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  1. If any of these would work with SubSonic it would change my life.
  2. How about just one where all of the stuff down there is black so you can't see it?
  3. Max you're a superhero. Thank you so much!
  4. Yeessssss! Somehow I love this app even more now. Thanks so much Andrew0! Andrew0 is it possible to have a skin that makes everything go black except the album art if I touch a certain spot like maybe the artwork? I've dreamed of this and I'll happily pay for it.
  5. I was so psyched too but last.fm scrobbling isn't working consistently. I'll wait for the next release and try again. Thanks @maxmp !!
  6. Yes!! Max thank you so much. I'm beyond excited. Do you have a donate link of some sort? While you're putting back the remaining features can you make as much of the now playing screen stuff have the option to be hidden like you had for knobs and things on previous versions? I'm hoping to mostly have just the artwork displayed and then tap the screen to have those things come back. Great work dude! Andre, you are a saint dude. Keep up the great work and patience.
  7. Thanks for your help with the export/import settings Tristan!
  8. I'll second both of those. LG V10 stock on T-Mobile with Lollipop 5.1.1
  9. Thanks for continuing to support your great product. I'm hoping with this version someone can make a skin or visualizer that is just the album artwork and nothing else on the screen. Is this even possible? I'd be happy to paypal someone for some support here. Thanks!
  10. Man I'd pay someone to make this, even if it was switched so controls were on the left. I just want full screen album art in landscape with Poweramp.
  11. this please, and also widget sizes for Galaxy Note as mentioned above. Thanks so much dude!
  12. So he said that it'd be able to read the offline music in 2.1 in April? I'll have to go find that, cause that's exciting.
  13. I'd use DoubleTwist. It also has wireless syncing, which is nice. The playlists will transfer over as well.
  14. So now I'm using the Replay Gain to get a good volume output, but it's still a lot of work to find a good EQ setting that doesn't distort. Using the limiter takes away too much of your volume or I'd just use that. I wish I could just keep the EQ from the last official release and use the new UI.
  15. It is greyed out and says ROM not supported. I'm using an Htc Evo 3D with stock rom, not rooted. You said it differs from the stock player? What do you mean? The previous version in the market was plenty loud enough, which is why I'm so surprised by the change.
  16. I'd also love to have this feature, even if it's a paid add on. I understand if we need to wait until it's out of beta or has an API release or something.
  17. The native Htc music app does this as well. I'd love to see this!
  18. I'll second this request. Could be groundbreaking stuff here.
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