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  1. Kuldeep

    Poweramp beta build-792

    😂😍 my life feels complete
  2. If it's about money I am ready to pay if it will speed up the process and I don't think anyone would be denying paying additional money so to conclude it it's not about money... And yeah everyone wants a new version so badly because the earlier final version has stopped working with 8.1 Oreo it needs support to work.. so the developer should be at least delivering something working in replacement of the earlier working app irrespective of the money
  3. On my Nokia 5 using 709 No change in sound output using hi res audio output... Then I assume it is not supported for Nokia 5? Please help
  4. Also I would like to ask people who are trying to defend the developer as if everyone wants the developer dead... I am not a person that would use any beta product... I purchased Poweramp may be 3 or 4 years ago as V2 that was full version not beta... And now if i ask the V2 to be fixed it is not going to be fixed they say... Ok then now I want a stable main line update that is the beta V3 to be... Then do I not have a right after paying him to ask that if I am getting something after 3 or 4 years I think that's enough time to develop something finished not beta alpha and so on... I am not against max being not able to develop the app but I think he should by now have given something finished as I am not a tester.. and I have not paid to be using beta apps
  5. Yes the new UI is good that's what I meant to say... But the new UI is not yet completed that creates issues... Basically I am being forced to used twisted and hotpotch (V2 like) V3 alpha ui
  6. Thanks for sharing the links but I was talking about getting the notification fixed for 8.1 because i don't like the UI of V3 alpha & V3 new UI is not yet completed
  7. If that's how it goes I request you to please add support for the Oreo 8.1 in V2...
  8. Kuldeep

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Yes you are right V2 and V3 alpha are almost identical but I liked the feature of having equaliser on 1 click instead of going into visualisation menu and then getting into equaliser.. because it is a MP3 so it should be more easy to control audio than that of visualisation that plays no role me at least... Also would like to say the invert menu was a good option as we could just keep on tapping left top corner to get to player from list but now have click here and there and everywhere basically not easy to use with one hand... I still prefer V2 if it gets notification fixed and could be as was earlier no extra features needed
  9. Kuldeep

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Can anybody tell me if V2 would get the same treatment as V3 alpha???? I liked it's simplicity and ui V3 alpha is bit too much for mee and beta new UI is not ready yet
  10. Kuldeep

    4x1 widget displaying as 4x2

    Same thing with V3 also in android 8.1 & 8.0
  11. No I didn't but I thought the features which are showing up would be working I didn't guess it be a dummy.. sorry that's a fault from my side but other things I mentioned are not mentioned in the features list or issues
  12. I am more than happy to see the new V3.. Just installed it and after using it for sometime I found out these bugs.. Unable to open list options Recently added is not opening up Can't go to the player by touching the widget Fonts goes dark on their own first worked fine for a bit.. I also have a slight incompatibility of widget as 5x2 doesn't shows up as is previewed in the widget menu It feels bad to Nick pick issues but this would help in development of a stable and better V3 so I am giving my input... I tried Poweramp on my Nokia 5 running Oreo 8.1
  13. But it was working fine with 8.0 and also is working good but the notification is doing that wierd thing also I could make it work by manually going into settings and untick and tick invert notification
  14. I recently updated to Oreo 8.1 from 8.0 now my power amp v2 is acting weirdly notification just becomes and can't change song or anything I even tried V3 704 but still the same I change notification colour to black but as I change the song that goes white again I would like to use v2 because it was simpler and didn't have that visualisation really useless thing please help me out
  15. I recently updated to Oreo 8.1 and now the notification is acting weirdly. I tried everything I was using v2 earlier now I updated to alpha but the problem is still there please help. I don't want to use any other music player I am obsessed with Poweramp