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  1. @Ducktamine any chance you will be updating the skins to fix these?
  2. I have been using mp3tag for years, by far my favourite PC metadata editor for my music library. G
  3. Is the tempo on the audio tab set above 1.0 for speed?
  4. Confirmed, this is what it currently does. When long-pressing the current time on the left, the track resets and starts to play from the beginning. I would expect the total time on the right side can be long-pressed to alternate to the display of time remaining (usually in a format like -x:xx). Any simple tap may be changed unintentionally when swiping the track, so a long-press would be preferred. If @maxmp agrees of course.
  5. Great album Andre!๐Ÿ˜‹ I can verify the same results that Andre has posted. I have my albums sorted by traxk#, and when adding whole albums to the queue they are in order. G
  6. Seems tapping on the total time now has some function, the play buttons disappear, the metadata shrinks and fades, and the current time gets larger. I don't see any other purpose for this, but would prefer to have this switch the total and remaining times. G
  7. I would prefer to see this as well versus static total time. A preference switch between the two in settings for UI maybe?
  8. Also some compilation hi-res albums have tracks at different frequency and bit rates.
  9. @flyingdutchmanAre you able to add the name, counter and time to the header for genres, albums, etc? See the screenshot from the standard dark theme, on the lower left side, above the shuffle and play buttons.
  10. Press and hold the settings button to go directly into the current skin settings! G
  11. @maxmp There have been several threads started on the topic of expanding the library database to include the sort tags that are standard in iTunes and in use in many other desktop applications now. The Android music database currently ignores this tag. But since PA is already using a custom library, do you have any plans to implement them any time soon? This truly adds a benefit to browsing the library by last name, and provides a better, more consistent way to ignore the common prefixes like "A", "An", "The" and others. It also helps with libraries containing unrecognized characters and languages. I am more than happy to share some files with sort fields that differ from the standard fields. My entire library is formatted with all artists showing First Name Last Name but browsing as Last Name, First Name. G
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 432Hz and 440Hz tuning is based on how the artists tune their instruments PRIOR to the recording process. But regardless of what this frequency may be, including many other tuning points, once this has been tracked and mastered by the artist, the recording you get is what the artist intended it to be. I can understand trying to get the best quality versions of this (16/24/32 bit resolutions, and sample rates up to 384kHz and beyond), but why would you want to actually change what the artist recorded for you to enjoy? Just my 2ยข G
  13. Sorry, to clarify I meant a selection to allow users to manually enter their own specific colour code. I noticed you have added a few colours within the list, which is very much appreciated. But if this can be changed to one or even a few custom slots, it would eliminate the need to have all of these "extra" options while still providing the ability to customize the palette. I have no idea if this is feasible, or just too difficult to implement. But if it is possible, it would open up a whole bunch of new combinations, especially with the recently added gradient options. G
  14. @flyingdutchman Is it possible to have a selection in the colour list to add a user-defined hex code? A colour picker may be tougher to integrate, but what if the colour code is known?
  15. Same issue for me with LG G8 at Android Pie stock. I use a USB DAC with power connected in my car. Volume always drops to 67% every time unplug it in, I have turn it back to 100% manually. Frustrating Android "feature" I guess. G
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