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  1. If any of these would work with SubSonic it would change my life.
  2. How about just one where all of the stuff down there is black so you can't see it?
  3. Max you're a superhero. Thank you so much!
  4. Yeessssss! Somehow I love this app even more now. Thanks so much Andrew0! Andrew0 is it possible to have a skin that makes everything go black except the album art if I touch a certain spot like maybe the artwork? I've dreamed of this and I'll happily pay for it.
  5. I was so psyched too but last.fm scrobbling isn't working consistently. I'll wait for the next release and try again. Thanks @maxmp !!
  6. this please, and also widget sizes for Galaxy Note as mentioned above. Thanks so much dude!
  7. So he said that it'd be able to read the offline music in 2.1 in April? I'll have to go find that, cause that's exciting.
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