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  1. @Richard Canek you can get Poweramp trial (that is the app which later can be unlocked) and check it if in-app volume and preamp controls are enough. Thanks!
  2. Purchase on Play is per Google account. There are no any tools for developers to move purchases between accounts, unfortunately. The purchase from website allows that as it's decoupled from Google, though. It's still possible to share Unlocker app purchase via family sharing, so you can try to add that car account to "family".
  3. @FizzyBubbele I guess Poweramp (and Unlocker, or uninstall Unlocker) should be ecxluded from the battery optimization, see here: https://dontkillmyapp.com/samsung This should help with the stutters as well, but if it doesn’t - try to increase buffer size for the appropriate (active) output in Poweramp buffer settings. Thanks!
  4. @Barib DVC controls volume in the way you have enough dynamic range for tone/equalizer frequency amplification. It doesn’t in any way process or modify audio signal. As you have enough dynamic range, your basses may go way higher without overloading output/hitting limiter.
  5. Thanks for the report. #2 looks like a DVC issue, though it’s quite stable on my Samsungs. I’ll try to test on the exactly the same device+ROM.
  6. @beat8000 thanks for the logs and testing!
  7. @andrewilley the DVC itself is rarely a problem, but the Absolute volume detection could be. When Absolute volume is enabled, DVC won’t work and should be disabled. That behavior is controlled by “No DVC for Absolute Volume” option. On Android 10 the detection is a few +1/-1 volume changes happening on BT connection first 5s., but if volume is not applied correctly, it may result in the OP issue (though never reproduced by me, so it’s theoretical strictly).
  8. @dustyshot that option shouldn’t be grayed, also there are no changes in dvc code in latest updates. Could you please make a screenshot of your “audio info” in Poweramp when the issue happens (bottom part is important)?
  9. @DC5fan is the issue reproducible on all output devices (speaker, BT, wired), or does it affect just (guessing) BT?
  10. @andrewilley this (old backup/some other device settings backup or backup from the previous Android version) is why automatical backup is now disabled for the builds 910+. There are also other issues associated with that backup, such as broken app state (never fixed by google), and also we want “fresh” install to be really fresh. PS we have another “gift” from Google incoming this fall - all app updates are required to be sdk=30 compatible, meaning it won’t be possible to select root storage folder or Downloads folder anymore. It’s still possible to add any number of subfolders or folders inside Downloads, but this will certainly add a layer of confusion for users.
  11. @andrewilley the autosave/presets editing/accidental changes definitely require improvements. One possibility is preset “locking”. Changing locked preset should be impossible or <default preset> will be changed instead or copy of the preset will be automatically made.
  12. @andrewilley it's in TODO, but I'm afraid this will be rectified only in the next builds.
  13. Build 911: mp3 null separated text tags now properly separated by ; very large music collections scan improvements fixed issue with the presets from old settings backup not being visible after update such Restored presets are broken and should be restored from the backup fixed issue with assigned preset being overridden by the last user preset improved bar/line visualizations rendering bug fixes and stability improvements
  14. It seems that Android 12 beta fully fixes that. Also, some Android 11 variants get the patched code as well (or OEM patched that code specifically) - e.g. MIUI 12.5+, OneUI 3.1, etc. (works only for the built-in screen recorder).
  15. @dustyshot try to temporarily disable "No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume" option (note that if you have Absolute volume, you have to disable DVC manually then). If it helps, this means your device firmware doesn't handle volume changes properly.
  16. @drftr Poweramp changes sound if you command it to do so. It doesn't change anything if equalizer/tone (and other knobs) sit on zero. Poweramp v3 has a bit more accurate decoders/audio engine in terms added quantization noise for the compressed formats (no intermediate fixed point 16 bit conversion as most other players do) and few other techniques such as wide intermediate 64 bit format for DSP, but this is not possible to hear and very hard to measure things.
  17. @code for parametric mode where all bands created manually and you have a lot of per-band options, no auto save means you loose your customization on any sudden preset change (e.g. by any assignment applied).
  18. @superluig164 I identified issue with the presets which were previously restored from old settings backup. Such presets will fail during update to Poweramp build 909+. The next 911 beta will handle such presets better, but they should be recovered by restoring that old backup again.
  19. @fyourself could you please send that your backup (with your presets), so I can try to reproduce the issue on upgrade (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com). Thanks!
  20. @superluig164 the issue with the device-assigned preset being reset to user selected preset is fixed for the next build. As for user presets/default presets - the graphic presets are not touched, so I assume you're in parametric mode - there are no graphic presets. Switch back to graphic mode to get your old presets. Thanks!
  21. @andrewilley could you please send me this exactly track to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com? In theory, the null char should be replaced by /, and / can be set as splitting char.
  22. @alexsanderfonseca I also would recommend switching between outputs (audiotrack/opensl/hi res). Some devices are slow to deliver volume key presses for some output combinations to the player, the delayed volume change may be heard as a stuttering.
  23. @John Sleight Poweramp Equalizer (in Advanced Player Tracking mode) will equalize any app which presents itself as media player. Equalizing every app (meaning every session) won’t be usable due to time to attach all the effects and overal overhead.
  24. @Xiri911 any hi res (>48000hz) sample rates are missing from their (eg kirin7xx chip devices) audio_policy configs. Hardware and software are (or should be) perfectly capable, unfortunately config doesn’t allow it.
  25. @Thepoweramp the original issue was fixed a few builds ago. In build-910 it’s not reproducible (unless you mean some different issue).
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