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  1. Don't do it, it's not worth it. a) Still weird playback, b) TotalCommander Android fails at some point, c) now I have 50 percent lowercase folders, ugly. I accept the button to not work.
  2. I will rename all folders and subfolders to lowercase, ugly, but I hope it works. Will report back.
  3. It's still exactly as I described. Have a folder "Hello" with subfolders in it and a folder "00" beside the Hello folder. Go into Hello, press play and it plays 00 contents instead Hello subfolders.
  4. Thanks, playback not fixed yet 😑
  5. Crossfeed is a must have. I use fb2k when listening through headphones, because some albums stereo separation is just terrible for the ears.
  6. Yes, observed the sorting thing as well. I disagree about the depth of folders. I found it: Play button works as expected only inside folders which start with a lowercase character or number! Please have a look! I. e. if a folder starts with a capital letter, PA plays something else, as already described.
  7. An observation: it now always plays "05 Sweet Exorcist" track. It's displayed on top of the "_Diverse" folder. After restore settings it always plays "Freeman Hardy" track as shown before. It is now also on top of that folder. Both files are in the library in both cases.
  8. Same behaviour on vanilla Poweramp.
  9. *sigh*, yes, I'm doing this. Will see after the scanning if it works out. Will have a close look on every setting then.
  10. Issue still exists in the last two betas. I still don't get why the play button mostly plays stuff outside the visible scope instead of subfolders. I wonder if nobody else has this problem.
  11. Please watch the video. It plays the exm folder as expected. All others which I tested it does not. I forgot to include sound, but you can see, most of the time it starts playing that "Freeman Hardy..." track. Instead of playing tracks inside the visible scope.
  12. Ok, inconsistent behaviour. I set playback to "advance list" at another place, which is clunky. Then I use that play buttons. In most cases it insists on playing back stuff from a higher hierarchy, in rare cases it plays as expected from the first visible subfolder.
  13. That Play button is unusable for me. I'd say it's bugged. It plays all files in that category level. Not playing files from subfolders. If only subfolders are present, it plays files from a higher level, which is unexpected and confusing.
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