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  1. please don't forget to add the feature : custom thumbnail on PLAYLIST <3
  2. @maxmp is a bookmark feature possible? example when i listen to an audio book but want to stop to listen to some music and when i click again on audio book it starts where i left?
  3. Restoring the remaining Library / Folder category functions is very important! i need that "last added titles" function. please do more then 200 titles...
  4. before it was always like that: (in Poweramp)-> press menu button -> menu pops up (same as i would tap on the three dots) but with the s7 , samsung moved the "menu" button so when we press menu button it only opens multi window. you can now open the menu when you press (hold) the BACK button (there is no option to change that, shame on you samsung ) it works in internet browser and other apps but when i press BACK button on Poweramp the menu pops for a MILLISECOND and disappears automatically....
  5. Hello, whenever i try to watch a video on browser, youtube or player i got no Audio. This problem only appears when Poweramp runs in Background (when NOT listening to music, i mean the process). When i close power amp with app manager, the audio works again sorry if it is not a bug but i couldn't find anything in the settings...
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