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  1. @TacoEmergency thanks for the log. From the log, cause of the issue is: 02-27 17:04:53.790 31822 31895 W ScanDispatcherService: Media not mounted There is a simple check in Poweramp scanner which won't scan the storage if media (storage/sd card/etc) is not mounted, as this will cause tracks removing from the playlists, categories, etc. Unfortunately your ROM seems to always indicate that media is not mounted. If you wish, I can try to prepare test build which tries to workaround that, but that will require test build testing + log again from your device.
  2. @andrewilley @TacoEmergency It's built in into Poweramp: Settings / Get Support / Send Log. Please PM me here with your email so I can find your log 😉
  3. Thanks for the detailed videos. Seems like some issue with storage access. Very hard to remotely debug, if you can capture logcat (right after you hit Full Rescan button) that would be helpful.
  4. @Heroxoot Just check your Settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control settings, it gives all the details. DVC for bluetooth works if Absolute volume is disabled. Absolute volume means always max/100% volume is sent to the bt device, thus no any volume control (including dvc) in app is possible.
  5. @luka.devnull Poweramp actually uses ffmpeg for mka playback and doesn’t change much regarding how it’s played. I guess advanced scenarios like multiple streams may be not so well defined in format documentation, implemented, or tested yet.
  6. maxmp

    Folder problems

    Re: covers in a separate subfolder. Poweramp looks for album art in the song folder (or in the track itself), it doesn't check any possible child folder/
  7. New shiny API was added (build 862+): Poweramp Track Provider API (https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_provider_example/readme.md) Example app provided + hopefully there will be 3rd party app along 862+ release using this API.
  8. content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data/files?flt=search string this won't work anymore as there is no filtering anymore The correct approach is to use standard intents like android.media.action.MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH, but it's sent to activity, so activity popups. Alternatively, you can send intent as previously to the service. The intent is standard android.provider.MediaStore.INTENT_ACTION_MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH (=="android.media.action.MEDIA_PLAY_FROM_SEARCH"), so it's like your last intent code, but you send it to the service instead of the activity. See doc comments here for the details: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_api_lib/src/com/maxmpz/poweramp/player/PowerampAPI.java#L36
  9. @void no total time for artist albums (and actually other categories containing albums, such as genre albums) is due to the fact there is no such "entity" (something permanently stored) as artist album, it's some album dynamically filtered by given artist, so there is no "place" to store the duration and other totals. I hope something will be done about that in upcoming builds though. Thanks for the request!
  10. @papete You don’t really need root or direct file access for this. See here for the details: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_api_lib/src/com/maxmpz/poweramp/player/PowerampAPI.java#L289
  11. @sztsam sorting by artists (+albums) both in playlist re-sort and for any track list is improved for the next beta, thanks for the feedback.
  12. @the face If you have other players installed with "direct" access to usb, this will effectively block hi-res support for Poweramp for given usb-dac (you can try to temporarily disable direct access in them or temporarily uninstall them). Hi-Res output should work fine, but again, if anything else tries to play hi-res on device, it locks the only "direct" hi-res output and Poweramp won't be able to acquire it. There is also a possibility that given dac is not fully compatible with Android USB audio subsystem. (Please note that number of direct outputs is very different on various ROMs and devices, the limitation does not apply to most modern devices). For Miui, if you have Hifi option in system settings / Audio / Headset, it should be enabled. (Disabling it just forces 48/16 everywhere). You can try following: set Hi-Res on 96 or 192kHz in Poweramp, then reboot the device and try to play something in Poweramp right after reboot.
  13. To play specific folder, folder id should be known or you can search by other terms (album/artist/etc) and play based on that. Getting folder id is not a problem, as Poweramp exposes its database, but it requires querying the content provider - this is slightly out of scope of Tasker like automation and more for plugin apps. Please check recent Poweramp API tasker readme here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_api_lib/readme.md Also, again, this post:
  14. @Undeon Disable (in Poweramp Settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control / No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume). This option works fine for all devices on stock ROMs, but for modified ROMs (specifically, modified Bluetooth app as bluetooth stack is a separate app on Android) it may cause issues as you're describing.
  15. @heula Poweramp generally works fine with Shield and TV screens + TV remote in general, but it's not "certified" as TV app (it's too limiting for app like Poweramp to do that) so apk should be manually installed.
  16. Thanks for the feedback/report. Yes, in "no reshuffle" mode Poweramp doesn't implicitly reshuffle any new/added songs unless new reshuffle session is explicitly started. I will try to tweak this for the future builds by adding some default shuffle order for the new songs.
  17. Please do: Settings / Audio / Output / Restore defaults Settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control (DVC) / Restore defaults The pausing/resuming in response to other apps playing is controlled via Settings / Audio / Audio Focus. There were no any changes in audio system vs 853 (but there are tweaks for various devices and options). Downgrade resulted in defaults for you it seems.
  18. @MotleyG I think this is quite possible - added as TODO for the next beta build.
  19. @flyingdutchman the blur is not available in library, mostly due to the resulting blur accidently matching font colors making labels not readable.
  20. @FlintSG Right, Samsungs have format forced and tied to sample rate on Android 9 and 10 (3.5 output / USB dongle): - 48/16bit (DVC works) - 192/24bit (DVC works) - 384/32bit (DVC doesn't work)
  21. @MarkusMarkt 16 bit - this is how Meizu implemented it. Higher sample rates not accepted.
  22. @FlintSG On Note 9 (and generally on mid and high-end Samsungs) hi-res works fine in Poweramp.
  23. Alternative album art sources (+ simple API to add 3rd party sources) is a planned (short term) feature. Thanks!
  24. На Android 10 для кнопок "Включить", "Изменить" в выборе папок используется системный диалог доступа к папкам. Этот диалог мог быть отключен ранее, или может отсутствовать в некоторых прошивках, либо может не функционировать по другим причинам. Пожалуйста, убедитесь что данное системное приложение не отключено на вашем устройстве (потребуется открыть список системных приложений / всех приложений в настройках устройства): Файлы (Files, com.google.android.documentsui) Данный системный диалог можно также восстановить путем установки приложения Google Files из Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.nbu.files&hl=ru
  25. @6b6561 you're not wrong about the possibility of non-fully copied files being scanned. Unfortunately there is no way we can know if file is fully uploaded or not (unless another we scan again and compare file sizes). This is why by default Poweramp waits for all uploads to end and only then it tries to rescan. You can have better results by disabling auto scanning options in Settings / Library / Scanner to prevent auto scans and then simple rescan from Library header menu will be enough - no full rescan will be needed.
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