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Found 10 results

  1. Almost 3 years (!) ago you asked me to send the details of my Pioneer XDP-100R, so that HiRes output could be facilitated on it. I have waited for the arrival of Version 3 of your software. I had expected it would finally make it possible. But no. I still get the message FAILED: Hi-Res OUTPUT. Every single time I start Poweramp. I am using build 816. Meanwhile I downloaded USB Audio Player PRO. While it lacks many elements of Poweramp, it does provide HiRes output for my DAP. The same goes for the app that came with the DAP. But sofar I prefer using Poweramp. May I ask you again if you can make HiRes output work on the Pioneer XDP-100R? Please?
  2. Hello, i try few build version of v3, every versions are the same issue, unable to enable Hi-Res with wired headset ( 3.5mm and 2.5mm connection) Always down sample to 16bit 44.1Khz. the hardware is support HiRes natively Please fix it accordingly. Device: iBasso DX150 OS: Official Android O v1 ( i'm prefer Official firmware because i want retain warranty) Player version : v3 Build xxx
  3. Hi Every time I set my wired headphones as hi res output device, the app turns volume down and it almost can not be hear. Headphones are hi res capable and it seems quality is much better when I turn the option on, but volume is disappointing. Can it be fixed? Regards
  4. Mi A1 hi res problem. Hi res work 24 bit output. It changes to 16 bit after restart the phone and cant't set 24 bit 192kbps again. Please solve this bug. Device: Mi A1 OS: Android Oreo 8.1 Version. V3 build 814 (full version)
  5. Hi Max, Using HIRES mode on the phone not works as espected. 24 bit wav file plays in 16 bit. Sample rate is OK. UPDATE :After deleting cache and data in HIRES mode it's going to phone speakers when try to HIRES mode ON. v3 811. Zte Axon 7 A2017 stock Oreo b19 (latest) Regards
  6. Please add an option like "auto sample rate" in Poweramp v3. The option means auto select the correct sample rate based on audio file's sample rate. This option can avoid the resampler to improve sound quality Thanks.-
  7. Thank you for this amazing player, I was wondering if it's possible to add dsd support. dsd files are amazing in details. It would be wonderful if the player can support this. Thanks Sorry, my mistake because of wrong music file location, it's wonderfully supported ????
  8. Hello! Right now I'm testing Poweramp alpha build 703 . The sound is good. But I can't understand - have you made support of SABRE ES9218P for LG V30? Or we can wait this update? Thank You very much! Didn't notice some bugs
  9. Version of 704 had been working smoothly since on Marshmallow,but when I updated to Nougat ,the first message springing up was:"Failed: Poweramp Hi-Res Exp Output Using default output"By the way,my device is Axon7 ,a phone carrying the AKM4961&AKM4490 ,using SnapDragon 820,by ZTETHANK YOU GUYS!
  10. My device specs: Device: OnePlus 2 ROM: Ressurection Remix 20160426 Hi-res output works fine for some time but after some time the phone's audio output gets stopped. Steps to recreate this: Queue up some songs in the playlist Play the song with Hi-Res ON browse some stuff or chat for the song's complete duration the phone's audio output will be stopped after few seconds of next song's period (sometimes, stops in between) The song won't be paused. but it will have no effect of pausing/resuming As the audio gets stopped while using the phone it is sure that Doze is not doing that. There' something else. "Wakelock on" won't do any wonders too. Two ways to get the audio back: 1. Unplug the earphones. Insert earphones back. Play/Pause the song. 2. It will start back once another app gives any kind of notification with a sound. Plus I cannot adjust volume when the screen is off.
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