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  1. djdarko

    Not playing FLAC files correctly

    A cue is an index file that tells the player where each track begins in an album that is written as a single audio file. Check your folder, does it just have one flac? or separate flacs for each track?
  2. djdarko

    Not playing FLAC files correctly

    Weird, one more thing to try: De-select your flac music folder, and select a random folder (an empty folder is ok), re-scan, you'll have 0 flac tracks. Then re-select your flac folder, and do another full re-scan. This will completely re-fresh your library. It sounds strange, but I believe this worked before when someone had a similar problem.
  3. djdarko

    Not playing FLAC files correctly

    Try this: Settings > Library > Ignore Short Tracks Don't ignore - include all (it's at the very top, you might have to scroll to see it) Then do a full re-scan.
  4. djdarko

    Scrolling in lists too fast

    I just tested this in a playlist of 99 files. The speed changes depending on how far (high/low) you drag the track. I think it could use some tweaking though. @maxmp I found what appears to be a bug: Go to the very bottom of the playlist, and then drag any file from that area upward, it scrolls at full speed no matter how careful you are to only nudge the placement.
  5. djdarko

    Nav bar transparent.

    Personally, I want a hidden navbar because it will give a cleaner look to the UI, as it did in Poweramp V2. With this exception I'm satisfied with the default skins. I just tested this feature on your YAPS and it doesn't seem to work, it makes the Poweramp navbar clear but doesn't affect the Android navbar:
  6. djdarko

    Nav bar transparent.

    Agreed, it's one feature I've been waiting for.
  7. djdarko

    Simplified album artist image selection

    That would be great!
  8. djdarko

    Simplified album artist image selection

    I guess I didn't explain it clearly, it would select the art from the album you are currently looking at. It could also keep the old style if you need to do something more advanced, such as selecting a specific image that's not part of your cover images, but this would be to make it much easier for basic used. There would be far less steps doing this, especially for 100+ artists. Starting from the list screen: Old way - 7 Steps 1. 3 Dots 2. Image 3. Pick from Gallery 4. Select Common Folder (SD Card / Music) 5. (Scroll through list, find folder) Click Artist Folder 6. Click Album Folder 7. Click cover.jpg Proposed new way (from example two) - 2 Steps: 1. 3 Dots 2. -> Set Artist Image I hope that makes sense.
  9. Sometimes it's nice to set the artist image as a specific album: newest, best, most iconic etc. but doing so generally takes several steps going into the SD Card / file system menu, I can imaging some users don't even realize that the possibility exists. Would it be possible to simplify this by either adding a simple + button in the album page, or an extra option in the 3 dots menu? Probably too cluttered to do this: This would probably work better:
  10. djdarko

    Gradient Album Art Option

    I was gonna say the same thing. It seems like a simple enough effect that it could be implemented, afterall the cover arts are already running through some kind of filter that makes the corners round, so it would probably just be a matter of modifying an effect switch there. But, it would probably affect the album art everywhere, just like the rounded edge effect does.
  11. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 816

    @maxmp Regarding album art, one small problem I've noticed is that some art will have a grey edge where there is none in the actual jpg. For example here, it can be seen on the top left and bottom right. Click into full image to see it.
  12. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 816

    I think it was a reported error from a while back with V3, I don't normally use MP3 so, I had not noticed it again until now.
  13. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 816

    22050 hz 64 kbps MP3 CBR joint stereo
  14. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 816

    Low bitrate mp3 (audiobooks) are still stopping after every file.
  15. djdarko


    A simple workaround for this would be adding [EXPLICIT] to the end of the track title. But, as others have mentioned, people will then want further options based on this tag. I can already suggest having the text colored for such tracks (red/yellow).