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Poweramp Build 812


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Build 812:
• reintroduced per-track equ preset assignment
• track-assigned presets shown in lists now
• improved TalkBack/accessibility support
• improved support for FLACs with very large embedded covers
• adjusted widgets clickable areas
• translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
• bug fixes


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3 hours ago, maxmp said:

• reintroduced per-track equ preset assignment

@maxmp thanks for that! it's the first time I use it and I find it super useful, is there a way to make it wired headset only too? for example, per-track/folder assignment but only when wired is plugged, not when played in phone's speaker, meaning it doesn't override other presetes that are only marked for wired headset? (I don't know if it's clear what I'm asking for, but basically having a preset for a track or folder + wired headset and not override the preset that is already assigned for wired headset only)


EDIT: and it's also overriding speaker only preset

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28 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

My Play Store version details show the latest official store version to be "3-build-301", dated 30 November. Strange? That'll confuse testers.


Strange, the PlayStore and the app "about" section both say v3-build-812-play here.

Wait, you're looking at the Unlocker which was updated today (strange date though). Also, interesting to note that the Unlocker now has a beta test?

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I've been holding back and using 709 just for the per track eq assignments.  Very happy to see it's back now in v3.  Question: I keep my presets backed up through the app and have over 2000 tracks all with individual eq assignments. If I update, will the individual assignments carry over?

Also I backup my ratings with New Playlist Manager, the old version. How will that work with 812 v3?

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Dear Max,

thank you for improving the app again and again!

I’ve got a question concerning the alternative layout: I understand that more space is needed for the additional two lines below the cover art so that the album cover has to be smaller than in the normal layout.

Though what I don’t understand is why the button bar (with visualization, sleep timer, repeat and shuffle options) is not in the same position as in the normal layout. It is further up on the screen, leaving unused space below.

To me it would make sense to leave the lower part of the player interface (”settings sector“ including button bar, wavebar and navbar) as compact as in the normal layout and linked to the bottom edge of the screen so that there is more space left for the ”title sector“ (including album art, album title & song title) linked to the top edge.

This would look much better on 16:9 screens while also working well for 18:9 ones.

Best regards,



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I have a question about playlists. I noticed there is a export Poweramp playlists option which I did. Now we need an option if those playlist end up disappearing to import back. Is that where they are exported to the system and just tap import system library playlists, and are those the playlist backed up from Poweramp?

Never used playlists much but tried adding what I did from MusicBee and they would not show up right. So I looked at MusicBee playlists and setup them on Poweramp the same way using Poweramp. I hate to go through the hassle of redoing them if the import is a difficult thing. Thing is now, is that if I add music to MusicBee and sync the music to phone, then I have to do the adding to playlists twice, on MusicBee and Poweramp because the adding from MusicBee was so darn difficult to get into Poweramp. Tried M3U and PLS and those would not pick up from MusicBee playlist right. So had to do extra with Poweramp to match on MusicBee. Pain in the butt. Wish there was a simplier way to import from MusicBee without having to do separate playlists via programs. Especially, with over 15,000 plus songs.

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38 minutes ago, AllCoreListener said:

I would hate to try this with my 15,000 plus songs. That would take forever to do all the songs individually. I think per album would be better but that is me.

I think it also had per artist album as an option, haven't really messed with it though.

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