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  1. No, just not paying attention, I installed V2 of the skin.
  2. Get Mp2Tag and use the Extended Tag editor to add lyrics.
  3. It seems that Poweramp was overhauled as opposed to being given a face lift. Everything in V2 worked great except the shuffle and repeat buttons could not be disabled . With V3 some of the logic was removed or altered. Please forgive my use of "should", I use it only as an indication of my opinion not as a demand. It would be great if there were options that allowed everyone to get most of their preferences. Things I like about V3 1. On the player screen the art work displays correctly and generally the screen looks better. 2. The menu shortcuts are at the bottom. 3. Shortcut icons are clearly understood. 4. Elapsed and remaining time display. 5. Lyrics display is much better, although the lyrics window should either hide after the track finishes or the lyrics for the new track should display. 6. Alpha scrolling in the track list. Things I don't like about V3 1. The seek bar. 2. Swiping can't be disabled and their function changes depending on the screen displayed. From the track list swiping takes you to the library list, swiping from the library list takes you to the player, swiping on the player changes tracks and you can't go back to the library by swiping. If we have to have swiping, left to right should, in my opinion, cycle between, player, library, track list and swipe up/down should change tracks and honor the users shuffle setting. 3. More buttons have been added that can accidentally be activated/changed. My feeling is that I would set these things once and rarely if ever change them again so why have them on the screen?! 4. The lists are harder to use and read. I would prefer Title, Artist, Album (in that order) on separate lines with the same font size and maybe 2px of padding between lines. And I would remove the length and file type. 5. Art work in the lists looks nice but limits the number of items in the list resulting in more scrolling. With the list set to small, 4 tracks are displayed initially, then after scrolling 7 tracks are displayed, V2 displayed about 10. 6. List sort keeps defaulting to sort by Title. 7. New buttons in the lists for Shuffle, Play, Select. 8. If PA is running in the background and the phone locks, unlocking it takes you to PA not where you were when the phone locked. 9. Queue allows duplicate entries, before there was a setting to prevent this. 10. Queue used to have a setting to resume the queue if all items weren't played, it may still work this way but it isn't clear. 11. It would be nice if the alpha scroll on the right of the list had a bit more padding between letters. 12. Track selection in the library used to be simple - our setting for what happened used to be "play the song" or "place it in the queue" and long press gave you more options. And a notification displayed if the track was added to the queue. Now when you click on an item, if the setting is add it to the queue, there isn't any indication that your click was recognized. 13. Notification - Navigate to to the list used to take you to the song list with the currently playing song, and the song had a seek bar below it, now it takes you to the high level library list. 14. Previously, there was a setting to hide the meta data, which is now gone.
  4. I wouldn't use either rating system, but if I had to choose I would choose the 5 star rating.
  5. Exactly, "Shuffle Songs" should only shuffle songs in the library but possibly (god I hope not) the playlist or queue list . Shuffle All then would seem to imply that the shuffle would affect, library songs, playlist songs, and queue songs. The dev or moderator should confirm the logic. There used to be a very clear setting for the queue - Ignore Shuffle. The current design is unclear. There should be a setting to explicitly say Do not shuffle the Queues and another explicit setting to say Do not shuffle the play lists. I personally can't imagine wanting to shuffle either of those, but we should have options to make everyone happy.
  6. I'm glad they play the queue and playlist in order, but I think you need to enable Shuffle All if you want the Queue and Playlist lists shuffled.
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