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  1. I use the $Yap$ skin from @flyingdutchman myself mostly. It has been updated regularly as @maxmp has added features to PA. To his point above, I use the album blur, with the background intensity set to a 25%. This keeps it relatively dark but still portrays colour tones from the playing track artwork. I have the text and button colours set to match my dash lighting in the car, and they also work well stand-alone. I have also used the @Mixified and @Ducktamine skins previously, but the flexibility of $Yap$ makes it my personal preference. G
  2. I do like the idea of the volume bar located below the artwork. Maybe this can be swapped with the functions of the simple seekbar as a switch? As long as the waveseekbar still functions, this could offer an alternative with the volume bar not sitting over the artwork.
  3. Could there be an option to have PA change back to the main now playing screen after pressing the header Play or shuffle buttons? Similar to the action when selecting a track in the list is what I am suggesting. G
  4. I have to say that I have spent uncountable hours/years managing my music file tag information and cover art. This was done on my main PC where my library is stored and backed up separately. I copy this to a uSD card for use with PA on my phone. I have no desire to have PA edit or manage this content specifically for the reasons @maxmp mentions. If this is changed, please make sure it is optional and defeatable. G
  5. Album art is the default, you must have turned on the optional visualizer. This can be done directly from the main screen, the far left button. Or from the menu as described above.
  6. Got the update today, gotta say it is just about perfect in every way for how I want my display to look. Thanks very much for this @flyingdutchman! Small detail, the font scale for the list at 0.8 is the same size as 0.7, going to 0.9 is a huge jump in size. I don't have my set there anyhow, but calling it out for correction some time.
  7. @maxmp is there a way to put an option to ignore the duck request, with no pause and no notification sound when PA is playing? I think this is the option that several people are looking for, including myself. I would still like to see the notification pop-up, and the sound would be acceptable, but only if PA is not currently playing. Basically a "No Duck + No Pause + Suppress System Sound" option.
  8. Wow, can't believe the difference in the cover art resolution. On my LG G8 with an OLED display they are crisp and detailed. I hadn't really noticed enough before, but this is a very obvious visible difference. Thanks @maxmp!
  9. Any chance this is related to using the divided waveseek bar? I have noticed the same issue @andrewilley is describing with about 50% as the minimum the bar shows. But thought it was just part of the skin. The default ones show more dynamically in my case as well, but they are not split.
  10. Nice, will be good for tablets, and use when in the car. Small bug - when setting the library font scale to 0.8 it crashes PA. All other sizes are OK. Also, there is no metadata line showing, is this by design? Edit - just noticed the library font scale size of 0.8 doesn't work properly in the paid Yaps either, but it doesn't crash PA. It display the same as 0.7. All other sizes seem to be working in Yaps.
  11. Yes, with track, disc, and year now spread out nicely on one line and genre now getting a separate line, all are now much easier to view. Thanks @maxmp!
  12. You can try the EQ preset "Middle" to start, then tweak it to your preference from there.
  13. I have the default dark skin, but haven't used it in a very long time. You can replicate it 100% with the paid Yaps version and do so much more. Well worth the investment, especially since it is constantly being upgraded as PA evolves.
  14. I agree that this is probably a very polarized requirement as @null has mentioned. Either highlight unknown tags in the appropriate lists (Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Album, maybe even Genre) and move them to the top of the list. Or in cases where users don't care to notice, have the ability in the list options to completely hide items that are unknown. OR... let your OCD take over and have all of your tags completed so that it is irrelevant!😋
  15. I prefer to manage my tags on PC, much easier to do. There are several good programs for this. My personal preference is mp3tag, as it allows you to filter quickly and batch change multiple files. It handles large libraries easily. There are several other good ones out there. But using Album Artist and Album names together will help keep your library tidy and let's Poweramp display everything nicely.
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