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  1. lol, that does nothing regarding resolution to my perception. Thanks for the reply though.
  2. Nice skins, do these in any way modify the resolution of the album art display? And if not, could you possibly increase it? I'm quite certain the album art was much higher res in V2 of Poweramp.
  3. As far as I know, that option doesn't exist. Many of us on the forum have been asking for some kind of fade out option. An opacity option would be great, or an option that fades it in and out continually so that you get a mix of both seeing the un-obscured art, and seeing the title at the same time.
  4. @Simsha Are you using CUE files with your MP3s? or are the cue sheets embedded? What happens if you skip into the album, and manually check those songs that are being missed? Also, try updating to version 839.
  5. The new update is cool, I have a few suggestions: Remove the resistance from prev/next list/album swipe. Coupled with the removal of the up/down swipe album change, this makes it extra difficult to change albums without looking at our screen. Is there any intended function of having it resistant in those areas? Would it be possible to make the album change by swiping from the edge and make the song change by swiping from the middle? Also, it would be useful to allow region looping for when adjusting the EQ.
  6. It's an issue of not rendering the cover art in full quality, probably for speed/memory purposes. Take a look here (click for full size images): Poweramp Neutron F-Stop Media Gallery
  7. Your phone is most likely running 32bit Android despite having a 64bit processor. Apparently this is common with phones that have less than 3GB of RAM. My LG Stylo 2 is the same way.
  8. Cool, is there any way to do a fade out (disappear) fade in (re-appear) effect? That would probably be ideal.
  9. Another idea that I have suggested is to make those (as well as the title labels) disappear after a moment, and be triggered to re-show by nudging the artwork.
  10. I've been getting a lot of "Poweramp was killed" crashes lately. I'm not sure if I'm doing something to trigger it, but I even dozed off the other night to see that message on the screen with the album I left playing stopped on the last song.
  11. Do you have it set on the dark theme?
  12. @maxmp Anyone else having this issue? It was definitely black in 828. I'm using an LGLS775
  13. Thanks for the update. After the new update, the NavBar is now white instead of black for the dark theme:
  14. Thanks for the new update. I've noticed that the issue with the track resuming on the wrong song on startup seems to have been fixed in the recent updates. Could we get an option to make the black text boxes over the art opaque?
  15. A while back I added my father to my family group on Google Play, so that he could test Poweramp. Since the app is currently on sale for $1, I decided to remove him from the family group and buy it for his account. Here's the problem: Nothing I do will allow me to buy the Unlocker on his account, it either throws an error message when clicking the purchase button, or it persists to be displayed as part of the "Family Library". I checked other apps I own (which he has never downloaded) such as Minecraft and it displays a normal purchase dialog when clicking on the price. I tried everything, including clearing the cache and uninstalling both Poweramp Trial and the Unlocker, and clearing the cache of all Google Play related apps, and still nothing. Then I even did a factory reset on the phone and it's still showing as part of the "Family Library" which his account is no longer linked to. Even using the browser on my desktop computer it shows this: Is this a bug? Or does it take a certain amount of time for it to take effect that I've removed him from the group?
  16. No worries, Poweramp is loaded with features, it's easy to overlook things. 👍
  17. There already is an option for this: Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI > Rating Type
  18. Damn, I can't read apparently. Hopefully he can figure it out. I think I've seen this happen before on some of my devices, and it usually just takes a bit of time to show up. Try closing and re-opening the Play Store and if that doesn't work, turn the phone off and on again.
  19. Is anything else not showing as owned on the Play Store? You might need to update the Play Store if you just factory restored your phone. To check for the update, go into Play Store Settings, and at the bottom tap on "Play Store version." It should be somewhere around 14.5.20 Afterward, close the Play Store and check again. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock&hl=en_US
  20. I don't know if he clarified this, but that blue Starset screenshot is one that I uploaded some time ago, I think it was from my LG Volt. His device probably has a screen resolution that doesn't currently allow the same scaling. My Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) has a 1920x1080 resolution and the same problem as his screenshots.
  21. Thanks for the new update. Is there any way to see the duration of albums without adding them to a playlist?
  22. Is it possible to modify elements in the skin such as making the labels over the art clear? Or adding texture to the background?
  23. I can confirm. Though I had not tested this in the past few releases.
  24. @maxmp Thanks for the update. Could you add an option to make the labels opaque (like in Alternative Layout) for the standard layout?
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