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  1. Great work as always @flyingdutchman! For the Navbar and Android Navbar background colours, Black Opaque is missing. Is it possible to add this choice? Thanks for fixing the search background in V60, too.
  2. Looks great! The corners are perfect, spacing is adequate between text and buttons, and the text size choices are abundant. Now if you can just add the additional colour and font choice (bold/italic/both?) for the title versus Artist - Album, that would be the icing on the cake! G
  3. I believe this is an Android OS issue. It started for me with Oreo on my LG G6, and is also on my current LG G8 with Pie OS. The volume level resets to a "safe" level every time it connects to a new device. This includes connecting and disconnecting from my USB-C DAC when it switches back to the headphone output. So far I haven't been able to find a way to disable this very unwanted feature that was introduced by Google. 😠 G
  4. BTW @flyingdutchman - I had a very long list of updates available today on the Play store including V60. I have to assume there was something going on that held these back. There was very little activity over the past week. So it likely wasn't anything specific to your work. G
  5. Updated now thanks! I also bought Playlist Manager this weekend, and working with that now. Many thanks for these tools! G
  6. Same here, current V58 from the play store. Hope they catch up soon. G
  7. Haven't seen V60 in the play store yet. @flyingdutchman did this get pushed out yesterday?
  8. On the contrary. The Artist list is used to sort by artists, regardless of the album they appear on. If you use different tags, it has to be assumed to be a different artist. The album artist tag keeps albums grouped together. This is no different from any other player with advanced sorting capabilities. IMHO😁
  9. This looks like the "Artist" list. Any difference from track to track will show a different artist in the list. To sort all tracks on an album under one, use the "Album Artist" list. This requires this metadata field to be filled in properly. In cases like your example, use a common theme such as "Various Artists" to keep the album together. G
  10. If the dialog/miniplayer/icons buttons are set to a solid colour, (i.e. black), it also affect's the background in the search window. This conceals all of the items in the found list, unless an opaque colour is chosen. Can you see if the "Search" background can instead take on the same colour choice as the background colour? G
  11. 👍+1. VERY customizable. And the developer is super helpful with any special requests too! G
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