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  1. It's a compliment. He's saying he likes your skins. In that context "sick" (slang), means "good". He's not saying that your skins literally make him sick.
  2. I believe it's an Android thing. I've never been able to install previous versions of apps, always had to uninstall then install older version. With system apps u have to "uninstall updates" then install the apk.
  3. I have a lot of lower quality audio files (.MP3) saved into playlists and recently begun downloading higher quality versions (.FLAC). It's my understanding that playlists are save entries as the file's directory. Example (2 entries): /storage/3234-6463/Music/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo/17 Facts (Charlie Heat Version).mp3 /storage/3234-6463/DatPiff/mixtapes/m6eaa8aa/11773275.mp3 What I was hoping for was a way to change the first playlist entry to a different file: /storage/3234-6463/Music/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo [Flac]/Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo/18 Facts (Charlie Heat Version).flac And to do that to all my playlists automatically as it would take me forever to do it myself (I have 877 playlists). Usually I'd just rename the better quality file as the exact same as my lower quality version and replace the low quality file, and adjust the metadata if necessary (album artist, etc.) to avoid fixing playlists. But I can't do that if the file extension is different. Thank you.
  4. Please add a confirmation ('Are you sure you want to clear Queue?") when clearing queue. I keep accidentally pressing it, usually when using the scrollbar (I don't use alphabetical scroll), while selecting/rearranging tracks. Thank you.
  5. Please bring back the ability to search/"filter" within playlists. Most of my playlists are hundreds of songs so it was a very helpful feature in build 709 (not 100% sure if it was in v2, but I think it was.) Thank you
  6. Ok, I understand. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't the functionality of Poweramp's queue be added to a queue such as Samsung Music's by simply adding a "Play Next" option when selecting songs, etc. to be added to queue?
  7. Google Play Music also uses a queue similar to Samsung Music I believe. I attached a screenshot of Google explaining how to add songs to it's queue, the main thing I want you to get from it is: "You can quickly add... music to your Google Play Music Queue—the list of songs you'll be listening to next."
  8. A queue is supposed to be essentially a "now playing" list. If you are playing a playlist, the queue should be that playlist, and if you were to start playing an album, the queue should change to that album. If u have a samsung, Samsung Music is a great example of how a queue should be, and also shows the queue on the Player UI— which I believe is what Pula was initially requested, correct me of I'm wrong. The current queue in Poweramp doesn't really serve much of a purpose when you compare it to a playlist, but a playlist doesn't serve the all the same functions as a "now playing" list would. Is this all making sense? I'm not 100% sure if I explained it very well or not.
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