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    Help with Tasker, isMusicActive()

    edited with the solution, thanks
  2. Mr_SeLeNiO

    Help with Tasker, isMusicActive()

    alpha-build-709 and high-res output enabled EDIT: finally understood how to do what I wanted using powerampAPI, this thread can be closed/deleted
  3. btw, the final v3 update will not delete my configs, playlists, etc right?
  4. Hi, I have the following task set (it's to know if there's music playing, watch the attachments for details), and I don't know why it doesn't work with Poweramp, it works with google play music though. I'm not an advanced user of Tasker, so my knowledge is limited. Thanks for your time and any help. EDIT: What I wanted to achieve is to enable "Do Not Disturb" (DND) while music was playing, because with Hi-Res enabled, when I get notifications the audio switched to the phone's speakers, and when the notification sound finishes the music comes back to the headphones. Solution:
  5. 🍿All these comments are quite entertaining to read 🍿