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  1. @flyingdutchman I have the seekbar set to gradient with an opaque colour, just to have some fill behind the bar. It matches my car interior lighting nicely. With your last update, the icon colour selection is also restored. So thanks for that. But if this gradient could include the album art, THAT would blow my mind🤯! Otherwise with the gradient applied album art is already ignored.
  2. Toronto early morning traffic, rocking out with PA skinned with Yaps! 80's rock rulz!🤟 @flyingdutchman
  3. V39 has fixed those pesky issues. The addition of the very small corners for the main UI is much appreciated, looks great! And the icon colour selector is working again too. Thanks for the update!
  4. AA display and control on OEM car headunits is a function of Android. This is not able to be changed by any app, only the content itself that is fed and maintained by Poweramp.
  5. @maxmp I noticed in the skin selection list that if you select a new skin from current, then change again before exiting the list, the actual skin that displays on the UI is the first one picked. And multiple radio buttons highlight rather than changing. This is since 842 and still on 844. GB
  6. Good stuff @ScarletNeko. With my device's OLED display (LG G8) the dark themes are very vibrant, and use less power as well when mostly black. And since I mostly use it for in-car use, the colour combinations match my Buick Regal's cyan dash lighting. Glad these pics helped. You can also do a lot with @flyingdutchman Yaps skins, almost every element can be customized individually.
  7. I agree with @flyingdutchman regarding a separate app or format for mass editing. Doing so within the player can lead to issues when it comes to trying to save to internal or SD card memory while the file is in use. My preference is MP3tag on PC, there are others for PC and Mac platforms that work as well as Android apps that are designed for this purpose only. Plus doing this on PC means your main library files are fixed for future use, just in case something happens to your mobile device.
  8. @ScarletNeko if the top icons are turned off, all looks great. If they are on, the artwork shifts up and the icons are floating over the top edge of the image. Not a deal breaker, I'm sure it will get corrected between the skin and app developers. @Ducktamine @maxmp
  9. @flyingdutchmanThis is the same issue I sent to you about the TopSubAAButtons buttons. Those are in the correct place, but the album art is shifted up and floating below these icons. I also notice it has greater a large gap from below the art to the top of the song title text. So I do believe this was something that was changed in the layout details when @maxmp made some of the recent changes. G
  10. I am using a 24bit/96kHz USB-DAC with power, so I get the benefit of charging and better quality audio input (not Bluetooth). So I can't use steering wheels controls for the tracks, but at least the volume was working. Now i have to adjust audio each time at start-up. Plus Android occasionally reduces the volume after a set period of time (I think it is every 20 hours of playback) again requiring a manual volume adjustment to restore the levels. But this is also a good reason why swipe controls are beneficial. Adding full functionality back for user-selectable functions for the 6 or 7 gestures (up/down/left/right/tap/double tap/tap-hold) would be fantastic (but already requested previously). BTW - this does make a huge difference for audio versus Bluetooth if anyone else is interested. Here is the link for Amazon in Canada, I am sure similar are available globally. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07G9C3LVS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  11. As of 844, yes. I know @flyingdutchman is working on it now with his Yaps skins. Not sure about any others.
  12. @maxmp Is it possible to add a feature to support a volume lock, or preset by device? With the headphone and some Bluetooth outputs, having a variable level controlled by the volume rockers or software slider is prefered. But with other devices, especially USB DAC or car Bluetooth players, it is ideal to set one volume level and have that set each time it is connected. This was not such a big deal in my devices prior to Android Pie, but now there is some "safety" feature that reduces the volume every time PA is started, and requires manually turning the volume back up when I plug it into my car system. If there is a hard "lock" feature that could be assigned by device, that would be ideal. It would need to be selectable on/off to satisfy all users I think. GB
  13. Ditto! And don't forget to include @Ducktamine and @Andrew0 too! All are doing great work on skinning on top of the work @maxmp started and continues to do with PA!
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