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Poweramp Build 810


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2 hours ago, Joseph Palm said:

Hello..Alo It would be nice if the cover pictures are stored on the SD card and are also retrieved from it to be the load of the internal memory from the mobile phone. With friendly greeting.joseph

It's not quite clear what you want. You can access the album art that you selected in the filesystem and copy from or into that.


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27 minutes ago, pattrriot said:

Hi guys please I export my playlists to file but I don't know how I can put them back I put import system lybary playlist and nothing hapened

Import System Playlists is for importing playlists from the Android system music player, not for individual files.

Just move the Playlist files that you exported over to a location that Poweramp is already set up to scan, and they will get imported automatically. Alternatively, you could use Settings > Library > Music Folders to select (tick) the location where your playlists were exported to in the first place (normally /Playlists/ in the device's main memory).


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I don't understand I don't want import lybary playlist of mine Android I using Poweramp all time and I was need flash Android ......I did it and I first export playlist lybary to file and now I have this file with name "playlists" on my SD card ....all my music was on SD card and nothing changes nothing in filesystem I only reflash Android and if I try import playlist back to don't must create all my playlist again nothing happen..... I put file with playlist to SD or internal memory I put him even to Android to mxplayer file but nothing...

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@pattrriot if you have playlist with a .m3u or .m3u8 extension, just copy them to a folder on either internal or external memory. The default folder called playlists on internal memory is a good choice. Now open Poweramp, Settings, Library, Music folders. Here you should tick only those folders where your music is AND the playlist folder. Once you click Select Folders,  Poweramp will rescan and your playlists will show.

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