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  1. +1 Please add an Auto-Advance Crossfade selection to only apply when Shuffle is active, ideslly for all modes except shuffle Category. This way continuous album tracks are not Crossfade, all others would be. G
  2. @maxmp I received an update (?) last night via Google Play Store, yet it still shows 860. However the issue with the nav bar seems to have been resolved. Was there a tweak you made without changing the version number? Or is it possible this was from the download version that I have used for the past couple of updates? Either way I am very glad to see the behaviour back to normal for me!
  3. Posted earlier in the wrong thread. Nice update @flyingdutchman All alignments are bang on. And colour blends really pop. See shots with no background, background blur on, and gradient active with my particular settings. They look great!
  4. @maxmp it happens on all skins, built-in light and dark as well as the ones from @flyingdutchman @Mixified and @Ducktamine. In all cases it happens in fresh start or when switching back to PA from another app like Waze or even Gmail. Tried a fresh install without any 3rd party skins installed but same results. Looks like @monkeybuttposted about this with a very similar issue yesterday too.
  5. This is still happening at v860. I've tried turning off the hidden home touch buttons, and switched between the standard and gesture versions. No change, this seems to happen when switching aps most often, or opening PA fresh. It can be corrected with a quick swipe up or down. G
  6. @maxmp This would be ideal in a case using USB-DAC as a source with outboard amplifiers. I use this both at home with a Pioneer/Elite receiver with a built-in USB-DAC input, as well as in my car using a 24bit/192kHz capable USB-C to analog out as an input to the factory system. Both could take advantage of 100% volume and no internal tone/EQ. In both cases, I currently have to adjust the volume to maximum every time I connect because Android Pie automatically lowers the volume "for my protection."
  7. Bumping this thread. Hoping @Ducktamine has a chance to make the updates to refresh these V3 skins.👍
  8. Just using the hide button on the left side of the home buttons while using PA.
  9. Hi Max, an issue with the layout has appeared since 856/857. I am on Pie with a LG G8, and prefer to have the Android home touch buttons hidden when using PA. But with these recent updates, the bottom navigation buttons on startup are in the position as if the home touch buttons were present. But if I access any of the four, then they shift down to where they should be. On any app focus change, coming back to PA the buttons are back to the wrong place again until they are used. See attached before and after screenshots. I used the built in dark skin for these, and have the same.problem on several other 3rd party skins. No issues like this prior to 856. G
  10. @Ducktamine any chance you will be updating the skins to fix these?
  11. I have been using mp3tag for years, by far my favourite PC metadata editor for my music library. G
  12. Is the tempo on the audio tab set above 1.0 for speed?
  13. Confirmed, this is what it currently does. When long-pressing the current time on the left, the track resets and starts to play from the beginning. I would expect the total time on the right side can be long-pressed to alternate to the display of time remaining (usually in a format like -x:xx). Any simple tap may be changed unintentionally when swiping the track, so a long-press would be preferred. If @maxmp agrees of course.
  14. Great album Andre!😋 I can verify the same results that Andre has posted. I have my albums sorted by traxk#, and when adding whole albums to the queue they are in order. G
  15. Seems tapping on the total time now has some function, the play buttons disappear, the metadata shrinks and fades, and the current time gets larger. I don't see any other purpose for this, but would prefer to have this switch the total and remaining times. G
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