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  1. Try to disable DVC (use No DVC option in the Settings / Audio / Audio Output / Hi-Res Output / <your active device> /.
  2. @M Akmal Can you please share that track (gpmaxmpz at gmail.com). Thanks! @ScarletNeko The next 868 build has improved bitrate recognition for the Tag/Info dialog, thanks for your report.
  3. @Jewel Use Get Support button (where you see that Failed message and wait for the support;-) Though we'll respond with one of the canned responses as they contain all the possible information and all the possible solutions. Thanks!
  4. Please give more details, starting from your Poweramp build, Android device/version and why do you think it doesn't work and how exactly it doesn't work (no hi-res output available, silence, something else). Thanks!
  5. @invaderzim If you think it doesn't show bitrate for specific file, please share it with me (preferable within Poweramp itself / list / long press / Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com) for tests. Mp3s in the wild often do not contain bitrate information (esp. vbr ones) and average bitrate is only available when track is fully loaded into the audio engine.
  6. Poweramp scans by folder hierarchy. Meaning, it scans everything under given folder - tracks and child folders. It can't partially scan and not scan the same folder at the same time.
  7. @Kloppstock Open Google.com in your mobile browser and enter captcha. Thanks!
  8. @Rohan dhir Not able how? No Hi-Res Output or no sound?
  9. @invaderzim Bitrate and other loaded-only information may NOT be shown when track has no that meta-information in "tags" (depending on format, in tags or other header), as Poweramp doesn't load track into the audio engine when Info/Tags is used to recalculate those. If info exists in the track, it's shown.
  10. @FLEXO45 Just autostart. Though I can't reproduce any widget issues (stock launcher) on my Mi9T (not pro) even without auto start - tried multiple reboots. Only Permanent notifications is checked (by default). I would recommend Battery Saver set to No Restrictions, and if you use Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, either duplicate Battery Saver options for Unlocker or uninstall Unlocker (in 24+ hours after purchase). Thanks!
  11. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  12. Version 871


    Builds 867-871: Hi-Res output support for Snapdragon 865 based devices new Follow Day/Night Mode option Android 9+ scan performance improvements for Android 10+ new Increase Resolution option new Migrate Data to Android 10 option Helps with the album art cache migration if Poweramp is reinstalled Settings Export/Import now also exports/imports reverb presets track menu slight reorganization Added Genre navigation, menu is now 1 line smaller new User Agent option Used for streaming improved gapless for iTunes mp3s Poweramp API improvements new Never Clear On Add option Main Screen Button option for Chromecast Button Import System Playlists now work on Android 10 new API Compatibility option Poweramp now pauses on USB disconnection in Android Auto mode long press on Navbar Equalizer button opens presets menu Only for quick preset selection improved LHDC/HWA codec detection bug fixes and stability improvements translations updates Added Dutch Big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
  13. Not able how? No Hi-Res Output or no sound? If the latter, try to disable DVC (via No DVC option for the specific output + device settings in Poweramp). Hi-Res + DVC is supported by some ROMs. Thanks!
  14. I would recommend enabling Autostart in Apps / Manage Apps / Poweramp (otherwise app can't refresh widget when launcher asks for it). Also Xiaomi invented several new permissions which affect widgets, and 3rd party launchers not always aware of those and may fail to work properly with widgets. Thanks!
  15. On Android 10 it's a bit more complicated as Poweramp may or may not (depending on many factors, such as if Poweramp was installed when Android 9 to 10 update happened or not) read from _com.maxmpz.audioplayer, thus com.maxmpz.audioplayer should be used. I will fix the path in the appropriate (folder) option.
  16. Further tests on Poco F! + MIUI 11.0.6 shows that: - Hi-Res + DVC works after reboot and until any other player plays some hi-res audio - after that Hi-Res + DVC doesn't work in Poweramp, but non-DVC Hi-Res will work OK (or non-Hi-Res outputs + DVC). I guess this issue is due to ROM limitation for just one hi-res output per system for some reason (no hardware limitation of this sort exists). So any other hi-res playback messes with the only hi-res output and things break.
  17. @Cev0514 The Absolute Volume stuff is only for Bluetooth, 3.5 output uses completely different audio path. As for MIUI 11.0.6 on Poco F1, I can confirm Hi-Res + DVC has negative gain on this ROM, so I would recommend using non-DVC mode on it now. It's still Hi-Res output though. If you collection is mostly standard definition and you like to use equalization/tone controls, I would recommend using OpenSL output.
  18. Please share the file for tests, preferable via Poweramp itself (long press song in list / Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz at gmail.com). Thanks!
  19. If your Android is 10: Poweramp is missing file permission. Go to Poweramp Settings / Library / Music Folders and enable/add appropriate music folders. The process of adding gives appropriate permissions to Poweramp. Alternatively, use Settings / Misc / File Access Legacy Mode (but this won't work in future Android updates). Permissions can't disappear by itself, they are managed by system components and apps and can be disabled/removed via device Settings / Apps / Poweramp. Given how poorly all this "new" permission stuff was implemented by Google in Android 10 something else or some system event can also reset permissions, but this is out of app scope, obviously.
  20. @Cev0514 Do you actually use Bluetooth? What is your MIUI version? Versions prior 11.0.5 (with some exceptions) can't use Hi-Res output with the DVC, but this is for the 3.5/USB-analog dongle output.
  21. The latest builds (864+) actually shuffle newly added tracks so they won't be played in the (recently added) linear sequence if playing in shuffle mode.
  22. @weskleya If you have some (Chinese brand usually) car headunit and if you know shutdown intent (which differs per each model usually), you can enter it into the option.
  23. @Spam There are extensions, but they are not required (though desired). The standard APIs are used the way it enables fast scanning, proper and fast metadata reading, album art reading, etc. Same APIs can be used in multiple ways, for example Nextcloud already supports most of the APIs, but it downloads whole file each time it's accessed, even just for metadata or album art. Obviously to be supported by media players, we don't want all files to be downloaded to the device just to enable media player to show titles, and that requires work on cloud provider side. That work can be quite large as it requires metadata, album art extraction on server side.
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