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  1. The new folder list "List - Compact" is great, now if we could get the list to display in this format. Not the colors, but the items in the list. If the list is sorted by Artist then the first row displays the artist tag, then the track tag, and finally the album tag and for those who like it the track length and file type. I hope others like this layout and that it could be implemented in a future beta. <View android:id="@+id/group_one" android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="80dp" android:background="@android:col
  2. No, just not paying attention, I installed V2 of the skin.
  3. Get Mp2Tag and use the Extended Tag editor to add lyrics.
  4. 1. When the Static Seekbar is off and the Pro Buttons are off the Main Player does not display. 2. List > long press > Play is not an option 3. List doesn't keep the position in the list, always returns to the first song. 4. All Songs List displays the Album name before the Artist.
  5. It seems that Poweramp was overhauled as opposed to being given a face lift. Everything in V2 worked great except the shuffle and repeat buttons could not be disabled . With V3 some of the logic was removed or altered. Please forgive my use of "should", I use it only as an indication of my opinion not as a demand. It would be great if there were options that allowed everyone to get most of their preferences. Things I like about V3 1. On the player screen the art work displays correctly and generally the screen looks better. 2. The menu shortcuts are at the bottom. 3.
  6. I wouldn't use either rating system, but if I had to choose I would choose the 5 star rating.
  7. The default sort of lists appears to be by Title, when I change the default to something else it stays as long as PA is not closed. If PA is closed and then reopened then the sort is returned to the default.
  8. As long as it's an option, I hate visualization. Battery life is always paramount and I want to listen to my music, not watch bouncy bars on my screen. Maybe I don't do enough drugs and alcohol.
  9. Exactly, "Shuffle Songs" should only shuffle songs in the library but possibly (god I hope not) the playlist or queue list . Shuffle All then would seem to imply that the shuffle would affect, library songs, playlist songs, and queue songs. The dev or moderator should confirm the logic. There used to be a very clear setting for the queue - Ignore Shuffle. The current design is unclear. There should be a setting to explicitly say Do not shuffle the Queues and another explicit setting to say Do not shuffle the play lists. I personally can't imagine wanting to shuffle either of those, but
  10. I haven't had the current beta long enough, but that has been my experience with all prior versions - the same songs are played repeatedly. It seems that the shuffle logic includes some logic that says if this song was played before play it again, and again, and again. lol It would be nice if the logic was something like this Count number of songs in the collection. Randomize that number. If the selection matches a song that was played in the last (user defined time) month, then skip the song, and play the next song.
  11. I'm glad they play the queue and playlist in order, but I think you need to enable Shuffle All if you want the Queue and Playlist lists shuffled.
  12. There are a lot of nice changes, but... When PA is playing and the screen locks, pressing the power button displays the standard UI with all the possible settings, I would like an option to just have play, pause, previous, next – like before. And no swiping. What if someone picked up my phone and started adjusting all my settings?! When PA is playing and the screen locks, using fingerprint unlock takes us to the PA player, I want to go to the last app that was active when the screen locked. I want to be able to disable the visualization, timer, repeat, and shuffle
  13. Well past experience tells me not to hold my breath. Personally, I would have been happy with a few minor improvements, better font choices, better widgets, and the ability to disable repeat and shuffle buttons in the main UI. Visualizations are nonsense, I listen to music, I don't stare at the blinky lights (thankfully, we can disable it). This is similar to live wallpapers, really you clear your screen so you can meditate on your wallpaper? Nice parlor trick. My desktop is covered with the app I'm using, I guess developers should make their apps transparent so we can see that anim
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