personally don't need my phone to look slick. When you are someone who wears special sunglasses indoors because you can see the florescent lights flicker (and everyone thinks you got a doctor's note just to look cool at work), a minimalistic set up is nice and easier on the eyes. Thank you for the help with cue position.
  4. v3 has been bothering me since it's release due to the lack of some settings. 1: The ability to turn off gesture control. 2: Track cue position when switching tracks. 3: To have the player interface as the default screen when loading into Poweramp. 4: The ability to turn off animations. 5: To not have album art displayed My few gripes in the v3 builds of Poweramp. 1: The forced gesture control is the most bothersome of them. Having to leave PA before swiping down my notifications & settings so I don't change windows or tracks is rather annoying. 2: Then we have track cue position. I have hundreds of Old Time Radio episodes on my phone, track times range from 15 minutes to 28 minutes each. Getting several minutes into a track and deciding to listen to something else is a pain because the next track selected starts at the time cue that the previous track was at when I switched. 3: Every time I leave and come back to PA, no matter what screen I was on, it always loads into the track list. 4: I use very few apps on my phone and have it set up to use as little battery as possible, all animations are turned off by default. But not PA, it has the ability to override a basic system setting. 5: Another setting for a minimalist set up, I generally use PA at night and am really not a fan of being blinded by album art when changing tracks. That's it, my top five complaints of Poweramp v3. The first two definitely need to get fixed. The other three are minor annoyances. Lg V30 Android 8.0
  5. Honestly, burying settings under more settings is a bad move. This is not a good UI/UX. I think there should be a Legacy version of Poweramp for those who like menus and settings to be clear and concise, the previous Alpha/Beta version would be good, just have a disclaimer that it won't be patched and use of it means agreeing to dealing with minor bugs.
  6. LG V30 thinQ, I could change the theme, play audio and change tracks; everything else crashed the beta. Reverted back to Alpha for stability.
  7. So, forgive my pessimistic attitude, but I sign between 8 to 12 NDAs a year for testing software. Poweramp is the only Alpha that I have ever see will little to no in the way of progress reports from the developer. Andre, you have been a Saint while managing this thread.
  8. It's the same in projectM. blame the creator of the visualization, not the people who redistribute it.
  9. Running a Samsung Galaxy S3 rooted(not rommed) Settings; About Anybody notice the visual behind the Poweramp logo?
  10. Running a Samsung Galaxy S3 rooted(not rommed) For once, everything works as it should. The EQ seems more sensitive, but that could be just me. No lag with the milkdrop. I personally don't have a use for the "room" settings on a personal media player, but eh, somebody thought they needed them. All I'm waiting for is the skin feature to comeback. I paid for one and enjoy using it, Ducktamine's Retro Metallic skin, it reminds me of my first stereo. Thank you for the awesome build.
  11. Guess what, it don't play well with Dell. In fact, it doesn't play at all with Dell. Goggle knows I have an Intel device, it sends me a notice that there is an update for Poweramp that should be compatible with my device. I want, like I have been emailing for the last 3 weeks for, Poweramp 2.0.9 build 860556. It worked. The last two builds don't.
  12. I have a Dell Venue 8, Intel Atom 2.1Ghz, android 4.4.2
  13. I have sent countless crash reports, 2 bug reports, 1 email. And the only advice I get is to install the update. THE UPDATE IS THE PROBLEM!!!!
  14. The x86 update tells me that I don't have an Intel device. The ARM update tells me that I do have an Intel device. I can't use either without crashing my tablet. The 860557 crashes when ever I try to choose which folders I want it to scan. I have sent error reports, bug reports, emails... Somewhere a line of code was changed that shouldn't have been.
  15. First off, I would like to say that I started in a bad mood. This screw up didn't help. Anyone going to download the new update, BE WARNED!!!!! They miss labeled them. x86 is NOT for x86 devices. I am not a happy camper, 5 playlists, 4 custom eq settings, all settings where they needed to be; ALL GONE!!!!
  16. That was the first thing I tried. I did an uninstall and reinstalled, also tried creating any and all settings and defaults. Still seeing and playing double.
  17. Build 551 erased my playlists and now shows every track twice. That makes scrolling through 1400 songs instead of 700.
  18. I have been using Poweramp since 2011: Droid2, some crappy HTC, Droid Bionic, Kyocera Rise and now an RCA RCT6378w2 tablet. I went back over the news feed on the main website and on September 7, 2012, Poweramp 3.0 was mentioned. Well, why isn't it here? My RCA tablet isn't officially supported, but since I paid $5 three years ago and Poweramp is a damn fine music player, I keep coming back to the website and Google play to see if the 3.0 update that has been promised several times has been released. Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant, but i have sent screenshots of the minor glitches i experience to the dvs and all i get is 3.0 is still in the works. Sent with RCA RCT6378w2
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