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  1. @Rachel Tang, just installed, started Poweramp and selected folder for the app and than app crashed. Sent the log to you.
  2. @BGIYYZ, Poweramp has rescan option in the Library settings, not only Full Rescan.
  3. @Spyglass Jack, on the MAIN screen!
  4. @Spyglass Jack, button near shuffle.
  5. @Spyglass Jack, try to change repeate mode on the main screen.
  6. @roshande, Poweramp support arm64 from v3 build 831/832.
  7. @irwanrz, not much devices has support of 44.1 KHz.
  8. @david ramplin, reset of the app data helping. It will be fixed in 831.
  9. @professionalslayer, it is impossible because current x86 version code largest v3 version code. Say "hello" to Intel =/
  10. @anta40, than second variant is your's.
  11. @anta40, where you bought Poweramp? 1. If you bought from the Google Play just find Poweramp Unlocker on the Google Play and install it. 2. If you bought from this site just download latest apk from this site (uni version) and than in the license dialog tap GRT SUPPORT and ask for OrderID for checking purchase.
  12. @Alexhavel, if you bought on Google Play than you must activate it via unlocker from Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock&hl=en
  13. This list only for developer's purposes. If developer post this list than each user will be ask "when will it be implemented?"
  14. @R3stik, this feature is planning but not estimate time when it'll implemplement.
  15. You bought v2 and you can use v2. Which reason for refund?
  16. @imprezzion, for website purchases you don't need unlocker. Just enter your mail and OrderID. OrderID you got in mail of purchase or can ask in Support.
  17. @RussellS, v3 must working on x86 in emulation mode. There will be no separate version for x86.
  18. @ThirteenCatz, Settings -> Look and Feel -> Skin -> set main UI as you want. Is this so difficult?
  19. @kane9x, for removing 3rd-party skin you must uninstall it apk like an ordinary app.
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