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    New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

    @flyingdutchman I really enjoy the Yaps skin, looks great. A couple of suggestions if they are feasible that may provide some additional customizations. For the record, I am using v3/823 on a LG G6 phone with Oreo. 1. The Status Bar at the top of the screen always has the bluish background. Is this something that can be configured with the same background settings as the other elements, including a transparent option? 2. For the Wave Seek bar when enabled, can the standard, scrolling wider version be an option? 3. For the Alternate skin version, is there a way to at least make the Track name fit below the artwork similar to the standard version? The Artist/Album can still be left out since the artwork should reveal those details, but the track name would be great, even better if it was toggle selection. 4. Lower the icon buttons for the Visualizer/Timer/Repeat/Shuffle modes so they aren't over the text? See screenshots of what I currently have, using the current Yaps options. They look great, thanks for the work!
  2. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 823

    I have found the same thing. If I quickly scroll the list up and down, the mini player appears but often disappears again. I also have the Yaps skin, the standard skins are okay.
  3. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 815

    There was a lengthy discussion about this in December. Several other users echoed their agreement that while using the Album Artist tag for browsing was helpful, the Now Playing screen should still display the current track Artist tag. Is there any expectation that something will be implemented to support this? For compilation albums especially, this would be a benefit to see the actual artist performing once the track is actually playing. I'm currently on 820 with no change.
  4. Any chance the sort tags will get implemented in PAv3? It is the biggest difference of how libraries are displayed between all of the current Android media players versus iOS devices. Showing artists by last name is how I refer to see them.
  5. MotleyG

    Nav bar transparent.

    This will be great, thanks!
  6. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 815

    With 815, the artist display on the Now Playing screen always shows Album Artist, regardless of selection in the Library settings. Even after selection from Album or Album Artist list, I would expect to see the actual performing Artist when the Now Playing main window.is showing.
  7. Sound is better in Poweramp than any other music player. Always was, still is. There is no question about that. But why complain about making the UI more functional and taking advantage of the best displays Smartphones have today? If that was the case all albums would ship in plain brown wrappers. I think the interface is very intuitive and follows the flow of the most advanced Android apps. And the attention to detail of the meta tags and function continues to improve well beyond what the stock Android music database covers. For those that don't want an update, turning off auto-update is probably your best solution. But for myself and everyone else that has been part of the development beta for some time now, Poweramp continues to show why it is the best music player app out there. Thanks for your efforts Max!
  8. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 814

    Hi Max, not sure if this was noted from the previous post. Are you able to consider if this is something you can update to the 815 version?
  9. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 814

    I am using the latest 813 build on a stock LG G6. Everything seems to be running pretty smooth now, and this has become my daily driver for music. Thanks for the efforts in building and evolving this amazing player! One item that seems to not follow. I have the option enabled for list click actions to play and go to the main UI, and it works when selecting specific items from within the list. However if using the shuffle or play buttons at the top of the list in the header area, the list UI remains even though the action is executed. Is this the expectation? I would prefer if it would follow the list click action, and in this case move to the main now playing UI same as after clicking on list items. GB
  10. Other tags iTunes and other players use exist for Title, Album, and Composer. Besides making it easy to ignore articles like “A”, “An”, and “The” it also allows for sorting by Last Name, First Name while still display First Name Last Name. Reviving this relatively old request in 2018. With all the changes in V3 coming, any chance this can be something the updated database can manage? GB
  11. MotleyG

    Please add support for various iTunes tags

    Bump on this older feature request. Any plans to use the artistsort, albumartistsort, albumsort, and titlesort tags for improving the list displays in v3?