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  1. clever_man

    Please how do I get rid of the Wavebar?

    @ThirteenCatz, Settings -> Look and Feel -> Skin -> set main UI as you want. Is this so difficult?
  2. clever_man

    How Do I Disable Swipe Left/Right in List View?

    @Trollburner045, it's impossible.
  3. clever_man

    Delete the third-party interface

    @kane9x, for removing 3rd-party skin you must uninstall it apk like an ordinary app.
  4. clever_man

    Equalizer presets

    @Nayon, long tap on the preset.
  5. Poweramp Notification Helper As known on Android Oreo 8.1 we get issue with notification in statusbar. I created small app for replace it with the custom notification. You need: Install app. Turn off notifications from Poweramp in system app settings. Exclude Poweramp Notification Helper from Battery Optimization (otherwise service will killed after screen off) Start app and check "Start service". Enjoy! Poweramp Notification Helper 1.40.apk Poweramp Notification Helper 1.30.apk (old version) v.140 Min API24 (Nougat 7.0) - it's weird but some people asked Added position in list Added Donate button v1.30 Added dark theme CheckBox replaced by the Swither Added ability to cancel paused notification v1.20 Warning about a Battery Optimisation and ability to diasable it on start app activity Fixed appearing of a notification when BT Headset connected\disconnected if player paused or stopped v1.17 Option to open main screen v1.16 Fix for long song name. Implemented standart MedyaStyle widget. Bugs: some issues with album art and play\pause button in app interface. Not critical. v1.1 Implemented custom view. Implemented autostart. P.S. If you like my work, you can buy me a beer https://www.paypal.me/cleverman
  6. clever_man

    Poweramp 2

  7. clever_man

    Poweramp 2

    @andrewilley, maybe make this topic pinned (or another) and remove\close same topics?
  8. @NeilPete, just read changelog for the build 815.
  9. PA v3 builded with API 26 (Google rules for new apps) and it has many limitations for background operations. Try to enable PA service in the app settings, disable power control for PA in the Syatem settings. PA v2 builded with lower API and has no such limitation but can't be updated.
  10. clever_man

    Remove the visualizer select bar

    @SonOfTheKingdom, for remove Wavebar use 3rd party skins.
  11. clever_man

    Calm down guys this is the FUTURE

    @kimj0ngthrill, maybe you need just enable Pro-buttons in the settings before posting?
  12. clever_man

    V3 splits one album into several.

  13. @0x1a4, it is not v2, this buttons can't be hidden.
  14. @Terrum, Settings -> Look and Feel -> Player UI -> Filename as Title -> check on.
  15. @vAmp, this is 3rd party skin?
  16. @skos, uninstall v3 and manually install v2.
  17. @halotechnology, in playlists you can use shuffle option (for random playing from current list) or random sort (for see random sorted list).
  18. @vAmp, were you try list options for set List - compat view? 2.5 cm is very big AA. Or you can use pinch-to-zoom for resize list and grid size.
  19. @halotechnology, for this purpose you can use queue or playlists.
  20. @vAmp, it is just your opinion. List can contains any useful information.
  21. clever_man

    How Do I Disable Poweramp Service?

    @Abolfazl Ghorbani, stop player intead pause (use long click on play button).
  22. clever_man

    How Do I Disable Poweramp Service?

    @Abolfazl Ghorbani, Settings -> Misc -> Keep service -> Turn off
  23. clever_man


    @Hbkbales, v3 doesn't compatibale with old skins (from v2).
  24. clever_man

    Lost access to Poweramp

    @Bracket, than why are you trying to activate it from GP? Yuo must do it from uni app (from this site) by clicking "already purchased?" and enter e-mail and Order ID. If you forget Order ID just send report via player's button "get support" and ask an order id for you account for wich you bought.
  25. clever_man

    Lost access to Poweramp

    @Bracket, one more time: If you sure in this you must send report to Google Play Store support, we can't help in this case. Or you can try buy again - if you did it Google return your money for second purchase.