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  1. Seems it's a first step to network(NAS) music or something like YouTube playlists......
  2. Is there any chance to play cd\dvd in car head unit? cd\dvd have no mount point .
  3. In new versions of player there is new feature - change tracks by long volume press. But... When i press volume DOWN - it switch track BACK. List of files is from UP to DOWN - and as for me - volume DOWN must set song DOWN too - and this is NEXT Track. So i'm ask for option - swap action for next\prev track by volume keys.
  4. Thans for copy of ADB string for long press handling. May I ask You - why not require it in manifest ? Or it for test period ?
  5. Please - do copy adb string on click - it's hard to write it in terminal on device ). Or run it with su.
  6. You think it just not stretched at all ? Sad if it's true. (Example in words: one album of goa author, song seems like other tracks in album. but it shows flat.)
  7. Hello. Where we should place files for Max to check - why seekbar showing only small peaks ? Sometime there is biiiig peak in center on track - this understood but maybe there is a way to remove this peaks from main level ? And there is tracks where peaks not present, but shows incorrect. Place them here, on mail, or in separate topic ?
  8. So. 1. When i press on current song - it open my current view. 2. PA know WHAT category i use now. And know where file is (can guess it get it from database). And know sort options. Seems - it will not be problem determine where to go and what song will be next.
  9. Yes - just next to last from queue.
  10. Have You use WinAmp ? Example: I listen Folder Rock1 and Song3. Then I add to queue Song2 from folder Instrum1. Now - after end of queue it will play "Rock1\Song4". Need - after end of queue it must play "Instrum1\Song3".
  11. I just wanna see usual behavoir of end of queue from another players: Winamp, AIMP. If player can remember last position and return to it - it in simple manner can just continue play from last song. Just a checkbox and "IF ELSE".
  12. can add one more thing to this request - after last queue song - it must NOT come back. It must play song after last song (stay at last folder\playlist).
  13. 2. if your system not support remap main keys - try some button remap apps from store (maybe yo will need root).
  14. Thanks for double press next - to - next folder trick. It works. Hard todo it on scroll - but it works (with "PlayerService PREVIOUS_IN_CAT" at log). Now left main question - pause on mute )
  15. My MEDIA_NEXT is not button). It's a scroll. Will try do twice - but think it's a hard todo. Think - PA need handle some of the presents commands for next playlist\folder (which must be bind to those buttons before). Tyring to watch " Last Processed Commands " - it's not handle my folder buttons (because it's not send correct commands). Waiting - what can say for this situation developer.
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