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  1. Si. I'm really bummed tho because I've been yelling from the mountaintops for 8+years how great Poweramp was for an Android phone. I couldn't live without it, seriously. There IS nothing better, (as far as I know) but I've not had the need to check out anything else...... until now. Thanks for the replies. It seems we are on the same page. I'm a 30-year IT Network and Server Engineer and that friggin UI was worse than trying to teach users how to use Vista! Haha
  2. haha.... perhaps a short linguistic lesson? ? Mucho, being a Spanish word means Big, Large, Grand, etc.... Mahalo means Thank You in Hawaiian. Put the two together and you have a multilingual phrase defining a muy grande thanks Dude! hehe.... I hadn't used Poweramp for a few, then last week I had to drive to the northern side of LA from N. San Diego and the radio was irritating. So I fired up Poweramp as I always have at least 30 GB of .flac music files, and much to my chagrin, the GUI was all fkd up. I quickly discovered that while driving at 80+ mph was not a good time to be messin wit it, so I pulled off the freeway and spent 15 mins trying to figure it all out, finally giving up. Beyond that however, I hate the GUI, the size of the buttons, and the general non-existence of a fast forward button, a folder tree view, and easily accessible (physically with my fat fingers) EQ settings, etc. I could go on & on but it would be fruitless. I did find a major bug in it once i got home and messed with it. Both on my Note 8 and Note 7, whenever I swiped up so the Folder tab was visible, Poweramp would completely die asking me if I wanted to send a debug file. I have replicated this issue EVERY TIME I have tried it. But seriously guys (Poweramp Tech Engineers), the glitter and fluff needs to go, bye bye, adios, sayonara, chow, don't let the door hit you in your posterior as the worthless GUI leaves the building. As an 8+ year avid user of Poweramp, I am completely disappointed in the Engineering staff for modifying a very great interface and replacing it with flash, bam, pow, lookie here UI to try to gain customers. SAD..... I would forever be totally dedicated to Poweramp should the old GUI will always be an option..... as much as I continue to use only WinAmp on all my systems. (Stereo Tool is the best DSP/Effect Plugin ever, and in combination with WinAmp, opens up a whole nother wurl of music being able to listen to those oldy moldy scratched 33 & 1/3 thin round disks.) Perhaps a young smart programmer might dive in and write something for Poweramp...????
  3. Where can I d/l the last release prior to the first release of this HORRIBLE UI?
  4. I agree. Been a long time paying user and lover of Poweramp, since 2010. This new UI SUCKS! 66 You guys are gunna lose me to a competitor very soon unless the option is available to choose UI's. Forrest
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