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  1. So what happens if you wait say 5 or even 10 minutes after a reboot before you access PA? Not that you would do this regularly, but just to confirm the theory about delayed access.
  2. I could understand cleaning up the art display on the Now Playing page, but on the headers this is more for a quick recognition than for admiring the covers. If the info you suggest is moved below, it reduces the space for the rest of the list, and that I suspect would generate far more complaints.
  3. So as I said before, keep the AlbumArtist tag intact and displayed with the Album, even when using the split//separated Artist as the list or search term.
  4. If you don't want your AlbumArtist to be split, then simply don't include a separator in that tag.
  5. @Absinthequ I am not sure where you are going with your thoughts. The AlbumArtist tag wouldn't change, and I agree with that. In your example, this would always be "Simon & Garfunkel" for all of their albums. And in Poweramp or any other player the AlbumArtist is what should be displayed when looking at the Album. Poweramp has many user options to let you choose how you display these Artist and AlbumArtist tags depending on how you have tagged your library. I'm sure there are as many ways users have done this as have downloaded Poweramp! Personal preferences reign here. The Artist tag
  6. This is exactly the reason AlbumArtist tags exists. It defines the unique title of the Album by an Artist. And it ensures that libraries with the same Album names by different Artists are listed separately. (I have Big Ones, Faith, Fallen, etc. as examples) And while there are still likely a few COMPLETE album collaborations that may see a need for splitting those tags as well, the much more common reality is the Artist tag needing to be split. This Artist list is where I would expect to find all those songs you mention by artists like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Dre, and others that often perform
  7. @Fitzian 👍 I thought you had a secret that would have made my Millenia!
  8. Are you using m4a/ALAC for compatibility with iTunes? How do your genres look there? I didn't think it supported multiple genres but wish it would.
  9. There is another app by the dBpoweramp team (unrelated to Poweramp) that does this specifically for mobile platforms called TuneFUSION that also works very well. I believe it is currently for Windows only.
  10. Yes, very aware of mp3tag as it is my prefered tagging software. But the point was more about the player support. LMS isn't exactly mainstream, and certainly doesn't apply to mobile platforms.
  11. What desktop app has this down correctly, and given the multiple use cases requested, which is addressed? Other than the current applied tag standards of AlbumArtist and Artist, I don't think there are too many mainstream examples. There are some tagging apps that do correctly allow adding multiple Artist tags, as per the standard. But support from actual media players is sadly lacking to display and sort them beyond the first tag. And there are none that I am aware of on any mobile platform as of yet. I'm sure if it was as easy as you suggest, it would be done and published already. I'll
  12. @TheDoc I think there have been several responses to your dislike of the wave seekbar from your previous posts made a couple of years ago. Use one of the many skin options, paid or free, that offer the simple bar.
  13. This is a great new concept for landscape. Might I suggest you add a blur overlay to darken the artwork, maybe more on the top and bottom, less in the middle area? It is especially needed for very bright album covers that make the text very difficult to read. This will help to distinguish the text labels more easily. Also, the 2nd line of text is masked by the waveseek bar, might need to move both lines higher, or even below the bar?
  14. All sound like pretty good reasons to use a dedicated DAP for your music listening, if it fits your budget.😄 Let your phone be a phone - with your SMS, groups, and notifications intact, and no interruptions to your music.
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