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  1. excellent. You guys are the best.
  2. Yes, Build 868. Same problem as you describe.
  3. It's a widget. Right now, it seems broken (on my device anyhow), which is why I posted. But if you go to Poweramp widgets, you'll see a 1X1 widget entitled "playlists". On my device (samsung note 9) you then drag the widget to the screen. There's will be a pop-up that has a tick box if you want your playlist to play at random. Tick that first if that's what you want. Then on the left there is a list of all your playlists. Tap on one of them and the widget transforms into a shortcut that (when it's working) plays that playlist with one tap. (It's not working right now). These shortcuts can be put (at least on a note 9) into a folder, as shown in my screenshot. It's a brilliant extra feature that I love, and I currently miss, and I trust @maxmp to fix it, as he's done with all the other features that have needed work. Because the widget is 1X1, it looks like an icon. You can put a bunch of them into a folder.
  4. It's an odd mix, like a trifle. Started with a large compilation of English psych-folk from the late '60s and early '70s. (E.g. Bridget St. John, Vashti Bunyan). Added updates on that style (Six Organs of Admittance, Big Thief). Added extensions into "soft" psychedelia (Julia Holter, solo Robert Plant), and related American Primitive-style guitar (William Tyler, Glenn Jones) and straight-up Indian ragas (Anoushka Shankar, Ustad Bismillah Khan). The name is from "Images of Passing Clouds", a song by Gary Farr, who describes the clouds as "like a trifle." If you get your hands on "Dust on the Nettles: 1967-1972" I highly recommend it. Thanks for asking. I have a similar playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4e2OjcOtLGphTpxzemDd2Z
  5. Small problem with one of the two widgets I use. The 1 X 1 widget allows me to put a playlist on the home screen and to play that playlist, randomized, just by touching the icon. I love that feature, and have a whole bundle of playlist shortcuts set up to do that. Since the last update, though, when I touch the icon for any playlist, the only thing that happens is that Poweramp opens to the last music played. I tried reinstalling different playlist widgets, but it doesn't help. I also tried turning off any battery savers or other restrictions, and that also did not work. I know this can be fixed because it was working beautifully only a few days ago. Thanks for any help.
  6. I have the problem on my Note 9. Noticed something wrong, so I spent half a day with Poweramp force stopped. Used less than five percent of my available battery. Turned on Poweramp, and listened to some music, and it was reading that Poweramp used about 15% of my available battery after around three hours. That seems like alot, and is certainly more than it used to use. I am not an engineer, so I don't know what the significance of @maxmp 's description of not being able to reproduce the problem means. Whatever people are experiencing is a real issue and worth investigating. Something must have changed in one of the last few updates to cause such a large increase in battery use.
  7. I completely agree. How do we get Max to take some action on this?
  8. The error is intentional. The latest version disabled, unaccountably, the ability to play a queue at random. I am one of the many people who would like to see the feature restored, since I now find myself using Poweramp in tandem with another inferior player (what a pain!), just so I can listen to music the way I like.
  9. Me too. I used to use the queue, set to random, as the main way to play music, and would add and subtract from it on the fly. Now that's impossible, and that's a real problem for me. I can randomize playlists that I've already made, but as for building a new one on a whim, V3 is flat out inferior.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks this is a serious problem, that may require moving to a different, and in other ways inferior, player? I cannot fathom why the option of shuffling a queue would be taken away from those, like me, who use it as their main way to listen to a large collection of music.
  11. This is a real issue for me as well. I posted several times about it, and haven't gotten a satisfactory response. Creating a temporary playlist is really not a solution.
  12. Whatever the original intention, v2 enabled a more intensive use of the queue, as more than a quick break from "normal" playback. And I had been relying on it, and am very disappointed to see it taken out of v3. For me, a shuffled queue was a planned listening session, to program far more music than I had time to listen to, and present it at random, just like a radio station, created on the spot. Not a playlist, though, because it is an impromptu selection of music. When you shuffle one album, it's a conceit, and almost pointless. But throw together, say, a Beatles album, a Kinks album, a Pink Floyd album, a Stones album, some Doors, some Hendrix, maybe a Byrds album, and press "shuffle" and pretty soon it sounds like a really good '60s radio station. IMHO, there's an art to it. Adding and subtracting to a queue until it sounds right, once it's perfect you save a playlist, and pretty soon you have one for every mood. Essential for me anyway. Once my collection passed the 250 album mark, picking one album every time I want to listen to music became burdensome. Instead, for myself I listen to established playlists, and, when I am working with a large collection of unheard music, experimental queues. Out with other people, especially in the car with family, queues are essential, to include the music they like without making anyone crazy with too much of any one thing in particular. My daughter likes country music. Drives my wife crazy. Wife likes reggae. I like everything, including weird stuff that nobody else likes. So if I program 500 songs from all categories, and hit "shuffle", everybody's music is just around the corner, and there will be peace. And the very pleasant element of surprise, like a good radio station, that comes from something unexpected that you like. So there's a good reason why queues should be able to be shuffled. Try it yourself.
  13. Good to hear it's being worked on. I'd love to hear how you will be implementing it. I agree with Hitmeister that it was great when the queue would start after the current list. For me, the ability to shuffle a queue of music was essential, and I am really disappointed that it was taken away. I'm hoping it will be restored, at least as an option. Thanks.
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