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  1. Would like to see an option to set like a default action for "Add to Playlist". So like if I were to set the default to Add to End, then whenever I select Insert at Start, it would automatically switch the action back to Add to End for the next time I'm adding to a playlist. It would save me the inconvenience of switching it back after or prevent me from messing up a bunch of playlists if I forgot. Thank you.
  2. Oh, I see, thank you for clarifying. Another option I'd like to see would be if it also displayed the image that is currently being used (i.e. whether embedded or in-folder image is being used or other previously applied image (from gallery, etc.).) The latter would be especially useful so I could know exactly which albums I still need to apply high-res images to.
  3. @Ash Roarshock Perhaps it may help if you elaborate on the steps you to get to the select album art screen (i.e. Now Playing screen > menu button/long-press album art > album art| or |Library > Artists > [selected artist] > [selected album] > long press track > album art| etc.). I've noticed that, for instance, if you go |Library > Artists > [selected artist] > [selected album] > long press track > album art| both "also use for: [selected artist] artist image" and "in folder image" options are available. But if you go |Library > Artists > long-press [selected album] > album art| or |Library > Artists > [selected artist] > [selected album] > album screen menu button > album art| the above mentioned options are not available. This has been the case (at least for me, Samsung Galaxy S5 G900W8 Marshmallow 6.0.1) for quite a while now. Probably should've reported it as a bug a while ago lol. So, perhaps the steps u took to get to the album art screen are related to the issue ur having. Just thought I'd mention it as @andrewilley cannot recreate the issue. I haven't updated yet so I'm not having @Ash Roarshock 's album art issue either.
  4. My device (used in screenshot from 1st post) is a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900W8. I'll attach a screenshot of my device's screen specs (courtesy of @flyingdutchman).
  5. That would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to recreate a similar seekbar with yaps but didn't mave much luck. I really like the vast portfolio of customization your skin has to offer, and adding tbis seekbar would be a huge plus. In regard to the position of it, what exactly do you mean by "centred vertically behind the play buttons"? (I know it sounds straight forward but just wanted clarification (i.e. do u mean the entire waveseek+seekbar or just 1 or the other, etc.)) I like the positioning of the the waveseek in relation to the play buttons as shown in the screenshot. The play buttons don't obscure very much of the waveseek (even less so when playing) and don't cover any of the actual seekbar either. This makes seeking easy and provides a visual it as ur doing so (via the static waveseek) as the buttons don't get in the way. I should mention, in the screenshot, the song was paused at the 0:56 mark (song is 3:14 long). I did so to show what the lapsed part of the waveseek + seekbar look like. Anyways, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my request and am excited to see what you'll come up with.
  6. I'm looking for a skin with a seekbar like the one in the image below. It jas the simple seekbar running through the center of the static waveseek bar. The screenshot is of Andrew G.'s Poweramp v3 skin minimalist dark skin. It's a nice skin but, it hasn't been updated since July 5, 2020. Other newer skins that are still being maintained are really nice but the only thing keeping me from switching over is the seekbar. So, I'm hoping skin devs can add this seekbar to their skins. Thank you.
  7. Would be nice if the album art menu for tracks/artists/playlists/etc. would display the image that Poweramp is currently using (i.e. If one had previously been chosen from library, if it could display it the way it does for embedded covers & in-folder images, or if the current image in use is embedded or in-folder, if it could indicate so.)
  8. Would be great if there were a way to select all iteams between 2 iteams, akin to shift+select in Windows on PC. Like if you could long-press to select one list entry, scroll down to another entry and long-press that entry to select all entries between the two (including the latter entry), then scroll to another entry and do the same (leaving a group of entries unselected between 2 groups of selected entries) or if you were to long-press that entry (3rd one pressed) select all between it and the last manually sected iteam. Would save tones of time if this functionality could also be used to rearrange multiple playlist entries as well.
  9. I have the same issue after updating to build 909 (haven't updated to 910 yet) from 905 (I think). I have not tried the parametric eq yet. Only presets that I still have are the ones I made that weren't from a backup. The only 1 from a backup that I still have is the one I was using when when I updated which is now <default preset>. Unsure if I still have presets that were assigned to specific songs (it shows a S beside <default preset> but the db values & sliders for graphical eq remain unchanged. The only difference is the S beside <default preset>.) I've tried to restore from a backup but when I try to via Poweramp settings, the Poweramp settings backup files cannot be found. If I open the same file explorer (not via Poweramp), the backup files are there. Though, if I try to open those files from the file explorer app using "open with" and selecting Poweramp, nothing happens, it just launches Poweramp (I didn't expect it to work anyways). I can create new Poweramp settings backups but cannot restore any. Even the new ones created after updating to 909 don't show up when trying to restore (they show up in file explorer app like the older backups do, just not when launched via Poweramp.) Hope this makes sense. Build-909-arm32-play [909002-ca09aec2] Full version 32 bit Samsung Galaxy S5 G900W8 Marshmallow 6.0.1
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