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  1. As I posted before.....it is NOT Poweramp. It is Android v.11. I called Verizon and spent four hours on the phone with "Tech Support" and got NO where. So, they transferred me to Samsung. The person I was then in contact with used to be a Verizon employee but is an independent employee of Samsung. I asked to be downgraded to Android v.10. After some discussion I granted her access to my phone by D\L ing a proprietary Samsung App. She accessed several settings on the motherboard, NOT the BIOS and NOT the CMOS, she DIRECTLY accessed the motherboard and made several changes , all of which blew right by me. I did not know that the MB could be accessed that way and even though I have 30 years of IT in my retired career, I have never seen anything like what she did. At any rate, she completely fixed every issue Android v.11 was giving me fits with. Fu&K Android 11!!!!! Forrest
  2. Forget about checking Config settings on PA. IT IS NOT Poweramp!!!! It is Android v.11. I have confirmed it twice. Under Android v.10 all PA builds worked fine. After the OS was upgraded to Android v.11 ALL builds of PA performed the same, which is, when Bluetooth connects, PA starts itself. The only way to stop it is to go into Apps, then choose FORCE STOP. But that is only temporary. It will go back to starting when Bluetooth connects. I have confirmed the issue also affects the latest Poweramp build 899-uni. My advise to everyone: 1) Call and bitch to your carrier (mine is Verizon), 2) Call and bitch to the phone manufacturer (mine is Samsung), 3) Use your Google One account to get support, and bitch to them as well. If history is any indication of Android version updates, we all will have to wait until the next Android version update. NOTE: With Poweramp unistalled, any other audio app that is installed Wil show the same behavior as PA does. This is definitive proof the root cause is Android v.11. MAKE SURE THAT YOU EXHIBIT ANGER AT ALL SUPPORT.
  3. It's worth checking out but you won't find anything out of the ordinary because with Poweramp unistalled, iheartradio takes its place doing the same thing. It all hinges on Android v. 11. Forrest
  4. As long as I'm totally dissatisfied with Android v.11, I may as well continue my distain for the domineering stance Google takes with Android OS, although I first need to say that to blame Google solely isn't what I am here for. Google shares the blame, as I stated above, with Samsung and Verizon equally. Google may design and write most of the code for Android OS, but Samsung and Verizon should each share a tgunrd of the blame, as they f*** with it so much sometimes that it's unrecognizable. A BIG gripe I have with Google is there holier than thou attitude thinking they have the right to disable or break a perfectly good app whenever they want to. I am now referring to their in again, off again ass kissing they seem to enjoy with the federal government. I used SMS+ and APC Call Recorder for years, then.... nada. Totally hosed cuz Google supports some of the worst whims the feds have ever come up with, then cowtows to big government, as they see fit.
  5. Running build 893 arm64 on my Note10+ for several months on Android v.10.x without any issues. HOWEVER, the day Android v.11 was push installed and upgraded my Note10 + (20210201), the same problem with Bluetooth auto-connect (when Poweramp not even active) became apparant from the get go. But this was not the ONLY issue Android 11 has caused. In my SMS App, Messages+ by Verizon, 95% of inbound texts are NOT color inverted, making it impossible to read ANY incoming texts. This persists even after changing the background color of the conversation bubble. I noticed a couple other issues with v.11, but not applicable to this forum. I have called Verizon Tech Support two times, then quickly using my 30 year IT career experience to bypass the clueless flowchart readers, going straight to Tier Two (REAL Techs) Support. Both times, one month apart, Tier Two Tech Support told me they were unaware of these issues. I say, bull shit. My first call was the 2nd day after Android v.11 was pushed out, the second a month later. As usual, either Verizon dies not internally publish new issues or bugs to all support personnel , or they inform those personel to play dumb, then throw the broken pieces to Samsung so we can be told that the next release of Android OS will address the issues, thereby pointing the finger at Samsung and taking a laissez-faire attitude toward fixing THEIR customers issues. But I do not intend to roll over and play dead with Verizons lame ass excuses, as the issues I am experiencing are not specific to me only. Everyone of my colleagues that have Note 9's or Note 10, 10+ devices are experiencing the same exact Poweramp auto start Bluetooth issue as well as the non color- inverted inbound text font colors which to my knowledge only exists in Verizons OWN SMS App, Message +. I just now d/l the latest Poweramp build v.899, so obviously have not yet tested it. Hopefully the Bluetooth issue will be resolved, however in my experience, I do not have any reason to believe Poweramp could react to whatever code change occurred in Android v.11 to have written a fix this soon. In all reality the fingers should be pointed one way--> to Samsung, Google and Verizon. Even given the fact that Google writes the code and makes the major OS structure, function, and initial code rewrites, Samsung AND Verizon both do their share of modifications that may enhance one snippit of technology within the Android IS, but at the same time, break a functional and long-standing snippit of technology within an entirely separate and unrelated snippit of the Android Version which was pushed out to all devices without giving the consumer the choice to wait on the upgrade until they feel no fear in upgrading. After all these years, donchathink every technology company in the world should have learned from Microsoft's initial release of Windows Vista? Forrest Salfen, SoCal Contributer March 24, 2021
  6. Si. I'm really bummed tho because I've been yelling from the mountaintops for 8+years how great Poweramp was for an Android phone. I couldn't live without it, seriously. There IS nothing better, (as far as I know) but I've not had the need to check out anything else...... until now. Thanks for the replies. It seems we are on the same page. I'm a 30-year IT Network and Server Engineer and that friggin UI was worse than trying to teach users how to use Vista! Haha
  7. haha.... perhaps a short linguistic lesson? ? Mucho, being a Spanish word means Big, Large, Grand, etc.... Mahalo means Thank You in Hawaiian. Put the two together and you have a multilingual phrase defining a muy grande thanks Dude! hehe.... I hadn't used Poweramp for a few, then last week I had to drive to the northern side of LA from N. San Diego and the radio was irritating. So I fired up Poweramp as I always have at least 30 GB of .flac music files, and much to my chagrin, the GUI was all fkd up. I quickly discovered that while driving at 80+ mph was not a good time to be messin wit it, so I pulled off the freeway and spent 15 mins trying to figure it all out, finally giving up. Beyond that however, I hate the GUI, the size of the buttons, and the general non-existence of a fast forward button, a folder tree view, and easily accessible (physically with my fat fingers) EQ settings, etc. I could go on & on but it would be fruitless. I did find a major bug in it once i got home and messed with it. Both on my Note 8 and Note 7, whenever I swiped up so the Folder tab was visible, Poweramp would completely die asking me if I wanted to send a debug file. I have replicated this issue EVERY TIME I have tried it. But seriously guys (Poweramp Tech Engineers), the glitter and fluff needs to go, bye bye, adios, sayonara, chow, don't let the door hit you in your posterior as the worthless GUI leaves the building. As an 8+ year avid user of Poweramp, I am completely disappointed in the Engineering staff for modifying a very great interface and replacing it with flash, bam, pow, lookie here UI to try to gain customers. SAD..... I would forever be totally dedicated to Poweramp should the old GUI will always be an option..... as much as I continue to use only WinAmp on all my systems. (Stereo Tool is the best DSP/Effect Plugin ever, and in combination with WinAmp, opens up a whole nother wurl of music being able to listen to those oldy moldy scratched 33 & 1/3 thin round disks.) Perhaps a young smart programmer might dive in and write something for Poweramp...????
  8. Where can I d/l the last release prior to the first release of this HORRIBLE UI?
  9. I agree. Been a long time paying user and lover of Poweramp, since 2010. This new UI SUCKS! 66 You guys are gunna lose me to a competitor very soon unless the option is available to choose UI's. Forrest
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