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YAPS goes where no other skin has gone before

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Thx for your hard work. And I had to work hard as well. Configuring it, especially if you're not familiar, takes a ton of time, but well worth it. Is its configuration stored within PAs settings backup files?

Bug? White transparency play button broken. It results in a gradient. I had to pick grey transparent. 

Can I make the inactive button color more distinct? EDIT: Found it. 


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1 hour ago, flyingdutchman said:


let me lnow if this has fixed the layout


EDIT: Removing and revising my original post. I realized I provided a screenshot of the Poweramp build info rather than the Yaps skin build info. I did confirm that it's showing on v209 for the skin.

I see no change in behavior. Are there any settings I need to change? The artwork is still large and cropped, and the track counter is still sitting on top of the track/title text.



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8 minutes ago, slizzap said:

I'm also assuming I don't need to make any settings changes to get the album artwork to shrink like in your first picture.

Best to set all to default. this may correct it. Better still, uninstall yaps, select the default Poweramp skin, then reinstall yaps

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13 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

Best to set all to default. this may correct it. Better still, uninstall yaps, select the default Poweramp skin, then reinstall yaps

Here's what I did in order: reset all Yaps skin settings to defaults, switched back to default Poweramp skin, closed the app, uninstalled Yaps, reopened Poweramp to confirm it was no longer showing Yaps as a selectable skin, closed Poweramp, reinstalled Yaps, reopened Poweramp, turned on the Yaps skin and made no settings changes at all. Behavior was still the same. Are there any specific settings I should be playing with? Let me know if there's any other information you'd like to gather.


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2 minutes ago, flyingdutchman said:

@slizzap as I indicated, your albumart is far too large. You cannot have a "side to side" display for a square graphic 

Are you referring the size of the embedded album artwork in the FLAC file, or are you referring to a setting within Poweramp or Yaps?

I'm not sure if you're saying there's nothing that can be done about my setup here, or if there's a settings change I still need to make. It appears that you may have corrected it with the first picture in this post.

Referring back to the 2nd picture of this previous post from me, the default skin is apparently scaling the artwork automatically on its own when in split screen view.

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2 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

@slizzap  either your embedded albumart is too big or your your scaling setting in yaps is set too high

Can you please point me to the setting you'd like me to adjust? Either I'm not making the correct adjustment, or it's just not making any change on my side. The album artwork on every single FLAC file I have is 600x600. However, I wouldn't expect this to be a factor as the default skin doesn't seem to have any issues with scaling when in split-screen view.

Here are some new screenshots in case this helps:

1) Yaps skin all defaults - normal view


2) Yaps skin all defaults - split-screen view (Note: Album art cropped on top and bottom)


3) Settings changes attempted in Yaps skin: scale album art -> moved both sliders to lowest possible value


4) Changes seen in normal view (Note: Album art shrunk in size with extra space surrounding)


5) Changes seen in split-screen view (Note: Album art shrunk in size with extra space surrounding, but same amount of cropping still occurring)


6) Switched over to default Poweramp skin (Note: Album artwork scaled down properly, full album art displaying)


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6 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

@slizzap not sure why the display does not behave as it should. Did you try and use diferent albumart or even no albumart?. 

I did not.

Thinking it might have something to do with resolution switching, I did try closing Poweramp, enabling split-screen view, then reopening Poweramp. This would ensure the application started in the reduced resolution, but this had no effect. In split-screen view I can switch back and forth between the default skin and Yaps, and Yaps will crop the artwork while the default skin is shrinking it down properly.

If you think there is value in trying a music file with no artwork or a reduced size artwork, or if there are any other suggestions, I can do that later today.


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