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  1. Duarian

    Equalizer is being disabled at random

    Are you using USB c dongle or headphones by chance?
  2. Duarian

    Equalizer is being disabled at random

    I noticed this happening when I connect my phone to my car for Android Auto. Even though I assigned the preset to every possible device/song/genre in the list.. it still turned off. After I cleared the presets, and applied it again WHILE hooked up to android auto, it seemed to stick. Edit:Nevermind. Hooked it up to Android auto and it turned itself off. Literally every option is marked for equaliser use.
  3. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 820

    Also something I've noticed. My equaliser and 'tone' settings turn off when connected to android auto. Not sure if this has been discussed yet or not.
  4. Duarian

    Collection of bugs happening with Android Auto

    In addition to the above issues, I've also noticed that my equaliser and tone settings turn off when connected to Android Auto.
  5. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 820

    Did you mean to say CAN be worked around, or can't be fixed? Poweramp is the only player I have this issue with sadly. Every other player displays the correct information.
  6. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 820

    Gotcha. Unfortunately that fix is only temporary as one of the settings in Android auto keeps re-enabling itself. Looks like it's a bug though and hopefully max will take care of it.
  7. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 820

    I created a topic on this..but not sure if this is a better place to get responses. My album on my Bluetooth in my car is showing the duration, file type, and equaliser setting and combining artist+album. Any way to get them to display their actual tags instead of the wrong info in Album?
  8. Something odd I've noticed with build 820 is that when I'm on bluetooth. My Album tag simply shows the duration and file type instead of the album. The album/album artist are consolidated into the 'album artist' tag. Pictures shown below (sorry about the quality). Is there maybe a setting somewhere I am missing that would be causing this? I was messing with some Android Auto settings and it seems to have resolved it..but the particular setting shown below keeps turning itself back on. This is a picture of them being combined (incorrect): This is correct: I THINK I was able to achieve the tag separation by toggling an Android Auto setting shown here. The issue is, this setting keeps turning itself back on when I re-connect to bluetooth:
  9. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 820

    Hey Andre, I've already configured it to not 'keep' notification. If you pause from the drop down, it stays no matter what setting you have it on. Edit: nevermind. It's working properly today. Not sure what was going on..
  10. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 820

    I've noticed that when pausing the player from the notification itself - the notification stays until manually dismissed. Is this intended? If I pause from the widget, or the player itself it goes away. Just seems to stay if you pause it from the notification pull down.
  11. Haha yeah, there are other players that simply have a 'play next' option that adds the song to the next in line and will continue with the queue afterwards. Guess I was looking for something similar. I rarely use it but it was nice to have
  12. I'm on build 814 and a little confused how the queue feature works. My understanding was... if I add an album to the queue, and then decide I want to just hear a specific song from a different album that I could just long press on that song and press 'queue'. It would then put this song 'next' in line to be played. Is that not how the Poweramp queue works? I notice it is sending the song to the bottom of the queue which makes sense.. but is there any way to just say 'play next' and then continue on with the playlist/queue?
  13. Duarian

    Android Auto

    Love everything about V3.. just wish it had Android auto so I could stop using two separate players :-(.
  14. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 811

    Poweramps shuffle still baffles me after all these years. I don't quite understand what each one does.. I play music by genre, and would just like to shuffle a specific genre of music. Is there any way to do that? Shuffle all songs simply shuffles all of the music on my phone (as anticipated) The other shuffle categories just seem to shuffle songs by album, and will not move on until said album is complete.. Is there just a simple way, to shuffle all songs in an entire genre without playing other genres?
  15. Duarian

    Poweramp Build 810

    Is there any way to enable the back button on the lock screen widget? I'm on my pixel 2 and currently only have the pause and next track buttons. Love the new update max. Thank you!