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  1. Don't know if this would be possible, but it would be great to be able to export and import the eq preset assignments to individual songs. We can of course Backup and restore the song ratings with flyingdutchman's excellent Playlist Manager and export and import the eq presets themselves with Poweramp. If we could save and restore the individual song eq preset assignments then there would be no loss of time and trouble should something happen that requires a reinstall of Poweramp.
  2. For years, very often when I handle my phone while enjoying music with PA, I accidentally touch some area on the screen taking me off of the player main play screen. Most times it's the shuffle button then the next song surprises me by going away from the folder I'm listening to and play something random from another folder. The next most common is brushing the album cover and either going to the folder contents or next song while trying to enjoy the one I'm listening to. The shuffle button is the worst. It would be nice to have a means of turning off and back on the command buttons and gestures. I think maybe a two finger swipe across the album art would be very cool and would help solve this. Of course this happens the most frequently when others are enjoying PA with me. PA is so awesome!
  3. Ok, now that the star rating system and per song assignable eq presets are back, I have made the upgrade from 709 to 812 and I AM STUNNED! A truly magnificent product. Everything I do with PA works great. Even the "New Playlist Manager" app star rating backup and restore function works perfectly. All of my assigned per song eq presets flowed perfectly. The only thing I would like to see down the road is to place the song artist/album information anywhere but on the album cover. Max: just incredible! Thanks! Edit: I just found the alt view on the album info - nice!
  4. I've been holding back and using 709 just for the per track eq assignments. Very happy to see it's back now in v3. Question: I keep my presets backed up through the app and have over 2000 tracks all with individual eq assignments. If I update, will the individual assignments carry over? Also I backup my ratings with New Playlist Manager, the old version. How will that work with 812 v3?
  5. Build 705 has fixed the issues I was having on my S8 w/Oreo. Have no freeze, hi-res works and so does notification. I wonder if there would be any benefit for me to update to 706/707 since there was no mention of the S8 in the update notes?
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