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  1. Thanks Max, What would be causing Poweramp to use that much data? I don't stream anything on mobile data...
  2. So I just noticed Poweramp full version unlocker has used almost 650mb of data in a short time.. This doesn't seem normal? Anything I can do to stop it chewing through mobile data?
  3. @maxmp just curious if you've tried casting to the Google home (nest) hub, and minimizing Poweramp on the hub itself? Every time I do it audio just clips and stops playing unless Poweramp is open. this is on the hub, casting to everything else works fine. As long as I leave Poweramp as the 'top' app on the hub it streams. Doesn't matter if I turn the phone screen off or not. As soon as I swipe Poweramp to the background on the hub it seems to clip and just doesn't continue playing audio.
  4. Can you even do that on the nest hub? This isn't an issue with the phone mind you...it's casting to the nest hub itself. Unfortunately I've tried both of those and even cranking the buffer size up to max on Poweramp. Same result. On the nest hub if Poweramp is not open audio is unplayable 😕
  5. I thought this was a hub issue, but every other music player I try this with works flawlessly. When casting to the nest/Google home hub, music plays perfectly as long as the app is on display on the hub itself. However, if I minimize Poweramp on the hub and let the display 'sleep' or go ambient, audio stutters. If the app is active, audio plays fine. I've tested this same process with other music players and music continues regardless of the screen going ambient or not. Has anyone else replicated this or found a solution?
  6. Thanks max! I can also confirm same as Andre the alternate method sadly doesn't solve the cast to AVR problem. I'll keep using the Google home app to cast to that. If you need anything else tested please let me know. I'd love to solve this issue
  7. Good to know! I'm running the TX-NR686. I see he put up a test build with a different streaming method. I'd be interested to try that as well.
  8. Hello, I realize this is probably linked to the older cast version of my Onkyo AVR (it's using 1.28). Poweramp will play music for about 15 seconds, and then disconnect from my AVR. It does work on all of my Google homes.. unsurprisingly. Curious thing is black player streams to the AVR just fine. I realize this isn't Google's cast by a long shot, but when I use black player or even mirror my device using the Google home app I have no issues. Just thought maybe I would report it. I'd love for this to work, but understand that max can't test every possible cast version. I've already bumped up the buffer size to max for Chromecast, the end result sadly is the same.
  9. Is there any way to remove the second 'skip' and 'previous' buttons from the player/widget? I find myself accidentally pressing them and it skips to the next genre...or whatever type I am listening to rather than skipping the song as I intended to do.
  10. It may be...I'm on my pixel 2. I've definitely had to go in and re-enable EQ and tone various times throughout the day. Happens on Bluetooth, headphones, Android auto... The USB C connection may be the source? I haven't been able to pinpoint how or when it happens though...but like the above posts I'll go in and randomly EQ and Tone are disabled.
  11. Are you using USB c dongle or headphones by chance?
  12. I noticed this happening when I connect my phone to my car for Android Auto. Even though I assigned the preset to every possible device/song/genre in the list.. it still turned off. After I cleared the presets, and applied it again WHILE hooked up to android auto, it seemed to stick. Edit:Nevermind. Hooked it up to Android auto and it turned itself off. Literally every option is marked for equaliser use.
  13. Also something I've noticed. My equaliser and 'tone' settings turn off when connected to android auto. Not sure if this has been discussed yet or not.
  14. In addition to the above issues, I've also noticed that my equaliser and tone settings turn off when connected to Android Auto.
  15. Did you mean to say CAN be worked around, or can't be fixed? Poweramp is the only player I have this issue with sadly. Every other player displays the correct information.
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