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  1. Edit: OMG - SOLVED. Forgot about the option to add casting to the main menu 🤦 Currently we can only hit the cast button while in a track. It should already be possible on higher levels, before playback. But now I am in a list and want to play in shuffle order. So what I do is 1. start a track from list, 2. stop it. Now I am in track view. 3. Connect to CC. 4. Hit "next track" (which picks a random track). thx
  2. I wouldn't complicate it and ask Poweramp for album analysis etc. Just use trackgain if some track level shuffling mode is on. That would already be a decent step forward.
  3. Yes. On all Shuffles. Reasonable and easy to implement.
  4. I replied in that thread. fb2k/Android has it builtin. If on headphones, my options currently are a) using fb2k/Android or b) putting crossfeed into the converter chain when creating files for my smartphone. But I do not do b), because smartphone also fuels Chromecast Audio. Listening to full stereo width audio on headphones is a no-no to me. Maybe dev is afraid of the more audio signal targeted programming and PA is more of an UI for native playback functions. But I guess there'd be libraries for realtime crossfeed processing. Personally, I am not after perfect listening room simulation. Just softening the exhaustively strong stereo signal coming over headphones, if tracks have it.
  5. Why are you dependent on native Android implementations? Since crossfeed is in so many old devices / open firmware projects (I remember Sandisk Sansa community firmware) I reckon there's open libraries for the crossfeed algo. It is so much a must-have for a player which fuels headphones. Foobar2000/Android has it builtin. IMO a terrible GUI, but he really never was talented with UI- but my ears need it when listening via headphones.
  6. Threadjacking alert! Perfect time for anybody to support me on "RG Trackgain when shuffling" option. Album gain by design hits loudness down harder (which is what is wanted), but it makes no sense on shuffling material from different albums. As for OP question, I was also thinking, RG or DVC may be the cause.
  7. This should be a simple option. BTW, Foobar2000 supports it natively meanwhile. It is called "By playback order". Because using album gain does not make sense when shuffling (cross-album material).
  8. I see it now. The confusing part is, if you continuously tap the shuffle button, it always uses the same folder, only start track differs. Picked folders on the same level (and not parent) simply because of unwanted folders on same level.
  9. Here I present it. Behaviour now fine, but after change of option, it is not.
  10. I solved it. Folders were added to the library not by choosing their parent folder, but individually. I now added them to library via their common parent dir, now it works as expected. EDIT Except, with the following option OFF, it still plays from one single folder. "Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy."
  11. Option already was on. So I described the behaviour. With that option OFF: it plays always ONE same folder from somewhere in the middle of the folder structure (Klassik/Rautavaara/Cantus Arcticus/). The only randomness is in which of the 3 tracks it picks.
  12. See attachments. I have 4 folders on top level. When I press the Shuffle button, it only plays from rhe first folder. Could be related to that old bug, where it didn't take folders with upper case letters into account.
  13. I've set above option to on. Still, if I use the EQ or the 2 tone knobs, their changes are applied to the audio signal. On Chromecast Audio. Poweramp on play store, beta branch.
  14. Hi, there should be an additional replaygain option: - Apply album gain, but use trackgain if shuffling. Because it makes a lot of sense 😊 Poweramp already has a useful shuffle related option (crossfade), so this would be another one. Was possible in fb2k as well (with an addon). Tia, best wishes...
  15. Bad news. At the second track, and then at the start of every track, after a few seconds there's 2 seconds of silence. Buffer is 1800ms
  16. Hi, on Chromecast with GoogleTV Google displays track information in the bottom left, same place where PA shows information. thx
  17. It's working afaics, many thanks! Played a whole track w. no problem.
  18. PA + Chromecast with GoogleTV does not work in an AT ALL manner, no matter what buffer sizes, audio rates etc you set. It's something different. Often starts with a few seconds of silence, then plays 2 seconds, then 10 seconds silence... The counter on PA side just halts while silent.
  19. Exactly the same here. I'm just at the beginning of my bugfind journey. Any news on your side?
  20. Don't do it, it's not worth it. a) Still weird playback, b) TotalCommander Android fails at some point, c) now I have 50 percent lowercase folders, ugly. I accept the button to not work.
  21. I will rename all folders and subfolders to lowercase, ugly, but I hope it works. Will report back.
  22. It's still exactly as I described. Have a folder "Hello" with subfolders in it and a folder "00" beside the Hello folder. Go into Hello, press play and it plays 00 contents instead Hello subfolders.
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