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  1. The first I was referring to. I have tried uninstalling and installing again .. also tried clearing data which basically resets the app... I am using playstore non beta version.. on my Nokia 5 8.1oreo
  2. Please help "click restarts track" cannot be disabled even if I have disabled it the track which is been played restarts every time I click it from the playlist
  3. Mini player is still not fixed even after so many updates... Nokia 5 8.1 816
  4. @maxmpStill this bug exists can you tell me if it is going to be sorted out soon.... v812 Nokia 5 (8.1oreo)
  5. V809 has better and softer bass it seems day and night difference.. I tried three times each v809 & v810 on same song anybody notice same thing? Edit: some how I was not able to do a clean install every time I tried uninstalling the previous one and installing it. New one remembers the settings then I switched off the internet again tried a clean install first it said licence verification failed and I was greeted with clean install and now the sound I as good as was on earlier versions if not better
  6. Yes I have enabled it. By the way it is enabled by default but it shows only 9 tracks in recently added but I have more than 800 tracks on my memory card and internal storage
  7. But this doesn't provide the desired result... I don't want to search every time the whole all songs playlist... As I usually forget what latest songs I have downloaded and Poweramp doesn't reads them... But in my es file explorer when I go to music section and sort it by date modified it shows all latest added songs first and then in decreasing order or whatever order but latest first and oldest in last that's what I want Poweramp to do
  8. it only takes date added as reference which gets reset every time you clear data the Poweramp or reinstall it but the date modified is a file based thing that stays within the file which would help detect recently added files acurately every time
  9. Can recently added be added using date modified of the file?? That would work perfectly.
  10. On my phone 801 provides better sound than 802... Is it a bug?? Phone Nokia 5 Os 8.1 Oreo stock
  11. I am not sure but 800 have better sound than 799.. but please reconfigure the widget to have buttons on bottom and info on top of the buttons as it was earlier.. because sometimes when I tried to change the tracks I accidentally ended up opening the player list
  12. Both are good for the era they were bulit I love the new UI but can't hate the simplicity of the V2
  13. I am not facing any shuffle related issue it is working fine in my phone.... I would like to know what's the issue others are talking about regarding shuffle... Till now I haven't found any bug except the dead delete button
  14. Just subscribe to beta program for Poweramp you will get it once you became a beta tester
  15. Yes that seems to be the case with me too I am using Nokia 5 8.1 Oreo... But I am keeping 792 may be try playstore version that has some difference in output... And by the way anyone know why play store version is 793 is it any different?
  16. New V3 UI is 1000 times better than the other V3 which seems to be like a V2 knockoff
  17. On my Nokia 5 using 709 No change in sound output using hi res audio output... Then I assume it is not supported for Nokia 5? Please help
  18. Yes you are right V2 and V3 alpha are almost identical but I liked the feature of having equaliser on 1 click instead of going into visualisation menu and then getting into equaliser.. because it is a MP3 so it should be more easy to control audio than that of visualisation that plays no role me at least... Also would like to say the invert menu was a good option as we could just keep on tapping left top corner to get to player from list but now have click here and there and everywhere basically not easy to use with one hand... I still prefer V2 if it gets notification fixed and could be as was earlier no extra features needed
  19. Can anybody tell me if V2 would get the same treatment as V3 alpha???? I liked it's simplicity and ui V3 alpha is bit too much for mee and beta new UI is not ready yet
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