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  1. Please try to use latest betas, the beep sound is disabled (you can disable it manually on your current Poweramp build - Settings / Headset/Bluetooth / Beep - uncheck), as those DAPs have issue with playing sound in parallel with hi-res output. The background playback will consume same or less battery vs stock player. If you're actively scanning new tracks, using visualizer - this will of course drain more memory.
  2. Thanks for the request. This is a planned feature (presets per device name, not just type). Most probably will be included in the next beta release cycle.
  3. Thanks for the feedback and detailed issue description. The way album art is handled was changed in the latest betas, so I need to know your Poweramp build exactly to investigate further.
  4. Actually, the device should be tested (by me) instrumentally as Samsungs have specific audio system (which always report 48kHz) - it may or may not use 192kHz, but it can't be easily seen via API Poweramp uses. Do you have by chance exact name/model of the USB dongle? Thanks!
  5. @Arian_amg check other sample rates (many Huaweis don't support frequencies > 192khz). Also for Huaweis, hi-res + DVC audio sits on the same "volume stream" as ringtones volume, so ringtone volume also affects hi-res + DVC volume (Let's hope this will be resolved in the future Huawei ROM updates).
  6. maxmp

    Missing Music

    Hi. First, please check if tracks are physically there (in any file manager). Poweramp doesn't automatically delete anything (there should be user initiated Delete action). Poweramp also skips tracks with video (Settings / Library / Ignore Video Tracks) and tracks with the duration below some threshold (Settings / Library / Ignore Short Tracks), so you may want check those options. Thanks!
  7. This is possible and I think it will be included into “per-device presets” feature, which is planned. Thanks!
  8. @Crericper intertesting. There were no changes to hi-res for oreo in latest builds at all. Try to reset hi-res output to defaults + reboot phone? Also on some devices only one hi-res (direct output) available, and any app using it, even in background, will hold it making other apps non-hi-res.
  9. Please share track for tests, preferable from player itself (list / Select / Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). Thanks!
  10. What is the Poweramp build number, your Android device/version and the connection type? Anyway, Poweramp never sends anything to any device nor any app on Android does that. There is a standard API which is implemented by Poweramp and apps and it’s used in many parts of system (lock screen info, bluetooth, Auto, Wear, etc.). For some reason your headunit doesn’t accept it. Does this happen for specific tracks or for all of them? Is it consistent - never any info, or does it work sometime? Thanks!
  11. Build 844: new Emulate Media Stream (for Hi-Res output) option bug fixes and stability improvements
  12. @roshande Play selects the build which matches your device (in this case it's 32 bit). It can be also auto version naming based on last apk uploaded.
  13. @Nazo thanks for the file. This file has conflicting duration set for stream (audio content=2:11) and file overal (=4:27). Poweramp uses ffmpeg decoder to decode this and it won't play beyond stream indicated duration. Same for iTunes. Foobar2000 ignores stream duration and plays whole content, which is actually 4:27. Making decoder a bit more resilient to incorrect files like this is a good thing, but it may break number of other tracks, so I do that with extra care. Added to TODO list.
  14. What do you think is in conflict exactly? The audioflinger dump does not indicate the API (OpenSL/AudioTrack, etc.) client uses - as everything talks to audioflinger via one large API anyway.
  15. Unfortunately not every launcher out there supports that. Though, all my devices and (stock + nova) launchers do, including stock Sony Z5 @ 7.1.1, it seems there are launchers with the bug in this (they just ignore icon disable request - still, this is based on your screenshots as all my devices work fine and I can't test that locally).
  16. @Duarian yes, some sort of throttling is applied to such "app". Added to TODO to investigate later.
  17. This is not a m3u with streams, so that's why it can't be played. Poweramp supports m3u(8) files with entries pointing to streams (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U). Your m3u is a HLS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Live_Streaming. Both are somewhat similar, but HLS is more about video streaming.
  18. @TheDark thanks for the report - fixed for the next build. At the meantime you can disable Library / Lists / Album Artist Label for Tracks (the source of the issue). @djdarko around build 818;-)
  19. Thanks for the report. Feedback form fixed for the next build. As for skipping tracks, please share one or two of such tracks (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com) - preferable from the device itself. (As track can be OK on the computer or Internet, but not fully uploaded/broken on the device). Thanks!
  20. Thanks, this is due to Library / Lists / Album Artist Label for Albums option and it's fixed for the next build.
  21. @Citywolf huge thanks for the log. The issue is due to some album artist related option enabled. Will be fixed in the next build.
  22. While it's possible, I think this better fitted for 3rd party skins with a lot of customizations like this - I guess they are eager to add options like this (and with the 842+ release, more font based options are possible, though text style was possible before as well). Thanks!
  23. Yes, if possible (the logcat dump captured right after you reproduce the issue). Thanks!
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