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  1. @GeilerHeinz you probably disabled delete action in Poweramp settings.
  2. @andrewilley the Android/data folder doesn’t contain any settings, just album art cache. The settings are usually automatically restored from Google cloud. This auto backup should be explicitly disabled in device settings.
  3. Thanks for the details. Can you please be a bit more specific what is off and from what?
  4. @Regorosa002 Sorry, but I can’t reproduce any issues with Hi-Res output on my S9@pie.
  5. Please try this test build - does it help with your Chromecast use scenario?
  6. We can't have one particular adaptive color for labels, as we have same title/2nd line in the lists and we don't want those adaptive colors in the list (as list will look like a rainbow). But I guess while some sort of adaptive colors just for main screen is possible, the smooth animations (or transformations, as we transform same labels to list and back) are still required. Added to the backlog.
  7. @GeilerHeinz you can always delete it from Streams. If it grays out Delete in some other category - please let me know which one.
  8. Currently it works this way: - on boot, Chromecast device has own volume. For TV sticks this is max volume by default. For speakers, this is some last app last session volume - when phone connects to the Chromecast device, it just uses the Chromecast volume (e.g. max volume by default) - for Poweramp the first volume change will synchronize Chromecast volume to the previously used "chromecast media volume" stored on the phone This is because we don't want to synchronized phone media volume to Chromecast (== max volume by default). Based on this, if your first volume change changes volume to max, it means your last "chromecast media volume" on the phone was maximum. The "chromecast media volume" is tracked/stored by Google libs and it's hard to guess what logic is behind it. I can try that first volume synchronizing on Chromecast connection, but for your case it will just make it immediately at maximum volume. Alternatively I can try to always store Poweramp Chromecast volume and force it on the connection. But this will force Poweramp volume on all devices, instead of using last Chromecast volume, which is good when you have multiple Chromecast devices with different preferred volume. Thanks!
  9. Stream entries are generally similar to tracks (usual file based songs) and streams listed by (user created or loaded from m3u) Playlists, separate Streams category, also Queue, and "smart" playlists (Last Played, Top Rated, etc.). Streams do not show up in other Library categories, such as All Songs, Folder, Albums, Genres, etc. As stream "tags" are dynamic and usually changed with each played song in the stream, putting streams in those categories is not viable. You can manipulate streams the same way usual tracks are manipulated, also add those to other playlists, export, import on/send to other device, etc. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the request. I'll check if the app provides any kind of API and if it's possible to add it as the lyrics app.
  11. @lucsoza at least 128mb per app is required for high res images (those take 4-16mb each), and your ROM may allocate less than that (though on Moto G8 this shouldn't be the case). Or source image is just not hi-res.
  12. @zeeya you can close that by pressing back 2 times. For some reason Musixmatch does that for some tracks with no lyrics - I will investigate further.
  13. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  14. Version 874


    Builds 872-874: accessibility improvements for Equ/Tone/Reverb screens and lists new Aspect Ratio option, including new Rectangle mode new Pause/Resume on Volume option comment/composer tag editing Increase Resolution option also works on low-res screens updated Musixmatch plugin improved Chromecast volume synchronization bug fixes and stability improvements translations updates
  15. Some devices can't handle multiple audio streams with Hi-Res + DVC enabled. Poweramp automatically has proper default settings to avoid any artifacts. As you tweaked those, you may try also tweak e.g. Audio / Advanced Tweaks / Emulate Media Stream or/and DVC options. Thanks!
  16. Tempo makes sense for the audio books. Probably tempo should be assignable per folder/playlist the same way starting from the middle of the track is (but it seems nobody requests that). As for the pitch, I just don't see any use case (internally Poweramp is capable of doing this, of course). Thanks!
  17. Please share (gpmaxmpz@gmail.com) for test the appropriate folder where image is now shown, preferable with at least one song from there. Thanks!
  18. @John Albert 2020 @AVCPL currently, 2 UIs are in the development - simple graphical 3-64 bands (like 10 Poweramp bands now) and parametrical UI, where you can define bands and apply those to L/R channels as desired.
  19. @andrewilley I guess this option could be changed to Keep, Keep landscape, and Crop selection.
  20. First try Settings / Audio / Restore Defaults. If that doesn't help: ☰ Settings / 🔈 Audio / Output / your active output / your active device / No Duck - Enable Not all devices can properly handle hi-res + DVC + additional audio streams, thus Poweramp should be paused (No Duck option).
  21. Please select by Disc and track #. There is an issue with CUEs and By track # sorting in 871. Thanks!
  22. @Regorosa002 on Huawei/Honor lite versions, specifically based on kirin7xx series, Hi-Res output is usually disabled by ROM. I guess purely for the marketing purposes. Thanks!
  23. Start with Settings / Audio / Restore Defaults. This will reset it to standard definition output and will enable or disable DVC depending on your device. If you're using bluetooth, additional configuration may be needed to enable DVC to get best dynamic range for the Eq/Tone controls - see Settings / Audio / Direct Volume Control for the details. Thanks!
  24. It seems they removed API, so Musixmatch will work only with their floating lyrics option. The "Prefer musixmatch" option will be removed from Poweramp.
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