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  1. yes i saved my setting however this did not save a lot of things like a few Eq setting i had saved and my playlists.
  2. Just a poll to see what Ui people would prefer to See in The new Poweramp.
  3. i just almost died last night after updating. it took me an hour to set up the old version again with all the settings i had. i understand some "NEW" uses might like this ui but to a lot of people that have been with power amp for years would most likely agree that we need to see a option to go back to the old ui.
  4. Thankyou someone who Agrees with me. the version before the latest update was beautiful and clean and sleek. this is a massive step backwards and the new ui is a total mess. i have gone back to the old version for now and will continue to look for a new player untill Poweramp devs get onboard and bring back the old ui. the seek bar is the biggest issue and all the setting are now hidden like eq ect. this is just horrible will never update again!
  5. this is the worst ugliest player on android. well done Dev you destroyed a beautiful piece of software! the new Ui is horrid its a mess! the seek bar is a joke. everything is all over the place like a 2 year old deigned it. have since gone back to build 709. this is such a disappointment and a huge step backwards. i have been a loyal Poweramp user since the app first launched and this is a heartbreak. i can not believe you have done this. if it aint broken dont fix it! why did you do this? why??
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