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  1. Nice! It would also be great if we could edit the lyrics stored on tags for people who prefer to do everything manually instead of using 3rd party apps. Currently I use the computer for this, but it'd be nice to have the ability to do it on the Poweramp app itself.
  2. Nice, didn't expect this update. Working fine for me so far. However, i'm still hoping for editing for Lyrics in Poweramp. I know there are other apps that can do this, but i'd like to see it in Poweramp
  3. You should specify it to not only Artists but All Songs and Albums as well. At least that's what does it for me.
  4. I'd like to see an option in the app itself to edit the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag so i can fix mistakes or add lyrics to songs while in the app. It could br placed in the info/tags area or in the lyrics area when viewing them. However for the latter one, there would have to be an option to only use lyrics via tags.
  5. So as of Build 828 is it not possible to see the lyrics via tags?
  6. Works flawlessly on Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0 with Chromecast 2. It looks great, however i would like to see a toggle on settings to not see black bars on top, bottom and sides of the album art.
  7. So i went back to the latest v2 available on Poweramp's webpage and it seems you're right. (What i showed in the screenshot were not songs, they were albums, so #track does not affect the sorting of the albums but the songs inside them. The prefixes shown in the albums are actually used by the artist himself, which is somewhat useful given that there are multiple albums released every year.) I don't know exactly what is going on. I used to listen to the same music in v2 and it was sorted in the way that i want. So i guess this has turned into a request. Is it possible to add something like a toggle maybe on the 'Lists' submenu? Maybe an option to use something other than ASCII to perform the sorting?
  8. Yes, V2 had numerical sorting. I had the same music when i used v2 and it was sorted numerically.
  9. V3 does indeed support the same sortings as v2 but they work differently or they are bugged. In the image i posted before i show the albums of a certain artist, therefore filenames have nothing to do with the problem, neither do the track #. My problem is when in a list that is sorted by title, and the titles have numbers, numbers like 100 would be between 1 and 2; instead of 100 being after 2, which would align with regular numerical conventions. I personally would like it to function the way andrewilley mentioned before, that is, in the same vein as Windows Explorer, where strings of consecutive numbers are treated numerically for sorting purposes.
  10. I don't know how it can be done, i don't know about coding, but i know it can be done since that's how it worked in v2. I have also seen gallery apps like QuickPic that have a toggle in the settings for things like that. In the screenshot i posted i have it sorted by Year, since this artist has multilple albums are released on the same year Poweramp's second criteria of sorting is by Name.
  11. Can something be done for sorting by title. Currently numbers like 100 appear before numbers like 2 or 42. I think Poweramp is sorting based on the first digit instead of the entire number. I also link an image showing this. This didn't used to be in v2.
  12. Currently we can only search for Lyrics but cannot edit them, which makes it so we have to search for them again if we want to see the lyrics. I don't know how hard it would be to implement this at this point of development, but i think it would be a nice addition.
  13. I think it would not be a drastic change and it would help cause less confusion as i personally always feel a little scared when i press the delete button. With the change from "Delete" to "Remove" i would know immediately if i'm about to delete from storage or removing the song from a playlist.
  14. Can we have a way to add or edit the 'Lyrics' tag inside Poweramp? That way we don't have to resort to other apps to add or edit lyrics to our songs. Bug: When pressing the 'back' button while editing the 'Genre' tag with the expandable menu provided by Poweramp it doesn't close the expandable menu of genres. Instead, pressing the 'back' button with the expandable menu of genres open closes the keyboard and on a second press it closes the Info/Tags window.
  15. I have a little problem here. I'm using a Galaxy S7 Exynos variant on Android 8 and with the 810 build the seekbar stopped being transparent and became white with a black outline. This is how it looks now: And this is how it looked before the update: Even after changing back from the alternative layout i cannot get the seekbar to become transparent. Is there a setting i'm missing or is this how it's supposed to look? I ask because in my opinion the transparent seekbar looks better. Edit: It seems that disabling Static Seekbar makes it become transparent but the problem with that is that i don't have a static seekbar anymore.
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