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  1. Mrmahdi

    Huawei fails to install skins

    It's great that you find the program's problem. Hopefully this problem will finally be solved. thank you
  2. Mrmahdi

    Huawei fails to install skins

    Hi, the problem has been resolved
  3. Mrmahdi

    Huawei fails to install skins

    Huawei ascend mate 7 Android 6.0 Api23
  4. Mrmahdi

    Nav bar transparent.

    @Abhishekn I have an idea that may be appealing to you, please read the link contents. Of course, most of the themes are not installed on my device. To solve this problem and lack of themes, I think adding these features to the very program. It is necessary that the 3rd version of the program was released early on, there was not much of this. I hope that this feature will be added to Poweramp in the future. @blaubär @djdarko
  5. @maxmp An interesting idea for the Seek bar and navigation bar. There are currently white or black white or black backgrounds in the default themes, there are empty spaces between these distances, the attractive feature that is on the lawnchair launcher is adding a mask to the dock that can be An option can be enabled or disabled, if we use the same functionality in the Poweramp, we can have a more user-friendly interface.
  6. Mrmahdi

    Poweramp Build 820

    Hi, is this file for a Poweramp? How many times have I deleted this file but I have seen this file again and if this file is for the program it is its duty.
  7. Mrmahdi

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    Those with Huawei and their Huawei device have some issues. It seems to me to be using the theme material 2 after a long-awaited update that comes with a rounded album that looks like Android Wear. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.folginar.material2pa
  8. Mrmahdi

    V3 Build 816 app does not close

    You can use the power shade to solve this problem. But the Poweramp button does not work in this program, but after stopping the music, it automatically stops the application and the program notification will be disabled from the status bar. This app is currently on Google Play, maybe it's coming back sometime, maybe it's not available for a short time. You can download and use this app from Android valid sites.
  9. Mrmahdi

    Poweramp Build 816

    Thanks max👑
  10. Mrmahdi

    Poweramp Build 815

    @andrewilley Is it possible to download the app from the site in the future? I prefer the uni version to google play Please continue this process
  11. Mrmahdi

    Poweramp Build 815

    This seekbar is superbly designed I deleted the third-party theme! It's great
  12. Mrmahdi

    Poweramp Build 815

    Yes, tanks max.Merry Christmas