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Poweramp Build 810


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V809 has better and softer bass it seems day and night difference.. I tried three times each v809 & v810 on same song anybody notice same thing?


Edit: some how I was not able to do a clean install every time I tried uninstalling the previous one and installing it. New one remembers the settings then I switched off the internet again tried a clean install first it said licence verification failed and I was greeted with clean install and now the sound I as good as was on earlier versions if not better

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I have a little problem here. I'm using a Galaxy S7 Exynos variant on Android 8 and with the 810 build the seekbar stopped being transparent and became white with a black outline.

This is how it looks now:Screenshot_20181127-150351_Poweramp.thumb.jpg.422b6e20e780b0dabaf51b4b248454d8.jpg

And this is how it looked before the update:


Even after changing back from the alternative layout i cannot get the seekbar to become transparent.

Is there a setting i'm missing or is this how it's supposed to look? I ask because in my opinion the transparent seekbar looks better.

Edit: It seems that disabling Static Seekbar makes it become transparent but the problem with that is that i don't have a static seekbar anymore.


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I also prefer the transparent seek bar, guess with time well get used to.

Taking the names and album out of the cover is a step in the right direction, still does not look comoletly friendly, my sugestions are.

Easy one: leave it the way it is but center the name and center the album this will help.

Hard one: make album cover bigger like before, and under it the name of the song, when touching the name of the song switch to album name and if touch again switch back.

Anyway there should be a way to have thr album cover in big size and the rest having a good looking feeling.

Anyway we are going in the right direction. Also give more shufle options to suffle button in hierarchy folder.


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In my music library i have a folder for every artist and songs are in these folders. Every music has cover art embedded on them and every folder also has folder.jpg file. (My library has thousands of artist folders). 

When i do a fullscan nearly %10 of songs cover arts looks empty when i play them. I have to select embedded or folder.jpg manually on them by using three dot button under the cover art. It looks like these %10 of song are random.


I am %100 sure that all of my songs have proper embedded cover arts.

If i remove all of my music library and only leave the ones that cover arts look empty before and doba fullscan , Poweramp can read their cover arts automatically. So there is no problem in files. 


Somehow Poweramp cant read all coverarts and select them in big music libraries.

Am i alone in this issue?


Edit: some cover arts looks distorted , i can fix them by manually reselecting cover art with three dots button.

I can take a video of the issue if it helps.


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1 hour ago, djdarko said:

I noticed that right away, it looked better without the outline for sure. Hopefully it wasn't an intentional change.

The fixed waveseek bar image is wrong for Dark skin (default skin image is used) - fixed in 811.

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15 minutes ago, maxmp said:

Planned feature for "Long" category.

Did you give any thought to my suggestion to tweak that new category so it works as 'Length' rather than just 'Long'? i.e. provide the user with a dual-ended slider to optionally set both a minimum and/or a maximum length, rather than just a minimum.

That way the category would become a lot more powerful and could be used to either include or exclude longer files. For example, it could be set to show all songs over 10 minutes long, or all songs under 15 minutes (handy for playing/shuffling regular songs only, excluding any longer podcasts or radio shows, etc) or even show all songs between 5 and 10 minutes if the user happened to want to for some reason.


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@andrewilley I think this (duration range selector) can be a future option for custom categories, where various filters can be created as user desires - based on track / category attributes. 

As for Long category, it's probably better to keep it simple, but with the future optional bookmarking.

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This just in--no matter what version of Poweramp V3 I try to download, this message appears:

Sorry, there is a problem

This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.

Error code: 2C171/1

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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