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  1. Please make this a user selectable option at least, so those that prefer Artist to display can have it. Various Artist is a perfect example of where this limits the functionality.
  2. MotleyG

    Cannot find swipe settings

  3. Agree with the suggestion for hiding the Artist/Album as an option. Maybe an extra option to consider is to hide unless the Album Artist is not the same as the track Artist. That would be awesome! For the 3-dot track menu, the same function can be found by long press on the album cover, so even hidden this menu is accessible!
  4. MotleyG

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Good to hear that you are good to go now @toddmont. But strange you found one of the two folders to be empty. The examples you sent earlier clearly have files in distinct folders that I would have expected Poweramp to identify separately. I often find that when I plan to make any changes to my library, it is best to just add the new files. But if I make a lot of changes I start with a clean slate reformatting the card and copying all files afterwards.
  5. MotleyG

    Configurable Tags/info

    Similar to this, I would like the option to choose the tags that are displayed on the main player UI. Now that the text animation feature has been added, it would be great if the two text lines could be configured by the user. Title, Album, AlbumArtist, Composer, Year, Track, Disc, Genre, etc.
  6. MotleyG

    Genre tag enhancemet

    I agree with Andre's point about Album Artist, since this effectively is supposed to help group specific tracks from mixed Artists together on a single Album. However others may use their library sorting methods differently. So if the ability to include this is somewhat as straightforward as doing so for Artist, the flexibility could be appreciated by some. Gord
  7. MotleyG

    Genre tag enhancemet

  8. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 826

    Great idea. This is something that could be done using file and folder tags. Very flexible for any user preference if @maxmp goes with this.
  9. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 826

    Thank you very much for the new feature "Animate Long Labels" on the Now Playing screen! This completely changes how well the information can be displayed. Some skins that have reduced to one line to save space for larger album art can really benefit from this added feature. Now for the feature request - can you add the ability for the user to choose the tag details that are displayed in both lines on the Now Playing screen? Currently the default display shows; %title% %artist% - %album% In some cases the %artist% tag has been replaced with %albumartist% if that has been selected as the preference. But if you could add support to choose the tag contents of both lines, users could display any details they prefer. Common tags besides these are %composer%, %year%, %track%, %disc%, %kind%, and %genre%. There are plenty more. But if some of the basic ones could be supported, that would be great. With the animation feature added in 824, this can add a whole new level of customization to Poweramp! Thanks @maxmp!
  10. MotleyG

    New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

    Thanks again @flyingdutchman for the incredible support. Hope my feedback was helpful for you to improve future updates of these skins!
  11. It would be nice to add a function to the options for Crossfade to only work when the Shuffle is active. I find that the current choices lead to crossfading during album play if the tracks are not tagged as gapless (i.e. many older rips before mp3 gapless was added by LAME). Or if gapless tracks play back-to-back during shuffle, they do not fade as expected. My preference for this would be a new option that would always crossfade all tracks when tracks are shuffled, and to not crossfade when playing album tracks in order. Is this possible? GB
  12. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 823

    That helps, but normally when scrolling with this disabled, it reappears when the list is dragged back up a bit and stays. With the Yaps skin enabled, it only briefly reappears then disappears again. It doesn’t happen with other skins so far, I guess the skin developer will have to check.
  13. MotleyG

    New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

    @flyingdutchman I really enjoy the Yaps skin, great. A couple of suggestions if they are feasible that may provide some additional customizations. For the record, I am using v3/823 on a LG G6 phone with Oreo. 1. The Status Bar at the top of the screen always has the bluish background. Is this something that can be configured with the same background settings as the other elements, including a transparent option? 2. For the Wave Seek bar when enabled, can the standard, scrolling wider version be an option? 3. For the Alternate skin version, is there a way to at least make the Track name fit below the artwork similar to the standard version? The Artist/Album can still be left out since the artwork should reveal those details, but the track name would be great, even better if it was toggle selection. 4. Lower the icon buttons for the Visualizer/Timer/Repeat/Shuffle modes so they aren't over the text? See screenshots of what I currently have, using the current Yaps options. They look great, thanks for the work!