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  1. Actually that genre line can wrap. Just need a bit more genres there (so it finally overflows). Thanks!
  2. @djdjdj you can open (in Poweramp) Settings / Headset/Bluetooth / Last Processed Commands and observe the commands sent by system to Poweramp. If system doesn't send anything, Poweramp can't obviously execute commands. Why system doesn't send commands is another question, I guess some incompatibility with app compiled for the latest Android builds (so called target sdk).
  3. @flyingdutchman I can confirm this, probably an obfuscation issue. Will be fixed for the next beta.
  4. I can't readily reproduce this on my LGs, though the latest Android there is 9. If you moved Poweramp to sd card I would recommend moving it back to internal storage. Thanks!
  5. Is this happening in the stock launcher or some 3rd party one?
  6. Build 869: Hi-Res output support for Snapdragon 865 based devices new Follow Day/Night Mode option scan performance improvements for Android 10+ new Migrate Data to Android 10 option track provider API improvements added Dutch translation
  7. Large collection on slow storage may cause slower initial scan, but this is bound by IO (input output), not by CPU, thus CPU sits low. If your device shows symptoms of "resource hogging" this is storage/storage driver relocating bad blocks or doing some other bookkeeping - try to check sd card for errors on computer.
  8. Log is Ok. As you are on Android 10 - many ROMs do not yet support Hi-Res + DVC on 3.5 output, so try to disable DVC for the hi-res output - see here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19115-hi-res-audio-feature-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=84497
  9. I have like 10+ test miui devices but I yet to see issue like this. But those devices are not heavily used daily or customized. Either this is some intermediate miui release issue (to be fixed by the next minor update) or some extra permission/setting. I would suggest on the day widget disappears - start Poweramp and send log from Settings / Support / Send log (then please PM me here so I can find your log) - may be something pops up there. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the report. The issue with some file managers not giving proper permissions for files opened in them fixes in the next build.
  11. @Wolfpig For the 865 it seems MIUI lags a bit too as no DVC + Hi-Res is possible on USB-3.5 dongle (11.0.9). Though it works OK for Bluetooth LDAC or LHDC.
  12. @Wolfpig At this moment, hi-res output on Mi 10 is not supported - Poweramp will fail to load hi-res on Snapdragon 865. As soon as my test Mi 10 allows me to debug apps on it, that will be fixed. Thanks! PS Support added (build 869 - soon to be released).
  13. @null In-Folder album art is picked after Full Rescan. Manually assigned album art is per Album if album exists. If track is single (no album) - album art is assigned to the track only.
  14. @Rohan dhir This is standard message, always shown in this settings page once.
  15. @null The problem here is that station can actively change its name thus overriding user entered name (usually, when next track comes). Thus, logically, user entered name should be free of such forced change.
  16. @null Do you mean you want to manually override station name and keep it that way? Even if stream advertises some new name? Thanks!
  17. @Wolfpig Thanks for the video and details. Behavior like this means Android doesn't accept audio at this moment. Phone reboot should resolve this (provided everything else is OK, like BT connection, etc.) If you recently ROM I would suggest re-pairing the BT device. Also, please try AudioTrack output (it's also capable of 96kHz LDAC output).
  18. Chromecast support requires Google services and DAPs usually miss that.
  19. @invaderzim Some formats support bitrate indication (e.g. cbr mp3), but many tracks in the wild will have no such information at all. Many formats have no such information provided in the header and bitrate should be calculated. Some formats (or tracks, even if format supports that information) have only partial information provided or no information E.g. vbr mp3 may contain no any header or relevant tags and whole file should be decoded fully to learn its duration and bitrate with 100% accuracy. Otherwise we can just approximate based on byte size of the file minus various headers. This is why the calculation introduces difference.
  20. @andrewilley Generally yes, I would prefer Info/Tags + Lyrics on one line, but in some languages, these labels are too long and don't fit. I'll try to request shorter translations for those.
  21. @ScarletNeko @invaderzim Unfortunately such difference is inevitable, this is due to difference in bitrate calculation between tag reader and audio engine: - tag reader is optimized for speed, it doesn't check some format details, may "include" more data into the audio - audio engine loads file fully and have better (or slightly different for some formats) understanding of the audio data @ScarletNeko Some additional polishing for formats like tak is possible, but that requires those (pretty large) files for tests.
  22. Hello, Poweramp is able to "fix" such playlists: 1. ensure you have all music for these playlist available to Poweramp (appropriate folders checked in Poweramp Music Folders dialog) 2. in Playlists use header menu / Rescan / Resolve Playlists Thanks!
  23. Build 868: Settings Export/Import now also exports/imports reverb presets track menu slight reorganization Added Genre navigation, menu is now 1 line smaller new User Agent option Used for streaming improved gapless for iTunes mp3s Poweramp API improvements bug fixes and stability improvements translations updates
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