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  1. I have a very agresive EQ in one of my headsets, setting 1330hz with a boost of +12db. Listening to The Beatles - Fool On the Hill track I have noticed the flute solo having a heavy clipping in the very last note of the solo (probably because that note is close to that frequency). The clipping sounds like digital clipping limit/artifact. Then I started to reduce the overall signal with preamp, until I've noticed that the distortion disappeared around -3db. 12db - 3db = 9db Does that mean that the limit DVC + EQ is +9db until you get distortion/clipping? Is that the "room" you have to boost any of your freqs? If not, Where's the limit until you get clipping? I have tested that EQ with other headsets and the clipping is there, until I reduce preamp -3db and it disappears (or gets unnoticed). So it's not the headset, it's really some limit, either with cable headphones or bluetooth. Kind of internal thing. Thanks for your help and time.
  2. Yes I've noticed that in Audio Info DSP area. If you disable float32 there's no conversion to 24 bits, I guess you save/skip that step for non high res. files such as 16/44,1. Just trying to keep the resample/conversion/processing chain as short as possible. Thanks for your response.
  3. I would like to keep the sound as pure as possible, bypassing all the steps and redundant resampling I possible can. So, using bluetooth, and having all my music in 16 bits/44,1khz, Do I need to use float32? Is it any improvement using it though bluetooth AAC? I would like to keep it unchanged 16bits 44,1khz, no sense in changing that. I have DVC enabled, and I use parametric EQ. Device is Xiaomi Poco F5 Many thanks. PD: Is there any guide for xiaomi users so I can get the best sound as possible? Many thanks for your time!
  4. Hello. Sorry if this question has been rise before. How is the EQ curve in Poweramp, is it 12 or 24 db per octave? I am building a curve with REW and need to know that feature in order to preset. Also, another question. Any chance I can import req files (eq preset generated by REW) in Poweramp? I can set it manually using parametric feature in Poweramp, but it be just so easy to do import. Many thanks !!
  5. Hi. Could poweramb import a measurement curve file (mdat) from REW or any other software and apply a curve trying to get a flat response out of it? foobar does that with the solfware mathaudio and I think it could be a great feature to implement, and much more precise than doing it manually. Thanks for your time. Regards.
  6. @maxmp thanks for the quick and good answer. Just to add the audio info as promised, so you can see if there is any conversion / resampling / recoding being redundant in the process. Feel free to do propositions for changes / improvements on this settings. This sounds good, but there is always room for improvement. Thanks. * Sorry it's in Spanish.
  7. Hello All. I am using PA to stream music via bluetooth to my car head unit using AAC codec. I see the audio info and it shows a long arrow of digital processing, and I am trying to avoid unnecessary conversions as much as possible keeping quality and using EQ with DVC (which I need either for car playing and headphones). I can provide a picture later of the sound processing arrow. I have some questions to improve my audio quality: - If I am using DVC, do I have to put a specific value in Headroom (how values should be in "Headroom gain for DVC?). - Using DVC prevents the overload or clipping when using EQ a bit too much? (let's say 4 db in certain frequencies) (should I use preamp with -4 db for instance?) - Should I use float32 when using DVC, EQ via bluetooth? Does it makes sense? (using AAC bluetooth codec in standard settings, which are 16 bits, 256 kps 48khz). Many thanks. * I have PA language set in spanish, so options mentioned above might be slightly different in English, I hope you understand. * I dont use android car, I just stream the music direct to car's head unit as a conventional bluetooth receiver.
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