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  1. Not at all, but there are some limitations. And although v2.4 has improved this, there are even fewer players today that support this still. BTW - for AC/DC specifically in Windows, Microsoft actually has code written just for this band in WMP and even Explorer to avoid the separator issue. Funny how they felt it was easier to implement a work around rather than fix the problem!
  2. But it is exactly that in the id3v2.3 spec. Regardless there are several implementations outside of the spec meant to help solve some limitations of that scope. From the id3 official page; TPE1 The 'Lead artist(s)/Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)/Performing group' is used for the main artist(s). They are seperated with the "/" character.
  3. I don't really understand what you are asking here. The separator is what you define it to be for your library. I really don't recommend a single forward slash "/" without space " / " as this leads to issues with bands like "AC/DC" Love/Hate" etc. Regardless this is a user defined option that has been discussed. You can find similar discussions on the forum site for mp3tag, which is the tagging software in the screen shots you have posted.
  4. @andrewilley I think all of your points for the support of multiple Artist and AlbumArtist are valid. further comment on the unknown values though; not only should they be moved to the end, but also the option to exclude unknowns in any list would be great too. Obviously this is a huge library database overhaul to accomplish this for @maxmp so I don't expect this will happen too soon. But if it is in the works, I would really hope it also includes the "Sort" tag functionality as well. This would really cap off the library options for me as a complete package.
  5. You can do this with some skins already. Look at the Yaps skin by @flyingdutchman for example.
  6. Still, the highlight options were just added this week and here you are with the option in Yap$ already. BTW - I was also wrong about the elapsed time long press in the default position. It does still work as expected. Big thumbs are my own dilemma.👍
  7. @flyingdutchman Wow, sorry I completely missed the new settings for Highlight Knobs in the button options. You are always so fast to add these new features!
  8. @flyingdutchman Very nice to have the coloured knobs/etc. implemented already. In the default skins there is a choice to have this on/off, as well as colourful or monochromatic. Maybe a future update for Yaps? Layout issues all resolved for me with this update, thanks. Elapsed time font size is nice to have. As suggested in your response to @andrewilley the long press on elapsed doesn't work. But it doesn't seem to work in the default location any more either. Now that the font size is set separately for these elements, can you also set the background independently? This would help s
  9. That thread hadn't been active for 6 months. I believe your solution is to disable BT absolute volume. This is in the developer settings of your device.
  10. A delete without confirmation anywhere is a bad idea. But especially on a mobile device where accidental presses are common.
  11. Same here, thought I changed something but didn't see anything in the options. BTW this should not be in the V2 thread. @andrewilley I think this needs to move to the V3 bug thread.
  12. This was likely from Google using the backup for your device restore. As you already commented, a Full Rescan will resolve it.
  13. I'm positive the Album Artist tag has to be consistent for all tracks on a single Album. That is what keeps them grouped properly. Only the track Artist tag(s) can vary.
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