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  1. My friend is also having exactly same problem with me in his android head unit. I really don't know why we are having this problem. Maybe because our head units using an old Android version.(6.0.1). As I said in the topic linked, our music files don't have problems about tags. We can see cover art and other tags of all our music files by using mediaplayers and tag editors in our computer & in our head units. I don't know why but when we do a 'full scan' we can't see cover arts of some random songs. I can record a long video of this issue in my car with all details if it hel
  2. Any news about 'Cover Art Issue in Android Head units' ([All Versions] Cover Art Issue (Car - Android Head Units)) ?
  3. @maxmp Is there anything I can do for speeding up error correction process? I'll gladly help.
  4. Sometimes when I change music with using 'Next Song', 'Prev Song' hardware buttons in my car Poweramp selects or unselects controls on screen. I uploaded 2 photos to describe the problem. As you can see in one of the photos Poweramp selected bars. Sometimes It can select cover art, background, bars, buttons on the bottom section. Is there any option to fix this in settings?
  5. No, I'm also using Poweramp in my Android Head unit. I didn't encounter this problem. I think It's not about Poweramp.
  6. First of all I must say that Poweramp is far best music player for Car Android Head Units. I'm really happy with using Poweramp in my car. But, there is a small issue about cover arts. My music library is on a Usb Stick(512gb) which is connected to android head unit with OTG cable.(Like most android head units). I have fairly big music library. My music library format: ... \Music Library\Artist1\Folder.jpg (Artist cover art) \Music Library\Artist1\SongTitle1.mp3 \Music Library\Artist1\SongTitle2.flac ... \Music Library\Artist2\Folder.jpg (Artist cov
  7. I'm also using Poweramp on a PX5 type (MTCD) android head unit and I have nearly 200gb(in 256gb Usb Stick ) music library I don't have that problem. -Maybe Poweramp selected your micro SD card 2 times under "Music Folders" option and so it tries to scan sd card 2 times. -Maybe your headunit have a hardware problem that makes access your SD card slow or interrupted sometimes.
  8. I just want to make an important update to my bug report. I installed Android emulator in my computer and I fully upload my music library to Android emulator. I installed Poweramp on emulator and made a full library scan. Poweramp successfully displayed every single album art of songs in my huge music library! So there is nothing wrong about IDtags of songs and there is nothing wrong about Poweramp library scan function. I think problem is when Poweramp is making a full library scan on my headunit if usb or sdcard connection goes down or Poweramp cannot access some mus
  9. Same problem here. Lenovo Vibe P1 Android 8.1 (AOSP Extended Custom Rom) After I install Poweramp I can't play any videos on chrome browser. Whenever i press play it plays like 1 millisecond and than automatically pauses. If i uninstall Poweramp => problem solves.
  10. I have a test music library like this. My Music Library/Artist 1/A.flac My Music Library/Artist 1/B.flac My Music Library/Artist 1/C.flac My Music Library/Artist 2/A.flac My Music Library/Artist 2/B.flac My Music Library/Artist 2/C.flac My Music Library/Test.m3u Test.m3u contents : Artist 2/B.flac When I play this "Test.m3u" playlist in Poweramp it plays "My Music Library\Artist 1\B.flac" file. Why?
  11. I also have a big music library (10.000+ songs) and I have same problem. Android 6.0.1
  12. @andrewilley @maxmp I just edited my post and added more details with photos.
  13. Yes. For example the song I attached; If I upload only this song to my phone, I can see cover art. If I upload only this song to my Android head unit, I can see cover art. If I upload my whole library including this song to my Android head unit, I can't see cover art of this song. I really can't see any logic behind this problem. Elle King - Where The Devil Dont Go.mp3
  14. First of all i'm a software engineer and when I encounter problems like this most of the time i can figure out source of the problem. I think I find out a strange bug with Poweramp and I can't understand why this is happening so i'll give every detail i find out about this problem for making it easy to understand for who those interested. I'm using Poweramp with my phone (Android 8.1) and android head unit(Android 6.0.1) in my car. I have a big music library(~150gb) and all of the music files have proper ID3v2.4 tags which has Title,Artist and Front Cover/Album Art images. These tags crea
  15. @maxmp Oh my god. I tried latest version with my car android head unit and it works flawlessly. I'm really happy because i really love Poweramp and i want to use it in my car but this problem was a big deal breaker. Thank you very much !
  16. Users of car android head units who wants an option like "Stop responding media keys when Poweramp closed" continues to crying with this update ;(
  17. You should know that after every release you make without "Stop responding media buttons when Poweramp closed." option in settings, someone with car android head unit crying like childs in somewhere ;(
  18. In my music library i have a folder for every artist and songs are in these folders. Every music has cover art embedded on them and every folder also has folder.jpg file. (My library has thousands of artist folders). When i do a fullscan nearly %10 of songs cover arts looks empty when i play them. I have to select embedded or folder.jpg manually on them by using three dot button under the cover art. It looks like these %10 of song are random. I am %100 sure that all of my songs have proper embedded cover arts. If i remove all of my music library and only leave the ones t
  19. I have exact same problem. There should be a setting in options like "Poweramp stop responding media keys when closed" for android car users. It should be an easy task. When user enables this option => if user closes Poweramp completely Poweramp shouldnt respond any media key like play command until user reopens Poweramp. This will make Poweramp usable in all android car media units. Lastly what i dont get is Poweramp v2 didnt have this problem. Everything was working perfectly. What is changed in Poweramp v3?
  20. Can we have an option in settings like "stop responding media keys when Poweramp closed" This is real deal breaker in Android car head units.
  21. I have to ask something about latest version and i don't know if it's a bug or not. My all mp3 files have album arts embedded in them and i can see all album arts on media players on Pc and other media players on Android. But with Poweramp after i do full rescan library i can't see album arts of some songs. When i'm playing song album art looks empty. But if i press three dots under empty album art and select 'album cover' => it shows and empty album cover on left and the correct album cover on right. If i select the album cover it works as intended. My question is
  22. Seekbar is not showing anything on some of my musics. It just shows a flat line. (If i can remember which songs, i ll update this post & ll send them for investigation)
  23. In settings there should be an option like "Completely shut down & stop reacting media buttons when Poweramp closed." Currently Poweramp V3 is nearly unusable with car android head units. In these headunits there is an application called "A2DP" for playing music from phones over bluetooth connection. If you try to open this application when Poweramp V3 is installed => A2DP instantly closes and Poweramp starts playing automatically. There is no way to open A2DP application. Same thing happens in different way if you try to use Radio application of head units. In setting
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