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  1. @maxmp Did you ever look into adding an option to remove the drop-shadow on the widget? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the updates! Does this include any changes for the widget text drop-shadows?
  3. Congrats, good luck, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Focus on important life things, we'll be here when you return! 👍
  4. The new colors are great, but with so many choices now, it might be easier to put them in order ex. Neon Purple = Purple (Neon) Deep Purple = Purple (Deep) Alt Deep Purple = Purple (Deep) (Alt) Also, colors like "Dark" and "Dark Light" could be "Charcoal" and "Charcoal Light". Just a suggestion!
  5. @maxmp, could you please add an option to remove the widget text drop-shadow? I want to share a large pack of widgets with the forum, but a good amount are unusable due to that drop shadow. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies - Yes, I mean like this: I figure if we can't really hide that info within Poweramp to at least color match it. If it's not possible, that's fine, it was just a suggestion! Also, I asked Max if he could add an option to remove the drop-shadow from the widgets, I noticed that a lot of colors don't appear correct when copied to the widget colors, as it has a forced dropshadow:
  7. One thing I just wanted to add - if this is all memory related, an improvise might be to load the art as it currently is, but re-render/re-draw the art in higher quality when the track is playing more than say 5 seconds?
  8. @mixified @maxmp Sorry if I'm overlooking this, but are these functions currently implemented into Poweramp? API 23 and above <item name="android:windowLightStatusBar">true</item> API 27 and above <item name="android:windowLightNavigationBar">true</item> It would look great to have those icons match the theme colors.
  9. @maxmp Is there a way to toggle the text drop-shadow in the widget? It causes a problem with certain color schemes: Also, there is a small bug where multiple skins can be selected at once:
  10. @Mixified Are the settings for these skins stored somewhere that is accessible by users?
  11. Could you please implement some kind of album art scaler? The cover art render quality is quite low. I've made screen comparison below: (click image for actual quality comparison) (Screenshots taken directly from Poweramp @24bit RBG, F-Stop Gallery and Neutron.)
  12. The cue + click restarts track (off) issues are fixed, thanks! Could you please implement some kind of album art scaler? The cover art render quality is quite low. I've made screen comparison below: (click image for actual quality comparison) (Screenshots taken directly from Poweramp @24bit RBG, F-Stop Gallery and Neutron.)
  13. If anyone is looking for some skin example settings, I've made one for each of the three skins. Skin Settings: https://pastebin.com/TjCtNrdB Matching widgets attached: 4x1 Aurora.json 4x1 Luminous.json 4x1 LuminousBlack.json
  14. When it lowers the volume is it just for a moment or constant? Settings > Audio > Audio Focus Disable "Duck Volume" and see if that has any effect on it.
  15. Thanks, that helps a lot (also I can just hit the X to go back to the UI).
  16. Thanks for the update Max, please look into the bug I mentioned above. Also, please consider this suggestion I have made in the requests section: Peek View
  17. I was just testing the awesome skins that Mixified has made, there are tons of things to adjust which is great, BUT unless I'm missing something, it takes multiple steps to get into the Skin Settings, and a few more to get back to the UI to see the adjustments we've made. Let me count them~ In: ≡ (3 Lines) Settings Look and Feel Skin Skin Settings (you might even need to scroll down first depending on how many skins you have) Find which setting you were last adjusting (might also require scrolling down) Out: Press back button 4 times Doing this multiple times to tweak dozens of settings is a huge chore. Reasonable suggestion: Could we please get a "Peek View" where we swipe left/right within the Skin adjustments screen allowing us to quickly see the screen we were on (Player UI / EQ) etc. without completely leaving the Skin settings?
  18. @Mixified Could you let us know what settings are used on some of your preview images? Or possibly make a few presets within each skin?
  19. Can someone check if this is happening on their device? Settings > Library > Lists Disable "click restarts track". Play a song from an album, then go to the list page, and select another track from the same album. On my device, this glitches the playtime either showing -:-- or a different time, and remains playing the same song. This might only affect CUE based albums.
  20. Agreed, but what about the |< >| album change buttons? Due to Poweramp V3's lack up/down swipe, aren't they still needed?
  21. I just checked out your Aurora skin. Wow! Now that's a great skin! I'll have to check out the Luminous ones too. One question/suggestion: Could you add an option within the Pro buttons to disable the seek << >> buttons? They seem kind of redundant with the seek bar/album swipe being right there. The only time I seem to ever use the << button is to restart a song that I want to hear again, and even that can be done just by dragging the scroll bar to the beginning, or holding the playtime [0:00] display. Either way, thanks! This is my skin of choice from now on!
  22. It's happening for all of them. I can send you one if you'd like.
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