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  1. @Mixified No worries, I'm definitely looking forward to the next update, take your time, I think we're all just glad that you have continued work on these skins! Thank you! About the bug I mentioned, I'm definitely confused, check this out: With these settings, shouldn't the 0:01/3:27 be orange like the accent of the buttons?
  2. I think I might have found an overlooked bug (in all 3 skins): In Font, "Adaptive Elapsed and Duration Time" seems to have no effect. Instead, the "Adaptive Text Color" setting controls the color of those numbers. On a side note, could you add "Adaptive" colors for the rectangle seekbars? The rectangles (to me) look so much better than rounded, but the colors never match.
  3. I've noticed this before, but it's usually temporary. Switch to a different album then back and it might look correct. Also, there was a recent change regarding album art, check the bottom of the "Album Art" options for a parameter called "Increase Resolution".
  4. I hope that's not a bug, it's sorting by the actual filename. FILE "Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon.wav" WAVE This is the setting I've used for years for multi-disc cue albums, so that it sorts them correctly, without mixing the tracks: Artist - Album CD1.cue Artist - Album CD2.cue etc.
  5. Thanks for the new update! Some of the new fonts from Comforta Regular to Righteous, and Fredoka One, seem to be un-centered on the colon ":", which causes the numbers to shift left and right as they run through. Is there a way to fix this? Here is a comparison between Audiowide and the Regular fonts, to show what I'm talking about: Audiowide: Regular (same as default):
  6. @maxmp One other small thing. Even after doing this, each "album artist" shows 2x the total actual playtime. So for example, an artist with 1 album @ 77 minutes, would show 154 minutes under the "Album Artists" section. As it's probably combining the hidden disc image time with the CUE time.
  7. I did some more testing, and I think both issues relate back to having unnecessary tags on my disc images. 1.) Removing the tags fixes issue #2, but issue #1 remains. 2.) Adding the "Album Artist" tag seems to fix both issues. But, should Poweramp be reading the tags on the music images for CUE based albums?
  8. @maxmp I just noticed a couple bugs related to using the Album Artists category. Using CUE files... #1 Show CUE Disc Image Files seems to be ignored under Album Artists category, this does not happen for "Artists". I think this might be dependent on how the my M4A music images are labeled, but I tested removing tags which has the same result. #2 When I click on an album it shows the Artist tag correctly (left image), but when I swipe down (back to the list) it says "unknown artist" (right image). Before, I thought this was an issue with my albums missing the "Album Artist" tag, but I just spent 3 hours tagging all of them, so it's definitely a bug! 😂
  9. Thanks for the continued updates! I wanted to suggest a couple things: Can we get adaptive color for the new seekbar styles? Also, it would be great to have a "static divided" seekbar style.
  10. Thanks for the update, I just got a new phone and a 256GB Micro SD during the previous update, I thought something was terribly wrong with my hardware when I saw it stalling to scan the library. It scans in about 2 minutes now. 👍
  11. I noticed this on some albums with 3000px art. It seems to correct itself after a while.
  12. Can we get the alternating Track/Artist info from V2 back?
  13. Does V3 still have the option to send the Artist info? I just noticed my Onkyo 676 only shows the track title.
  14. I re-ripped all of my albums in 2015 to use CUE files when I noticed that Poweramp was having problems with seamless playback of some of my files, probably due to AAC not being true gapless. I think the problem has since been eliminated as of Poweramp V3, but I've continued to use CUE for a few reasons: 1.) It results in less files on my hard drives, and takes less time transferring to my phone, probably due to indexing. (kind of like how transferring 10,000 .txt files (totalling 1mb) would take a long time.) 2.) When using a CUE, you can modify the track start times, so if an album is mastered in a way that a track stats with a unintended "blip" from the previous track, you can just edit the CUE to start the track a few frames later and fix the problem. 3.) I've got bad OCD about labeling my tracks, so if I fix something in the tagging I find the need to also fix the file names to match, which results in double renaming for every track. Using CUE eliminates that aside from naming the artist/album file name itself.
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