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  1. Is there a gesture (up/down swipe) to change the album like before? That was one thing I really liked about Poweramp over other players.
  2. New interface seems cool, I think you should add an option for rounded/square corner art, and remove/change the title display over the artwork. Cue parsing is gone/buggy. My test album showed up on first startup, but without artwork, then after rescan it causes craziness, no artwork/missing track titles (tracks with various numbers ex. 178640) and tracks jumping around with odd timing. Cue albums can only be played as whole using the "Show cue disc image files" option. Looking forward to checking out future updates.
  3. I just woke up from a bizarre dream where among many other things, the new Poweramp was actually released. It was delivered in a personalized mini envelope (the Valentines Day card kind) attached to my fridge by a pink and red heart-shaped magnet. Poweramp itself was contained within an SD card inside the envelope. Everybody around me was excited and in disbelief that it was actually released. I hopped out of bed and quickly came here hoping it might be some kind of sign lol.
  4. Looking forward to the update, I would love to be part of the beta test. I can extensively test single file + cue albums, and I'm pretty good at finding bugs in software.
  5. Out of curiosity, what audio file format are you using with your cue files? I tested numerous players including Neutron and found that the cue timing for many formats was offset, where tracks would start too soon or too late.
  6. Stellio has come a long way, the UI looks great, especially with skins, but the playback needs work, for example it is not "gapless" even using flac files. I submitted what I found to their contact page.
  7. Follow the controls marked "^" This might depend on how you purchased Poweramp and how you installed the Beta version. If you purchased Poweramp on Google Play, and installed the Beta APK from the Poweramp forum, just uninstall Poweramp, and re-install the version from Google Play.
  8. Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders You should see a screen like this, where you can select which folders you want Poweramp to scan:
  9. I can just picture Max working at the coding screen while listening to this song from Real Genius on repeat: This is assuming he's working and not on vacation.
  10. Is there any way to hide the android navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen? Using Poweramp 2.0.10-build-588-play
  11. The new Poweramp images look interesting, I would prefer to try it out before making any conclusions. I do hope that the text over the album covers aren't static and only appear for a moment, and that the rounded corners and optional. Out of boredom, I created a mockup of some of the albums on my phone without those text boxes: (Note, one of the covers would be considered NSFW or risque, but because the "Operator" image we've been posting here is risque itself, I didn't think anyone would care.) http://imgur.com/a/HasfB
  12. I think the seek bar is the waveform display on the bottom. It's just as pointless for Max to give an ETA as it is for us to ask for one. Everytime they state one, it gets pushed back a month or two. Maybe if we stop talking about the release date, it might actually get released.
  13. @andrewilley Would it be possible to add us to a mailing list, and just send out a mass letter to inform us of important news, or when the update is released? It would help most of us to relax and forget about the update until something relevant happens.