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  1. djdarko

    show track number and disc number

    For the track counter I think you're looking for this option in settings: Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI Show Track Counter It will appear center beneath the album art.
  2. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 814

    Welcome to the club! Joking aside, Max said it didn't happen on his own devices either, maybe it will now and he'll be able to fix the bug for everyone.
  3. I managed to sideload V3 build 813, it works, but the interface doesn't allow selecting all of the buttons with the remote. For example, the main player UI Play/Pause button isn't accessible. It's probably something Max would need to enable.
  4. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 814

    @maxmp I noticed a possible bug that I don't think was there before. When you open the player, then pause the song, and then swipe Poweramp away. Look back at the widget, after a couple seconds it will glitch and say <<no song loaded yet>>, then it will return to the info as before. It happens every time on multiple devices.
  5. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 814

    Thanks for the update, checking it out now. @maxmp I just got an Nvidia Shield, it shows as incompatible from my browser, is there any way to install Poweramp to that system? Edit: Managed to sideload V3 build 813 on my Shield, it works, but barely as a lot of the buttons aren't usable without touch control.
  6. I just setup the Nvidia Shield, according to the Google Play store Poweramp is incompatible. @maxmp Is there any way to make the app compatible?
  7. I just purchased an Nvidia Shield and was wondering if Poweramp V3 will be compatible with that system? Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, I'm unsure if that is actually an Android based system or not.
  8. djdarko

    Locking Current Visualisation

    Yes, you need to tap that symbol in the upper right until it becomes the lock symbol.
  9. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 812

    How? What's different? What's worse?
  10. Check out some of the free skins, this for example: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15556-free-Poweramp-v3-skin-default-dark/?page=1
  11. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 812

    Message sent.
  12. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 812

    @maxmp I just tested OPUS + CUE files again, the timing is still off on these. The tracks basically start a bit too late. Also, the waveform display looks very different compared to AAC or lossless. You might add it to your to-do list. If you need test files let me know.
  13. djdarko

    How to go back to V2?

    Strange, it must be incompatible. What phone are you using exactly?
  14. For getting back to the player you need to tap the song on the navbar at the bottom. Note: You can set that to never hide Settings > Library > Lists Static Navbar Also, for the progress bar, try this free skin https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15556-free-Poweramp-v3-skin-default-dark/?page=1
  15. djdarko

    Poweramp Build 812

    I think it also had per artist album as an option, haven't really messed with it though.