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Crossfade cuts out the beginning of songs


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Please change or add an option to the crossfade feature. I would like the song to automatically crossfade OUT of a song by fading out a song that is already fading out, BUT NOT FADE INTO the next song. Many songs / Most songs start at beat 0 and I don't want it to fade into the beginning of the next song, start it at full volume. Thanks!

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I've been asking for exactly this since 2012!

For some reason the Poweramp team seem completely oblivious to this request.

I'm not a coder, but is it really so difficult to implement?


A link here to another thread about this:



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2 hours ago, GeilerHeinz said:

@maxmp I hope this will include also the option "Only Fade out" for the setting Manual Track Change Fading

Or simply have separate time options for fade out and fade in, from 0s.

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