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  1. @Romain1998 linear phase, fft based.
  2. @MotleyG right, for the players focused on playing on the usb dac capable of changing sample rates (please note that this is only advertised capability for most dacs, they usually run on single very high rate and resample internally anyway) this may make some sense, but for the modern Android devices and 3.5/usb dongle, or BT output - it doesn’t.
  3. This topic contains multiple different possible issues with folders. Which one is yours? Anyway, solutions are here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/music-folders-selection-doesnt-work-on-android-1011-and-other-file-access-issues-r36/
  4. How exactly it doesn't work for you? Do you see any error? The support will surely reply, but we don't have 24/7 support unfortunately, app price and monetization model doesn't allow that.
  5. 1. the Samsung equalizer is not related in any way to Poweramp Equalizer (it can work in parallel, it can be disabled, etc.). It won't affect Poweramp Equalizer, though parallel usage is not recommended (due to possible overloads/artefacts/latency). 2. things like "it works for xx time, but then it stops" on Android means app is killed by system because system decided app is not needed. See https://dontkillmyapp.com/samsung how to enable app not to be killed. 3. due the way equalization works on Android, Equalizer will pick up player only if player started _after_ Poweramp Equalizer (as players send equalization "request" on their startup). If Samsung firmware prevented Equalizer from start, equalization won't work until you restart player. (This doesn't affect "Advanced Player Tracking" where Equalizer is able to pickup player playback at any time). Thanks!
  6. For anyone who's wondering if this was ever implemented - it was - every list supports small layouts, such as 1 line, Grid - 1 line small, 1 line extra small, etc. You can get there via List Options "View As" section or by zooming out with the pinching gesture. List settings such as zoom are stored per the category type so you can have folders zoomed to one level and playlists to the another.
  7. The next Poweramp beta is the Parametric Equalizer release. After that I guess it will be a good time to add better lyrics UI + LRC support (+ support for the simple 3rd party lyrics plugins).
  8. @mlieing S the tracks not resolved - can you post their names (screenshot from manager) here? Do they contain non-latin symbols? Did you export playlist from windows PC? (Windows encode some rare non-latin characters weirdly/differently vs Android/Linux encoding of filenames).
  9. @Argie2099 you can add/reduce extra gain via Replay Gain settings - enable Replay gain and set that extra preamp (both knobs to the same value down to -16dB). Thanks!
  10. @DevieStee try that API compatibility option. Depending on your phone ROM it should be either enabled or disabled. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce any issues with AA album art in Poweramp, but my test environment surely differs. Poweramp is able to push very high resolution album art, it can push it fast, close to hardware, and without extra processing, saving battery, but this fast path may be broken by device configuration/not tested well by OEMs. Thus using Restore defaults in Album art settings in Poweramp is a good start.
  11. @Rachidulric I can't reproduce the issue on my Note20 on 1st july 2021 patch level, though something similar may happen if: - you have album art downloading enabled - some previous album art is slow to search/download If so, the image update for the new track will be delayed until that previous search/download timeout happens (~10s, depends on network). If it happens for you when album art image downloading is disabled - please let me know. Also backup of your Poweramp settings will be helpful for the investigation (please send to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). Thanks!
  12. @jivemelon Poweramp handling of images is a bit more robust on recent Androids vs Android crude "color picker" based on image as you name it here, but I guess I can add this via option, 0.1% more battery usage won't be noticed.
  13. @JunoMarian your system delivers volume key presses with a delay. Not sure what your device is, but I can guess something from this list may help: - increase Poweramp process priority by disabling battery/background optimizations for it - enable Notification for it if it's disabled/hidden - try different output (there are 3-4 output types depending on device/Android variant in Poweramp Audio settings) - try to disable DVC (last resort, will reduce equalizer headroom).
  14. Build 908: parametric band selection enabled by the icon now, not by the long click exported presets now have .json extension bug fixes and stability improvements translation updates
  15. @Shravan double purchase to the same account is not possible on Play - it will either immediately refund it or take no money at all for the 2nd “purchase”. (This is just local purchase status not being synced to the Play servers).
  16. Ok, I reproduced the issue - Apple Music does not send Audio Session Id for 2nd+ track in playlists. They constantly manipulate Audio Sessions - rookie mistake, devs unaware of Android audio system internals. It seems to work if Crossfade is enabled in Apple Music settings. Crossfade duration could be set to 0 if no crossfade is needed. Multiple sessions still created, but those are reported to Equalizer. PS Sending one audio session id on player/track start is very hard for developers to comprehend, few do this right. I guess mostly due to the low number of the apps using this, lack of the user feedback, and lack of the documentation (actually, not), but we'll change that:-)
  17. Also the next Poweramp builds will include recent Poweramp Equalizer preset importing/exporting functionality + sharing, allowing easier presets reuse in both apps.
  18. @Mr Dini please share one of such tracks for tests (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). The decoder is probably disabled due to the app size - but this is somewhat less critical nowadays - I'll be looking into enabling this codec.
  19. @maly what is the exactly your Poweramp build? Thanks!
  20. @Kyotsoo right, album art is per album. The exception is a Single where no album tag exists, then the image is per the Single.
  21. @Dawko what is your apple music version? I can't reproduce any issue with mine == 3.5.0 - the latest from Play, but version may differ due to staged rollout, per country difference, etc.
  22. @CaptainToes if just pressing Buy (despite already purchased status) doesn't work, try clearing Google Play + Google Play Services cache via system settings / apps (+ may be Show All Apps option). If this doesn't help, ensure you don't have Poweramp or Poweramp Unlocker installed from "other" sources, as those have different cryptographic signaturesand prevent Unlocker from being installed by Play.
  23. @Stephane Bourque thanks for the details, should be fixed in the next Poweramp beta.
  24. Try to toggle "API Compatibility" option in Poweramp Settings. Some devices restrict fast image sending (missing SELinux configuration), the option allows workaround for that.
  25. @Kaleb__17 1. is certainly unrelated to Poweramp. For Android Auto, some app on the android device have to decode/play audio, as Android Auto is basically just a screen which displays (compressed) video+audio and sends touch and button events back to Android. The audio is either encoded into that video stream or is separately played via BT connection.
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